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League of Legends Build Guide Author hairface

Guide To Jungleing

hairface Last updated on April 5, 2012
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This guide is meant to introduce people to the wonderful art of jungleing! In this guide I will be talking about builds, viable junglers, routes, masteries, and we will also talk about the pros and cons of jungleing.

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What is jungleing? What do i gain from having a jungler

Jungleing is when champion/player goes between the lanes and farms neutral mobs for money/exp While supporting the lanes by occasionally ganking.


    You allow another player to farm creeps solo allowing him to get more farmed
    You get more Money from jungleing as you are the only one last hitting the mobs.
    you gain the advantage of suprise when ganking lanes
    You can give buffs to the people who need it (mid laner+blue)
    Only a handful of junglers can keep up with the team in exp/money so depending on your champion you will alwasy be a little behind. this can be avoided by getting tons of kills.
    People will almost always blame the game on you if your team loses
    If you get counterjungled alot you will far very very behind depending on what champion your using.
note i may have forgotten something so please send a message if i did.

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tanky bruisers-

Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Seal of Resilience

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Greater Quintessence of Strength

tanky AP users

Greater Quintessence of Potency

Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Resilience

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Many of these are arguable and many can be traded for something else but this is just what I really prefer and also to give you an idea of how you should build.

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Not much to say here I decided I will not show you what i use but merely give you severeal masteries that will greatly help you in jungleing as there are to many and to many different ways to build your champion.

1. Bladed armor, This will give you a bit of extra damage to creeps only real thing to say about this

2. Butcher, self explanatory will give you extra damage if you feel like you need it

3. Tough skin, Gives you that extra defense you need against creeps.

4. Summoners Resolve, giving money on smite will teach you to use your smite more often and will also give you some extra gold

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Finally Items the deciding factor that can make or break a champion I will give my suggestions on good items and starting items here and will introduce very offensive builds to those more experienced Summoners.

Starting Items

1. Cloth Armor 5 health pots, one of the most commonly used starting items Gives great durability and will help you reach your wriggles lantern more quicker.

2. Vampiric Scepter, common on tanky bruisers will give durability and you will reach wriggles lantern very quickly not recommended on mage/junglers.

3. Regrowth pendant 1 health pot, used on those ap users for the sustain and so you can upgrade to a philo stone as you will be using tons of mana on ap junglers.

4. Dorans ring, only person you would use this on is fiddlesticks/nunu nuff said

Unusual starting items (for those who are very comfortable with jungleing)

Dorans Blade, Used on tanky dps who want to gank early and pack a huge punch (continue to build dps) requires a very good pull.

Boots of speed 3 healt pots, because most laners start with boots so it gives you sticking power early on.

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YOu may be asking yourself "there are so many options to choose from so which camps to I clear first?" the answer to this question depends on your champion.
If your champion needs mana to sustain throught the jungle you may want to try this route
Small wolves- Blue Buff- Wraiths- Small Golems - Red buff.
if your champion doesnt need mana take this path
Red buff- Small Golems- Wraiths- Wolves - Blue buff
Note that these are the most common jungle paths but you don't need to follow them there are plenty of other paths but these are the mos recommended and the most common.

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Counterjungleing/knowing when to gank

]Counter Jungleing
Counter jugleing is when you or your team invades the enemy jungle.
When do I counter jungle? To counter jungle it requires good map awareness for exp- I see the enemy jungler olding the lane for top laner who has gone back So i go to his bottom jungle and clear everything Knowing that he cannot take action and stop me.
Knowing when to back out
Try to ward the jungle you intend to rob to make sure the enemy is not there
and if you start trying to clear out the jungle and you suddenly notice that the enemy champions are leaving lanes and heading towards you that might be a very good sign to BACK OUT.
When counter jungleing try to leave 1 small minion that is worth nothing so the jungle doesn't re spawn until cleared.
try to keep the timer on the jungle/Game objectives (Dragon Baron) so you know when to take the buffs
Here is a link to the timer on the jungle
Gankingis when a champion or a group of champions attempt to ambush a enemy champion AND TAKE THERE LIVESSSSSSSSS.
When ganking there are a number of places you can gank from. I would have a picture but I have no idea how to post when as this is my first time.
1. if your lane has pushed hard enough you can go throught there jungle from behind and dive the enemy champion
2. most common you can go from the river bush
3. go through the top lane bushes and gank them
1 top/bot of the river bush
2 going behind and diving
Now this is a hard lane to gank thanks to supports having wards up.
1. have your support drop a pink ward to clear out the wards and gank from the river
2. support clears wards and tower dive.
4. go through the lane bush and gank
if you see the enemy jungler trying to gank go from behind and make your laner come from the front ans try to kill him
2. If the enemy jungler is attempting to invaid try to get your team to help out and stall as long as possible.

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What champions are viable?

There are over 90 champions in this game and you expect me to tell you that???? dont be ridiculous here is a link

Im JK ill just introduce the best junglers
King of the jungle- Udyr, Lee sin, skarner, maokai, rammus (because op ganks)
tier 1- Olaf,Jarven,shaco,alister, Malphite, Dr. Mundo
nuff said

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thanks for reading my first guide. as you can see im missing alot I have room for alot more improvment I have no idea how to post pictures which i would appreciate if someone told me how Please comment on how I can improve and what I did wrong.
Thank you