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General Guide by Otchey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Otchey

Guardian [Custom Game-mode]

Otchey Last updated on July 6, 2013
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Hi, My name is Otchey here is a Guide/Intro to how to play my Custom Game-Mode [Guardian] which is a unique game style which i think will make players think about what they are doing because everything has a rule to it, which means everyone on your team is gonna play an entirely different way to benefit your team.

Hope you like it have a nice read :D

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Each team has minimum 3 players and maximum 5 there are multiple roles to play to benefit your team each with specific rule's on which champions and which items you should choose.
each team has one protected, they have to die for the other team to score a point.

If you kill a protected you get 2 points, if you kill a normal player you get 1 point.
all points go towards the team.

There is also minimum one Guardian and max 3 on your team, they are your primary target before killing protected, they must all be in base so you can kill the protected, unless you have nocturne on your team, e.g (Guardians wont see that you killed there protected until there already dead, nocturne is the only exception to killing protected with guardians on the field.

It's draft mode so he most likely will get banned.

[Rules] ~

1# Nobody is allowed to destroy any towers on rift.
2# Host must read and follow this page only, the host has final say on punishments.
3# Follow all Role/Class Rules to avoid being disqualified.
4# Be Nice and don't rage.
5# If people troll PM me for people to be added to the blacklist.
(I will try to update the black list every week on Friday +10 GMT. The Blacklist will have Ip adresses, if people give me that as well as their name and region.)

6# The Host sets the time limit, after the time limit has been set the team with most points at the end wins.

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The Roles

These are the Roles and there assigned duty rules and some champion that fit well and should be used for that Role.

The Guardian

Your role as a Guardian is to protect your players from dying and to insure that you wont die often to leave your protected vulnerable. All Guardians must be dead before you can attack a protected player, still be careful because protected players still have a role, some roles counter other roles, so watch out. Guardians must build mainly Health Armor and Magic resist.

Champions like Mordekaiser , Sejuani and Vi are great Guardians, to pick with there high sustain and power.

The Assassin

These guys are your main offensive force, they jump in kill and jump out, that's there job, nothing else. Assasins can have two medium Defense items and the rest has to be offensive and utility. Champions like Nocturne , Pantheon and Master Yi are great with there high damage and mobilty.

All Roles below this line can be used by protected.


There Job is to wittle the enemies health down to make it easier for other's to take them on.
Harrasser's can build three defense items and rest offensive and utility.

Champions like Draven , Elise and Ziggs

More classes will be added later, have fun playing.

And thanks to jhoijhoi for these amazing Separators.


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