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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suqmadiq

Guide for your Journey and Stay in the Negative Club (BDC)

Suqmadiq Last updated on June 10, 2014
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Introduction to the club

Welcome. I am Based God Pablo, but you can call me Pablo. This is the one and only guide to this blessed club. So, before we begin there is a criteria to be able to be in this club, so make sure you fit this criteria before you proceed. If you need assistance there well be a section to assist you. Without further ado here is the criteria; you must be negative.

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Being Negative

"Why would I want to be negative?" - you right now

The answer to that is that you will be an entirely different person, in a good way.

It is stated in the bible that "for when you are negative in League of Legends thou soul shall be blessed, and thee shall be granted access to ELO Heaven" - Genesis 4:20

If that doesn't make you want to be a member, think of it like this. This is neither just a club nor a lifestyle. It is more. It is also a charity. You are giving free LP to the enemy team. Just think of the enemy team as hungry and homeless orphans that need the LP just to survive the night. For you must not taketh only giveth.

If you are convinced please proceed to the remainder of this guide.

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How to be Negative

There are going to be games where you feel like you cannot possibly lose. Believe me I've had some of those games. Those games where you are up twenty kills, a couple of towers. When you have lost all faith that you cannot carry your team to a defeat. All you need to do is believe. That is all you need to do and based Rito shall bless thee. Either it is an AFK, a baron throw, or a BM at nexus gone wrong. You know that you have been blessed by Rito. And your defeat will be moments away.

There is a saying from ancient Noxus "Win lane, lose game". After many years of scientific research it has been proved that this is not just a saying. It is indeed a fact. So if my theory is correct you must stomp your lane to ensure your defeat. You might feel bad for smashing someone so hard. All you need to remember is that the Spartans believed that a death in battle is a beautiful victory. The enemy laner is a Spartan. You shall ensure that the Spartan be granted his wish for a victory. Not only are you giving victory to the enemy laner by dumpstering them you will give the enemy team a victory.

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If you are reading this chapter I will be assuming that you are negative either in co-op vs. ai or ranked 5s it does not matter. We are a family and we do not discriminate. However, if you want to play with the big boys you must be negative in Ranked Yolo Queue .

Anyway, welcome to the club. If you feel that you have been sinning and is feeling strange you may confess.


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