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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ynderon

Guide to a successful Vlad

Ynderon Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Hello Guys. This is my Vladamir guide, and how i play him. Vladamir is the main character i play and i have seen a lot of people building him in way that i find are really ineffective and i have experienced this myself as i have also tried these builds and had no luck with them, and also their score has proven it is not a very effective build.

The main thing to really remember about Vlad is his is a Mage > Tank so do not build health it is much more effective building AP as late game, because of your passive, you end up having more health than you would if you built health and ALOT more AP.

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Early Game

You should start of with an Amplifying Tome, this is allow your transfusion to do a bit more damage and heal you a bit more early game which comes in handy, and a Health Potion if you play Vlad right you should not actually need this as you Q should be keeping you health up, but i do recommend getting one just in case you get low as it mean you do not have to go back and heal and you are able to stay in you lane longer. Vlad should ALWAYS take mid even over people like Ashe and Sivir, you should take mid as the faster you can get lvl 9 the better as before then you are quite useless as you Q, which is your main nuke, has to much of a Cd and you are unable to get any ganks on anyone.

Once you have about 2000g you should go back and buy your boots and mejai's soulstealer so you can start building you stacks. I do realize that many people may think this is an item that will only be worth buying if you are doing good, but because of Vlad's amazing survivability and popping ghost then sanguine should get you out of any trouble you find yourself in, you should be able to keep you stacks up alright.

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Mid Game

By now you should have your second ulti and your Q spell maxed so now you are able to get some ganks off and get a few kills, and if you are already doing good you should have you Crystal Scepter, because of this items slow effect + sanguine pool no enemy should be able to run away from you before you kill them. go up and down between the bot and top lanes getting ganks off, trying to keep you E stacks up as much as possible, although if you are having trouble with your health don't do this as once you reach 4 stacks your E starts to do quite a bit of damage to you and isn't worth keeping it up, but you should try getting it up at least a few stacks before you go for the kill.

Your rotation to go for a nuke on a enemy should be as follows:

    - Open up with a Transfusion (you can open with Tides of Blood if you do not have any stacks of it up then use Transfusion
    - After that use your Tides of Blood (if you didn't before transfusion, if you did ToB should still be on Cd)
    - If the fight is going alright and you aren't getting to low you should now use Hemo, if it is off Cd (you should use this early in any fight because of the 18% damage buff it gives at rank 3)
    - after Hemo, or if Hemo is on Cd, use sanguine pool and go slightly in front of where you target is running but in the mean time keeping your target inside the pool, this allows your sanguine to do damage as well as slow your target.
    - Once your out of sanguine use your E spell then your Q again. this will reset your ToB stacks (or give you an extra one) and also you target should either be dead or close enough for you Hemo to do the rest of the work.

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End Game

By the time your lvl 18 you should have at least half your stacks full on your soulstealer (10 stacks) even if your doing quite bad it usual is easy enough to keep your stacks around this, if your doing well you should be easily keeping this up at 20 stacks, you should also have all the items up to, and including, ur Rabadon's Deathcap in your item build, and you should have about 3k+ health. so you should be near enough impossible to kill and be doing crazy damage.

If you are able to get Lich Bane in a game you should be able to kill nearly their whole team easily as your Q should be hitting around 1k+ and then because of your crazy amount of AP you **** hit another 1k with the LB passive, This means almost 2k damage instantly, enough to kill a lot of champions. (i thought i would add this part as i know many people will be wondering why i build Lich Bane)

Also another thing to remember, although you should not build your Vlad as a Tank you can still very easily act like one. This means if you need to you should be tanking out turret, baron, dragon, etc. and also you are able to start group fights, starting group fight is easy enough on Vlad because you can open with your Hemo (try to get as much champs as possible in it) then you can fight like you usually would, except with Vlad you should always have a way to escape, your W. so try not use this in big group fight to actually fight with unless your team is winning it and you are keeping your health up fine. Also another point to add is your Hemo damage buff applies to everyone on your team, and also using this to hit as many people as possible early in the fight means if your don't get the kills you will at least get an assist for it, also if people are low and try to low your Hemo will get the kill for you (if Hemo is on that target)

Rest of guide coming soon, hopefully this little bit will help you for now