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League of Legends Build Guide Author SONAMASTER666


SONAMASTER666 Last updated on June 11, 2016
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Hi! I am a Master 250 LP Sona main and I got here by playing ONLY SONA! That's pretty impressive if you ask me. Now, you may be wondering, "WOW SONAMASTER666 HOW CAN I BE LIKE YOU?????". Well, that's why I'm here today. TO TEACH YOU HOW TO GET HIGH ELO BY ONLY PLAYING SONA IN ANY ROLE!!

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You would always like to take mana regen marks and AP quints. for seals, i like to take health/lvl seals (armor if im jungling). glyhps is either flat cdr for support or MR for every other role. However, for jungling and ADC, switch the AP quints for AD quints.

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I will only include the keystones because the other **** doesn't matter
You would like to do 0/18/12 with windspeaker's. 12 in the resolve tree bc you're super squishy, but if you're confident in your Sona skills, go ahead and put that 12 in the ferocity tree. You may also take thunderlord's as well.
You would liek to take 12/18 with either deathfire touch, stormraider's or thunderlord's. If you're going for a more sustained dmg build, I recommend deathfire touch, however 95% of the time, I'd rather take thunderlord's. I take stormraider's if I'm up against a really squishy comp because I can delete their HP bars easily and get my speed and slow resistance.
With jungle Sona, I usually take 0/12/18 with SoTA, but if I'm confident in my ganks and invades, I take 0/18/12 with thunderlord's.
12/0/18 with grasp of the undying if you're doing a more tanky build. However, if you're just gonna be a 2nd mid laner up there, the masteries for mid will be the same as the masteries for top.
This is your final resort. Only play ADC Sona if you REALLY have to. You would like to always go 18/12 with fervor of battle.

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Your standard build for:
*NOTE* These are all SITUATIONAL. You are obviously not gonna rush an abyssal scepter against a Zed. You are obviously not gonna build so much MR against a fed Vayne. Make sure you switch out and switch in some items in order for you to succeed.
Top:OR Mid: Jungle: OR ADC: OR Support: OR

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Skill Sequence

For ALL roles, you will be prioritizing R>Q>W>E. I don't usually max W. I actually never do it at all. Don't max W lol. It has a super high mana cost and the heal isn't that effective anyway. You have to take advantage of Sona's super high early game damage. And that won't be happening with a W max.

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THIS IS ALL BASED ON YOUR PERSONAL PREFERNECE AND ON YOUR OPPONENTS/TEAM. THINK CAREFULLY DURING CHAMPION SELECT TO MAKE SURE YOU PICK THE RIGHT CHOICE. FOR EXAMPLE: You're laning against a Mundo top lane but you still want to have that pressure. Take ignite/TP. You're going up against a Zed mid lane. Hey, better take barrier. You're going up against a TF mid lane. Better take cleanse. You have a lot of ganking opportunities. Better take ghost/smite. The enemy team moves very fastly and is very mobility. Better take exhaust/smite (jungle, of course). BE SMART ABOUT THIS
Top: Flash/TP or Flash/Ignite or TP/Ignite
Jungle: Flash/Smite or Ghost/Smite or Exhaust/Smite or Ignite/Smite
Mid: Flash/TP or TP/Ignite or Flash/Exhaust or Flash/Barrier or Flash/Heal or Flash/Ignite or Flash/Cleanse
ADC: Flash/Heal or Flash/Barrier
Support: Flash/Ignite or Flash/Exhaust

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-Great poke/zoning ability
-2 person Heal, aura shield
-Excellent utility kit
-Great at all stages
-Easy to learn/play, HARD TO MASTER

-Squishiest champ in the game (unless you're building tank, of course)
-Mana hungry
-Reliant on flash to make a good crescendo
-No escapes
-Relies exclusively on positioning. You have to position yourself to output the most amount of pressure while being put in the least amount of danger. This isn't mechanically difficult, but it can be mentally straining.

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I love Sona with all my heart, and I hope that this guide has inspired you to climb the ladder with her. Bronze to Masters in no time!


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