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Graves Build Guide by tince

Graves - Taste my shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graves - Taste my shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated on October 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tince Build Guide By tince 3,878 Views 2 Comments
3,878 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tince Graves Build Guide By tince Updated on October 25, 2011
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Hey! This is my Graves build that i find very usefull. It gives u plenty of dmg and survivability. I realy enjoy just walking up to Olaf or anyother champ and 3 hitting them.
And no i dont play Graves as a jungler.
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For runes I usually take armor pen, att quints, att speed seals and armor glyphs. With this setup i get lots of poke and lasthintting while staying save if laning against an AD carry like Ashe or smthinn.
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With this item set u get plenty of hp so dont worry if the enemy team will focus u cuz of your awesomnes. If u like u can get the frozen mallet before infintiy edge if u arent doing so well. But if u are pwning your lane like u should just get AD items 1st and then get trinty and frozen mallet. If u are super fed then sell boots and get another phantom dancer for att speed.
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When laning as Graves try to last hit as much as u can for MONEY!. Poke with Q. If u decied to kill the enemy just use Q then slow him with W then chase with E, if u got ulti alredy try to hit him at the very end of its range for more dmg. If u are running out of mana ask your jungler for a blue buff. Its also important to place wards. place 1 in the tribush and in one of the side bushes. After about 15 mins u should have 150 minions if u lasthit em as much as possible.
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I start with buckshot cuz of its amazing dmg, so max that 1st. If u like att speed u can max E second but W has more dmg and better use so i max that 2nd.
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Ty guys

Leave me a comment about my build and remember i wrote this build in about 15 mins so if somthing is written wrong just say it in the comments and il fix it. (btw more pictuers comming soon so be ready to check this build again in a while) try hitting the thumbs up vote button its fun!
League of Legends Build Guide Author tince
tince Graves Guide
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Graves - Taste my shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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