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Graves Build Guide by shacker56

Graves the Unkillable

Graves the Unkillable

Updated on October 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shacker56 Build Guide By shacker56 5,878 Views 1 Comments
5,878 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shacker56 Graves Build Guide By shacker56 Updated on October 24, 2011
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Hello this will be my first build in mobafire for Graves the Outlaw who i belive to be a champion with great damage, sustain, and built in girt.
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Pros / Cons

-Great farmer
-Good sustain
-Hard to kill
-Wins most 1v1
-Good burst damage
-Decent chaser
-Escape is viable
-Good aoe for teamfights
-totally not op ;)

-Always focused
-If not farmed or fed is useless
-Very item dependent
-Like all ad carry, vulnerable to burst mage caster
-Shut down by CC
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Skill Sequence

Skills are pretty basic. Max out Q for highest burst followed by E for escape, close up, and dps. Get a point in W at lvl 4 for utility.

His Q is his bread and butter and allows for easy farming
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In this part of the build ill detail the reason for my items.

To start of doran's blade is an amazing item. It gives you an extra 100 hp and extra damge for easier farming and last hitting. Your gonna want to rush your boots since they give you some early dps and good movement to dodge enemy abilities like brand's pillar or Leona skillshots. Theirs been times when I've had trouble and I've rushed a vampiric scepter with a defensive item (either mr or armor) with your passive this allows you to take so much more harrasment early game than your opponents and easily heal it off. If you are doing good and are kinda fed you can just rush the bloodthirster. This items allows you to win any early game 1v1 and crazy lane sustain, not to mention a full 100 ad if stacked. Combined with your burst it makes you a force to be reckoned with. I follow up with phantom dancer for movement speed and dps. I would consider these two items my core. From here i get some sort of defensive item depending of their team. Frozen heart if heavy on dps, banshee's veil if high on ap, or even frozen mallet although i havent tried it. I dont fully build the item till later on but get the defensive aspect of it, either the mr, armor, or health. I finish my edge next for greater damage and im left with one item left. I typically like getting another bloodthirster since it allow me to take so much damge in fight and heal it off while still continue fighting. This item is very situational though and could be replaced with a last whisper or black cleaver if the enemy has realized you awsomeness and is stacking armor.
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I try to run typical ad carry masteries although in my account i run greater seal of replenishment since i notice he runs out of man if played aggressively. However though rune are of personal choice.
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Here are some games ive played with GravesPlz post your comments below. This is my first build and i hope you like it :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author shacker56
shacker56 Graves Guide
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Graves the Unkillable

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