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retained Last updated on October 9, 2016
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I.Intro: introduction to jungle.

The role of the jungle is to assist the lanes in making their lanes easier or counter the pressure that the enemy jungle put onto the lane.

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II. Masteries and explained

-Fury: Attack speed vs Sorcery: for mage junglers
-Double Edged sword: For doing massive damage vs Expose Weakness: Your teammates do more damage when you attack an enemy
-Vampirism: For lifesteal vs Naturual Talent: if you use both ap and ad you need this
- Bounty hunter: for heavy jungle carries such as a full ad yi vs Oppressor: for junglers who have cc and while you have a heavy cc team allowing you to do more damage.
-Battering blows: AD pen vs Piercing Thoughts: magic pen
-Warlords's bloodLust: Lifesteal vs Fervor of battle: more damage per attack/spell vs Deathfire Touch: slowly watch your teams burn to death

- Wanderer: for more ganks/roams vs Savagery: for sustain
- Runic affinity: longer buffs vs Secret stash: biscuits vs assassin: for 1v1 purposes
-Merciless: Damage to low hp enemies vs Meditation: Mana regen
- Bandit: tailsman as a passive vs Dangerous game
-Precision: ad and ap pen vs Inelligence: extra 5% cdr
- Sotrmraider's surge: to gain speed when you do damage vs Thunderlords: Burst damage vs windspeaker's blessing for heals

- Recovery: hp regen vs Unyielding: armor and mr
- Explorer: to gank faster vs Tough skin: sustain
- Runic armor: heals and shields are stronger vs Veteran's scars: more base hp
- Insight: more flashes vs Perserverance: more regen
- Swiftness: good tenacity and slow resist vs Legendary Guardian: makes your team tanker
- Grasp: for stealing hp vs Strength: HP vs bond of stone: you take some damage for your team


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III. Beginning of game: What to do when the game starts.

I. Items: You should start with Hunter's Machete if your an attack speed based champ and Hunter's Talisman if your a spell dependent jungle. You should get 3 health pots if your able to sustain in the jungle with little to no life steal in your build, if you are unable to sustain without pots you should get refillable potions.
II. Starting camp:
Invading: The starting camp is really important depending on what your going to do. if your planning to invade you should start on the opposite side and take your gromp/krugs then your blue/red buff then scuttle crab as quickly as possible if you took the camps as quickly as possible then you should have 2-4 seconds after your buff camp for scuttle to spawn. After you take the scuttle crab you should get to the buff camp your planning to invade quickly as possible. If you think if enemy jungler is about to come just take the buff and leave the smaller monsters there with a ward and then you should gank the mid if possible but only if you have more than 40%+ hp. When you gank and the enemy mid laner flashes, do not flash after them unless you have a +110% chance that you will kill them. Now if they still stay in the lane after they flash and you leave go b, take your camp that you didnt finish and re-gank the mid.
Not Invading: Your starting camp depends on what lane you want to gank first. Usual if lanes are going to be even you should start on the opposite camp. For example if your planning to gank bot and they are next to gromp then you should start krugs and make your way downwards. If your planning to just farm for the first few minutes then starting krugs is for attack speed based champions and gromps is more of a sustain or clear speed. I usually start gromp because i like to gank right after my red buff.

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IV. Jungle Pathing

When is start gromp i have an usual jungling pathing but it works for me and it hopefully works for you also.

On the following image it shows the jungle pathing i take when i start gromp. I will explain why i go to certain camps before others.
1. Gromp: Smite this nigga. He will help you clear camps faster than average because of his poison that you get from smite.
2. Blue camp: mana regen
3. Wolves: Just for level 3
4. Red Camp: slow and burn and smite this dude to regen hp so you can keep jungling
5. Raptors: Exp
6. Scuttle crab: For the vision and speed boost
7. Krugs: The stun on jungle camps
8. You should go b and buy your items. check the item purchase order 2 to see what to buy
9. Wolves: for exp
10. Gromp: for exp
11. Scuttle: if its there you should get it. It helps you for the next step
12. you shoulder either gank bot or mid then go to the lane you didnt gank after if you are healthy enough using scuttle crab you can get to the other lane faster.
After all this, its for you to decide whats good.
If your on the red time just reverse what the picture is.

