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Graves Build Guide by Sumbohdebeast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sumbohdebeast

Graves the Assassin

Sumbohdebeast Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lore: Malcolm Graves was born in the back of a Bilgewater tavern and left there with a bottle of spiked milk. He survived a childhood in the pirate-run slums using every dirty trick in the book. Intent on building a new life for himself, he stowed away on the first ship to the mainland he could sneak aboard. However, the grim realities of the world forced him to eke out an unsavory living in the underground of various city-states, jumping the border whenever things got too hot. At a particularly high-stakes game of cards, he found himself seated opposite Twisted Fate. They both flipped four aces on the final hand. It was the first time either conman had met his equal. The two formed an alliance, swindling marks at the tables and scrapping back-to-back in the alleys afterward. Together, they ran the streets – stacking chips, decks, and rap sheets.

Unfortunately Graves made the mistake of hustling a hefty sum from Dr. Aregor Priggs, a high-ranking Zaunite official and businessman. When Priggs discovered how he’d been played, he became obsessed with revenge. He learned about Twisted Fate’s all-consuming desire to control magic and he promptly offered him a trade: serve Graves up in exchange for enrollment in a procedure which would grant his wish. Twisted Fate took the deal – both he and Graves knew the stakes of their arrangement, but the offer was too good. Once acquired, Priggs had Graves taken to a special location built to hold men whose crimes – or more precisely their punishments – were meant to stay off the books. Graves endured years of captivity at the hands of Zaun’s most unscrupulous wardens before he managed to escape. One of his fellow detainees introduced him to an eccentric gunsmith who modified a shotgun exactly to his specifications. He named it “Destiny.” After he paid a visit to Priggs, Graves joined the League of Legends with two targets in his sights: Twisted Fate and payback.

“They got a saying in the locker: ain’t got nothin’ but time to plan.” –Graves, the Outlaw

I love playing ranged DPS champions that kill, so I bought Graves without a second thought. He became my main champion right away.

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I get Armor pen in marks to destroy enemies that get too close early game with basic attacks. I get MR and armor for more durability, and for Quints you can go either AD or more Armor Pen. I usually get 2 AD Quints to help increase early game damage.

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MasterYis (Masteries)

I go full offense with 21/9/0 build, taking all armor pen and AD in Offense, and taking health and MR and armor for durability in defense. You could also take Summoner's Insight in Utility for Teleport and Flash. I take Demolitionist to BD if I need to faster.

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My build is a pretty standard DPS build. Start with a Doran's Blade to get a bit of lifesteal, and more health, with a bit of AD, then try to get Berserker's Greaves as soon as possible. After this, just get a Vampiric Scepter and keep it there for more sustain in lane. Get a BF Sword if you can, but if you can't afford it, start working on Phantom Dancer for movement attack speed with a Zeal, and after this, you can finish Bloodthirster if you have enough. Finish your Phantom Dancer, and start on Infinity Edge, starting with whichever items you can get. After getting these, work on a Last Whisper(even if they don't have tanks, Last Whisper and Infinity always make an amazing combo). After all this, you sell the Doran's Blade for a Frozen Mallet for tankiness. You can swap Frozen Mallet for a Tiamat if the enemy team is always grouped up, but you might want to switch the order of this build depending on the other team.

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Skill Sequence

It's simple. Max your Q first. Its great for farming, amazing for team fights, good for harassing, and can finish off enemies when they're really low. Get your Q first so if the enemy is in the bush, you can Q them and take out almost half they're health. Your second priority is your E. You can juke people with it, and go through thin walls. Its also great for pushing turrets. Get it at level 2 to get in range for a point blank Q so it deals more damage. Get your W at level 3 to make getaways or just for minor harassment. It will scare enemies away from their minions that they can't see. it also slows people for when you try to save your laning partner, or saves yourself in mid. Of course, get R when you can. R is great for finishing enemies that almost get away.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I usually get Teleport and Flash, so I can help a turret or BD quickly, and get away and juke with 2 ways to go through walls. You could also get Exhaust or Ghost, but I prefer Flash over Ghost, and I'd rather keep a turret then go for a kill easier.

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To farm, early game just try your best to last hit. Mid-game, try using your Q to hit all the minions and then use W to wipe away the rest of their health. Kill the remaining creeps with auto-attacks. It usually works, but if this doesnt, try it again late game. This will give you alot of gold. Using E will help clear them out quick also. If you choose to jungle a bit, hit all the monsters with Q, W, then E to the side to avoid as much damage as you can. Keep attacking and keep using Q when you can and kill them.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Burst damage with his Q early game
Go through walls with E
Get away with W, make them scared with not being able to see
R is good for team fights, very low cooldown, good for finishing an enemy
Good at BDing with E

Target of most ganks/team fights
R is not very strong, not much damage