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Graves Build Guide by Ludvigy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

Graves- Dunking like the Hulk

Ludvigy Last updated on November 3, 2012
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Damn dat graves

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Hi im a eu west player around 1400 elo going under the summoner name Lylyly. I have played alot of Graves through the time ive pl,ayed and i feel like he´s desrving of some of my etention now. Please read all of the guide before judging it.
Graves is an ad carrry with a ecently low skill cap and is a good ad carry for new players to start out with. Even so he still has a decently good late game if played properly.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Huge damage early on
Great burst throughout the entire game.
Good attack speed steroid.
Great escape.
Fun to play.
Easy to learn.

Cons: Not the best late game character.
Kinda lacks range which is easily punished.
If you get shutdown early game as graves it is sometimes kinda hard to get back especially if someone like vayne beats you early.

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Greater mark of Strength: Helps you last hit easier gives better trades early on and is overall very godd for most ads. If youre facing Taric Greater mark of desolation will probably be better but this is the most reliable marks to use.

Greater seal of resilience: These seals gives you the bonus armor to make graves early game bullying even easier it will really help alot for early game trades if you do not use these there is a big chance you will get completly stomped. But there is always a way around the problem youc an manage with almost any runes but these is in my opinion the best seals.

Greater glyph of Warding: These glyphs help you to withstand magic damage better thes3e will help you handle ap damage easier until you get that defensive item. These will also help trading against characters like ezreal cause it will decrease the damage he can deal with his w and e which might seem minor but in a laning phase that can save u alot of trouble.

Greater quintessence of strength: These are the same deal as th greater mark of strength just that these can actually be replaced by either armor penetration or Greater quintessence of swiftness ocationally if you dont ahve these or cant afford them currently then Greater quintessence of Desolation or Greater quintessence of Swiftness will be fine. The reason ic onsider The movement speed quintessences is that they will help you quite abit to juke and kite easier. They are not the preferable choice but they are a descent choice and you can take them into consideration.

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I go the basic 21/9/0. My points in offense is for myself pretty selfexplanatory but ill try to explain the choices anyways.

I put 1 in summoner`s wrath cause it gives me bonus ad and ap after using ignite which can be kinda helpful but if you wish to you can switch that point into butcher.

I take 3 points in Brute Force for bonus ad.

Then i put 4 points into ALaricity for bonus attacks speed which i find very useful.

Then i put 1 point into Weapon expertise for the armor penetration which is extremly good for you cause it will help you too harass better cause of that your opponents armor wont do as much difference.

Then i take 4 points into Deadliness for more ad going into late game.

Following that i pick up 1 point in Lethality for some bonus crit dmg.

After that i take 3 points into vampirism for lane sustain.

Then i take 3 points into SUnder for additional armor penetration.

At last i put my 21 point into executioner for easier time killing people off.

Then i decide to put my 9 last points into defense instead of utility cause i wanna be even tankier so i can easier trade at lane and avoid being a squishy target. Even though Mana regen would be very useful i still prefer the tankyness.

Then i put 1 point into resistance for magic resistance.

And 3 points into Hardiness for some armor.

Then 4 points into Durability for some scaling tankyness.

And my very last point i put into Veteran Scar´s for some bonus health for early game.

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I start off with boots and 3 hp pots almost every time unless im against soraka with a blitzcrank or something like that where the early damage will help me completly own them.

After that i try to wait for around 1520 gold so i can go b for 2 doran´s blade for hp, ad and lane sustain and i also try to uppgrade my boots to berseker´s greaves for attack speed and move speed( never and i mean never skip the dorans blades unless you can instantly buy some enourmous item like ie or bloodthrister and even then i would greatly consider Dorans blade´s and a brief delay on that big item). Too many times i have seen enemies with huge advantage over me go backa nd buy an instant b.f sword against my two dorans baldes and get totaly dunked cause they now lack hp and sustain enough to beat me which often then gets me back into the game and turns the lane in our favor.

After that you can go the bloodthirster route or the ie rouite both are very viable and you must yourself make the choice which route your gonna choose this choice will be deciding how much damage your gonna deal during the mid game.

During the late game you will end up with the same last items so it wont hurt your alte game damage at all.

If you choose the bloodthirster route you will get an enourmous sustain at around 18 minutes which is when you will usually have gotten the kills and farm enough for it.It is not rare that you get it earlier but if you get it later you have either greatly missplayed your lane and farming or you have been completely stomped.
After that you will build Phantom dancer whichever route you chose. After the phantom dancer you will probably in bouth routes just cntinue with a last whisper then a guardian angel( switch the guardian angel for an quicksilver sash if the enmy team is hard focusing you with alot of cc and damage the item will help you get away).

At last you buy your last item which is ie or bloodthirster depoending on which route u started out with.

In late game if your gonna buy elixirs then please buy elixir of briliance cause the crit chance will do so much for you and the attack speed bonus is pretty great too. Your last priority elixir should be oracle´s.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Flash is an amazing spell and will give you asecond escape mechanic which is amazingly good it´s a very good summoner spell and i can never see any reason why not to pick it on Graves.

Ignite: It helps your aggresion and gives you even higher kill potential. It has an unbalanced amount of damage in my consideration.

Heal: This used to be my favorite over Ignite but it just gets to shutdown by ignite and it disables some of yourkill potential but it gives you great trades/fighting.

Cleanse: This is a spell you should only pick in rare situation where they have an enourmous amount of cc like malph, ori, mumu then you must have this. But only pick it in draft when you know theyre picks.

I have decided not to write about the other spells cause i think they have an irrelevant use for Graves as an character.

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Skill Sequence

I start off with my q and max it first for more burst.

As my second skill to max out i choose my e cause its attack speed bonus when im lvl 13 will actually give me quite a good attack speed steroid for damage and its a pretty sweet escape.

I max my w last cause i dont feel like it gives you as much damage and utilitry as the other abilities.

Spec in your ulty anytime you can obviously.

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This was my Graves guide for bot lane ad carrying please upvote if u like it if u do not like it pls then comment about the problem so i may take your opinion into consideration.
I guess thats all :).