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Lee Sin Build Guide by Icarus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Icarus

guide for jungle LeeSin

Icarus Last updated on August 2, 2011
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this is my 1st guide i wanted to share this one cuz i didnt see a good guide for lee sin and since i almost never lose with it ... i thought i may be able to cr8 a guide , anyway plz dont vote for good or for bad untill u try it

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some short cuts


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how is this build gonna go exactly ?

# 1: u ll jungle Lee sin is one of the best junglers and the best gankers so ur mia is dangerous
# 2: gank whenever u can Lee sin is a gr8 turret diver ( dont gank be4 u have ur QQ and EE )
# 3: whenever one of ur team mates die or back or recall for any reason take his place in lane So u balance ur team
# 4: ur WW is GOOD dont understimate it and dont forget it
# 5: we re not gonna focus the QQ .. we ll focus the EE and WW
# 6: u ll be like an assassin cuz ur job is to deal dmg And to clean the gank not diving into fights like idiots
# 7: in late game u re gonna be with low def and high dmg Notice u wont have good survivability like in early game
# 8: u re gonna rule badly in early game that some games ll end at 20:00 due to surrenders

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More details about the start

2 ways to go
1: take wolves and golems etc... without blue or red boss till u hit 700$ and go back to get ur madred ( use it if u dont want to use smite )
2: take blue buff lvl 1 and the normal jungler root

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About runes

well i dont really think theres any ad that would say no to atk speed <3

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this chapter is quite easy to explain .. lee sin is kinda tricky in early game and hes like a glass cannon in late game ... so ya in early game u will go to jungle with ur life steal and shield u ll be safe 5 pots will make u capable to keep it up for a longer time without any need to go back to base ( to recover) then u ll get madred for a better jungling ( vs red or blue )
trinity force is good for 2 things 1: more dmg 2: making u focus on using normal attack between ur skills ( will recover ur energy and make u a better dmg ) then infite edge u re already getting op at this point strong normal attack and strong spells give me a break finally phantom and blood thirster after u get both u got around 70% crit chance or something and around 400 life steal per attack ( with ur iron will on ) i dont really think thats tankable :D
Late Late game u can sell ur wrigles and buy frozen mallet

yet... this build is not deffencive at all so if u re looking for tanking dont use this one
cuz u ll rely on ur technique to survive

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Skill Sequence

now to the best part of lee sin .. theres 2 way to engage in a battle
1 : with a tank or a fighter type ( xin zhao or pantheon ) u let him go 1st then u use ur shield on him then u EE and if he tries to run just use ur Q to hunt they wont really think about dodging that while their hp is too low
2: u go with ur QQ and then ur WW on ur self and finaly ur EE ... mostly he ll die.. if not normal attack once or twice ( u can use ur ulti for last hits only ... but try to save it for escaping )

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Creeping / Jungling

as i said be4 i ll take the wolves 1st in the jungle then u ll get lvl 2 at any lane ( 3 minions i guess ll make it) then u go back to jungles ( u re safe in jungles vs any monster but the red of blue buff ) then whenever u get 700 gold u go back to base recover then go to red buff and take it .... whenever u get lvl 6 u may stop jungling if u want and start hunting champions

2 : just go with ur smite and take ur RED buff early game not blue buff why ? cuz u dont have mana.. and red buff is a must for ganks ( u can save red buff till u re a higher lvl for better ganks ) and keep jungling nothing to add u re safe anyways :)

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tips to win with lee sin

1: dont turret dive champs that can stun fast like Alistar or rize etc..... they ll stun u and ll kill u and u re not really aiming to die :D
2: in 2 vs 1 fight ( 2 vs u i mean ) DONT UNDERSTIMATE LEE SIN he can win that easily so dont run unlike u re fighting 2 stunners or something .. for example : if u re fighting brand + tryndamere dont run just take brand down and then go away ( since trynda would have ulti or something )
3: ur Q and E reveal invisible units ( teemo or akali can be really owned that way)
4: try to make ur team avoid 5 v 5 battles cuz lee sin isnt good at surviving in that thing cuz u ll be inside the battle and aoe champs will kill u mostly so whenever u see team fights ( in lanes) just take another lane and push that ll seperate the other team
5 : one last thing.... theres a part of the game when lee sin SUX !! his EE wont have high dmg and his normal attack isnt good enough so...... in this part survive .. get last hits .. and dont GO IN TEAM FIGHTS !

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this is my 1st guide so maybe its not complete yet just ask about whatever u want and be kind with ur comments *_* Have fun