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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Puffelipuff

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puffelipuff

Greedy Twisted Fate, Massive Gold for the Win !

Puffelipuff Last updated on June 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 8

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Defense: 1

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 21

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This Build focuses on the mobility and money making ability of Twisted Fate. The goal is to kick in at around the 30 minute mark and annoy/kill the enemy team with your superior Items.

At 30 minute you will get around 13k ~15k Gold, that's enough to buy 75% of your full build. By 40~45 minute you finish your build and start either back door like a ***** (if your team sucks vs their's) or fight the enemy team straight up.

Let me do the math and explain the logic behind this build:

TF is a natural money maker, a good assasin for stray opponents and also a superb back door champ. The negative thing about Twisted Fate is that, he is damn squishy and slow as a snail without any real escape skill. Therefore let's focus on his strenghts and bridge his short comings by a greedy build that kick's in at the perfect time when Twisted Fate usually starts to shine - the late mid/end game with great mobility and BD strengths.

The core of this build are the fast 3 Avarice Blades and the Infinity Edge + Zeal. You will get 3 Avarice Blades at around 7 minutes into the game in Mid lane and around 8 minutes when you duo lane. With your runes, the Gold Mastery and 3 Avarice Blades you gain 3+1+15 = 19 Gold per 10 seconds, equalling to 120 per minute (19 Gold rounded up to 20 Gold). Beginning at the 30 minute mark you will have gained 120 * 25 minutes = 3000 Gold + 375 Gold x 3 (for each of the Avarice Blades) = 4125 Gold. Assuming you get 3 kills per 10 minutes and each kill gets you 400 Gold (the mean of standard kill and the bonus), into a 30 minute game you would get 9 Kills, which gets you 9 x 400 Gold = 3600 Gold. Even by this optimistic calculation (9 kills in 30 minutes are not common), the Gold income from the 3 Avarice Blades and your Runes and Masteries is greater by a significant amount. And the best part of it is that you don't even need to do anything, it just come in a constant rate. Your game will be much more stable and you won't need to try-hard to get kills.

The other positive thing with this build is that 3 Avarice Blades + Zeal + Infinity Edge work very well together with TF. 3 Avarice Blades gets you already 36 % Crit, with Zeals 10 %Crit and 25 % Crit from IE, it gets you 71% Crit in total. Combined with Twisted Fates fast attack speed and some bonuses from Runes and Zeal/Berserkers, you will be able to deal significant damage.

In General this starting items will all be affordable at around 22 minutes, which is enough for you to play an integral part for your team and not be a useless farmer for 30 minutes. In the next sections I will explain the playstyle in more detail.

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Runes: 9 x Attack Speed Reds , 9 x HP per Lvl Yellows, 9 x CDR per Lvl Blues and 3 x GOLD Quints.

Attack Speed increases your DPS and works well on TF.

HP per Lvl Yellows are the best Yellows for TF, since he doesn't need mana and Attack Speed Yellows are not that efficient.

CDR Blues, along with your Masteries gets you to 30 % CDR at lvl 18, which is needed to reduce your Ultimate significantly.

Gold Quints are Core since this build is geared to be greedy and to kick in as fast as possible.

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8 / 1 / 21

8 on offensive, with 4 on CDR

1 on Revive, which is necessary for Backdooring and jumping back right into the Fight after you have been killed. Revive on TF is really good and can be a game winner.

21 on Util, with 1 on Teleport and focus on Summoner CDR and Ability CDR. Teleport and your Ult lets you farm and back door very efficiently.

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Core is 3 x Avarice Blades + IE + Boots + Zeal (later Phantom Dancer)

Afterwards it is dependent on the situation.

A good Set of Items are (my favorite "Juggernaut" Build): Infinity Edge / Phantom Dancer / 2 x Warmogs/ Atmas Impaler / Boots (or Bloodthirster if you sell boots)

Good Items after the core build are: Frozen Mallet, Warmogs, Black Cleaver, Starks, Madreds Bloodrazor.

Generally if you face a team of much Burst Dmg and need Tank Items , just buy 1 or 2 Warmogs, which gets you to ~5k HP, and you will be done. Add a Atmas Impaler after that and youll get to 300 Dmg easily. If you feel comfortable with your survivability buy a Black Cleaver/Bloodthirster and rape Towers or enemies.

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Skill Sequence

Skill priority is R>Q>W=E

I prefer R>Q>W>E, but you can also E > W for a little more CDR and more DPS.

Important is Max Q, since it lets you farm much easier even without any AP Items. At the beginning it is also mandatory to skill Q since you can not rely on you last-hit skills with your low base-dmg.

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Summoner Spells

Revive / Teleport.

Revive is good because TF has a Global Ultimate. And also for the late game Revive can either help you BD towers, or even change an entire Teamfight with Revive + TF Ult.

Since this Build is all about farming and good map awareness up to the early mid game, your play style is passive, with some situations where you Ult to net a stray kill here and there. Therefore you don't need any escape summoners like Ghost or Flash. Just farm side lanes and have map awareness, if their team is coming just Ult away or use your TP to get somewhere else.

Teleport is essential to have the mobility to escape after you have farmed a side lane, or to not lose any precious early XP early on after you have bought the early Avarice Blades. At later stages when you Back door, it helps you to escape from the incoming enemies too.

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If you go mid. Farm hard without pushing the lane too far with your Q. Remember that you can still farm well even though your lane is pushed, due to the extreme long range of Q.

At the beginning farm to 350 Gold ~ 400 Gold go back to shop your 1st Avarice Blade and TP back to your lane.

Farm on until you hit LVL 6 and have around 750 Gold. Go back Shopping buy the 2nd Avarice Blade and ULT back to your lane (if a 100 % Kill/Gank is available you might Ult to net a kill, but only if it is for sure). Farm up again to 750 Gold and go back to Shop. At around this time your Teleport Spell should be available again.

In mid game, farm/push side lanes and Ult back when they come for you. Farm much and farm fast.

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Team Work

Be sure that your team knows what you are doing. At best your team is not hot-headed and are try-hards, who only look for kills. This kind of Build is not suitable with these folks, since you are weak early on and can not help much.

In general, while your Ult is up and you see a chance to Gank, just gank with your teammates and continue farming until you hit your core items. At around 30 minutes, you will have around 2~3 k more Gold than the enemy, regardless of how much kill-stats are (assuming standard kill numbers without any feeeders). At this time around you have better items and can join teamfights push lanes more freely, as you can 1 vs 1 decently.

With your Build done at around 45 minutes, you can be annoying with constant back door or fight straight up with an active Revive and your Ult.

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Pro/ Cons & Summary

Pros: Stable Gold Income, Finish your Build early, Be very Strong late game.
Cons: if you are a bad player and die more than 3 times in the beginning without any Kills, it is hard to come back.

The goal of your Early Game should be farming, and avoid dying. even if you go 0-2 in the early 20 minutes you are still good, since you basically gave them 600 Gold, but still you got + 2k~4k more due to your items.

Have fun and please comment !