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V. Main jungle items explained

Skirmisher's Sabre: This is very useful when your a attack speed based champion in which when you smite your basic attacks will do your basic attacks would deal an extra amount of true damage and grating you vision and who ever you smite would do 20% less damage to you.

Stalker's Blade: This is for chasing and preventing people running away from you


Cinderhulk upgrade: This is make you extremely tanky since it has a large health bonus and 15% extra health which means that you gain a 15% extra hp from items.

Runic Echo: Ludens echo

Warriors: For no attack speed junglers. This can also go for attack speed junglers if they are not extremtly behind.

BloodRazor: for attack speed junglers who are equal or ahead of the enemy jungler

Boots of swiftness: if your roaming alot and need to get to lanes quicker

Berserkers boots: attack speed junglers

Titanic Hydra: goes best with bloodrazor or cinderhulk which gives you tank and damage

Ravenous Hydra: Goes best with warriors or bloodrazor for lifesteal and damage

Banshee: for high cc enemy team comp

Spirit visage: for cdr, health, health regen and mr

Maw of Malmortius: for heavy ap teams

Randuin's Omen: for reduce attack speed and movement speed

Frozen heart: for heavy ad damage team. such as ad jungle and ad top

Thornmails: when adc's get too strong

Warmogs: when your desperate for hp

zz rot: it counters waves. get it if a lane is really pushed in or when a lane is getting pushed in.

Sterak's Gage: IF your getting bursted while your a bit tanky

Dead Man's Plate: when you need to engage or chase down someone while needing to be tanky.

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VI. Important warding spots

These are chokepoints spots which means that these are crucial points the ward since they can aid in preventing ganks/flanks, good tp engages and it helps you track where the enemy jungler is.

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VII. Possible builds


Tank: (Stalkers Blade: Cinderhulk) > (boots of swiftness/berserkers) > (Titanic Hydra) > (Ice born Gauntlets) > (Sterak's Gage) > (Spirit Visage)

Damage: (Stalkers Blade: Warriors) > (Berserkers) > (Ravenous Hydra) > (Maw) > (Guinsoo's Ghostblade) > (Sterak's Gage)

Damage tank: (Stalkers Blade: warriors) > (Swiftness) > (Ravenous Hydra) > (Spirit Visage) > (Randuins Omen) > Whatever you wanna build

***** who are you trying to kill: (Stalkers blade: BloodRazor) > (berserkers) > (Ravenous Hydra) > (Tri Force) > (rage Blade) > (spirit)


Tank: (Stalkers blade: Cinderhulk) > (Swiftness) > (Titanic Hydra) > (Banshee) > (Wit's) > whatever you want

Damage Tank ( the fun one): (Stalkers blade: bloodrazor) > (berskers) > (Titanic Hydra) > (Sunfire) > (Banshee) > (Randuins)


Full Tank: (Stalkers blade: Cinderhulk) > (swiftness) > (Randuins Omen) > (Banshee's) > (Iceborn) > (warmogs)

Damage Tank: (Stalkers Blade: Warriors0 > (swiftness) > (Ravenous Hydra) > (Triforce/Iceborn) > (Sunfire) > (Banshee's)


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VII. Overview

Remember that your early game position is really important. Depending on what you do it will effect the game in a good or bad way. The more you make the whole enemy team be afraid of you the easier it would be for your team to start getting kills and taking towers. You need to know when to take drag. The most important time is when enemy bot lane b's or gets killed and you can even take it when the enemy jungler dies. This goes for baron too. The best time to get baron is right after a inhib or when the jungler and/or the adc dies. Early game your job to roam, ward and apply pressure on the map. Make every lane be afraid of you coming and if you do this and your team is not a complete ****** it will become an easy game. Mid game is for you to get your lanes pushing and your mid and adc fed and also getting dragons and scuttle. Late game is for you to ward and maintain control on the map making it easy for you to take baron and dragon while either engaging or peeling for the adc.


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