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Kayle Build Guide by [Ruca]Agx

Grrrrrate's Kayle guide to Justice.

Grrrrrate's Kayle guide to Justice.

Updated on July 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author [Ruca]Agx Build Guide By [Ruca]Agx 3,805 Views 1 Comments
3,805 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author [Ruca]Agx Kayle Build Guide By [Ruca]Agx Updated on July 12, 2011
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Welcome to the Agx guide to the DPS/AP hybrid Kayle. In this guide, I will cover summoner spells, Items, Runes, And general knowledge on Kayle. First things First, Although you will be building a lot of damage on Kayle, you are still a SUPPORT champion. If you are looking for a Carry type character, this guide is NOT for you. If you are looking for a character that keeps teammates alive AND scares enemies with your damage, then this IS for you.
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Summoner Spells!

For summoner spells, there are several things Kayle can go with. Personally, (Although depending on the team) I suggest you go with the Clarity/Flash Combo. However, if your team is made up of (For example) Kayle, Mordekaiser, Vladmir, Renekton and Akali, Getting clarity might not be necessary. In cases like this, You might want to go with Clairvoyance and flash. Now you might be thinking:Why in the world would i take clairvoyance? If you are, then the answer is this: Clairvoyances cooldown is very low and reveals the map, Therefore it can be used to set up ganks, and/or notice enemy ganks before they happen, ultimately saving or giving your team kills. NOTE: YOU DO NOT WANT A LOT OF CHAMPION KILLS. MAKE IT CLEAR TO YOUR TEAM THAT THEY CAN KILLSTEAL IF NECESSARY.

Summoner spells you dont want: Teleport, Ignite, Exhaust, Revive, or heal.
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Runes for kayle are a HUGE difference, even more than most other champions. As Kayle you want as all attack damage marks, so that you dont only do a lot of damage with normal attacks, but your righteous fury will do rediculous damage, due to the AD-AP scale. Mana on seals because you need it and the glyphs give high AP. Quints are mana aswell, because kayle is EXTREMELY mana hungry early game.

Note that if your under lvl 20 dont bother with runes, save for tier 3 runes
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The items for Kayle are huge. If you build the wrong way, you won't be able to get Kayle to play the way you intend. Because kayle is such a hybrid, you need to be careful. Although my guide does give an item build, note that adjusting will need to happen to adapt to your teammates and/or your enemies. If the enemy has a rammus who is building a load of armor, then maybe swap guinsoos for something like Rod of Ages, Not only for the AP and mana, but for the survivability. The item order you get though generally should be Dorans Ring-Boots-Manamune-Nashors-Guinsoos-Rabbadons.

Note:If you have enough Cooldown reduction, then feel free to grab a berserkers greaves instead of a boots of lucidity. NOTE:anything after rabbadons is just adjustments that can be made.
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Team Work

As kayle, teamwork IS KEY. As a support, you do NOT want to end up soloing in a lane or taking mid. If you DO end up being solo, then harass as much as possible without actually extending. Reckoning then back up, and if you can, get a teammate to come for the gank. EVEN if you think you can take the person out alone, DONT. why? Because your jungler can get fed and then carry the team while you keep him alive. If no one is around or jungling and you want the kill, Go for it. But if someone is jungling and near you, let them take the kill. Also, ALWAYS follow the team. If they want to go in a teamfight and u dont, and you cant talk them out of it, then just do your best to keep them alive. Your ultimate can and WILL turn around teamfights when used in the right times. Also, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY do not ultimate yourself. Unless your about to die, dont sweat the damage you'll take from getting hit. You can just run, heal, run back into the teamfight, Ulti your carry and win.
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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons of Kayle are HUGE.

High farming ability with Righteous Fury
Can invuln a teammate, either saving them, allowing them to towerdive or intiate like a boss.
Do good damage and heal teammates, making the laning phase very easy.
High harassment with Reckoning
Not as squishy as most casters
Can own towers

Mana hungry early game
Gets focused quite often
Can't compare in damage to other DPS/AP champions
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To Put it simply, Kayle is a super-Damage support. Although your a support, Unlike people like soraka or sona, you CAN and WILL be able to handle some of the weaker people on the enemy team. With splash damage, a heal and a nuke, you can handle melee easy by kiting and using righteous fury, then healing for the super speed, even if your full. Provided your far enough in that you have mana, of course.

TLDR:You dont want all the kills, you want to support your team as much as possible, and you DEFINITELY stick with the team whenever possible. AP>AD, unless its a hybrid item, because of your passive its smarter to let your AP get higher than your AD (Via items)
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Well, Since the latest patch as of now Kayles Reckoning ability is much better and a 1:1 ratio, making you want to focus getting a little bit more AP late game. Just a heads up.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author [Ruca]Agx
[Ruca]Agx Kayle Guide
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Grrrrrate's Kayle guide to Justice.

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