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Draven Build Guide by shejviii

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shejviii


shejviii Last updated on November 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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1. Introduction

Welcome to the DRAVEN guide. This guide was made by Shejvi . 1st we need to know Draven's stuff , he is an AD CARRY , which means that he's got ranged attacks and he is usually played in bottom lane . He's got tons of damage , made by his spining axes or normal attacks. So we need to stack AD items with some miniature defensive. This guide is very different from others guides , I cant assure you that it's better than others but i can assure you that it is very good .

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2. Skills

Draven skills are really made for offensive play . Cuz Draven has got no defensive abilities so he needs to play really agressive with poking enemy carries. His "Q" is just CRAZYYY it provides bonus damage and stacks with passive of DRAVEN. That means he's got one of the strongest normal attacks in game. His "W" is probably the only spell that gives him much chasing power . It gives him bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed and it resets when you catch an axe so you are able to chase the enemies right away . Draven's "E" is a very good spell it's his only cc and it's quite good cc . It knocks enemies back and slows them for quite a good ammount and it deals damage . So I max it by level 13. Usually other Draven's guides max it last by I find it quite good . His "R" (ultimate) is just ****ing OP . It deals very much damage and it's a global spell . So you can easy help other lanes with it or you can just farm with it . So we find that Draven has got no bigger defensive abilities like EZREAL or CORKY , but he has got more spells that get him the bonuses .

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3. Masteries

I am running 19/11/0 masteries because it gives me great amount of armor penetration and damage increase and it will help me last hit minions quite a bit . And 11 in defensive tree will give me great amount of survivability . I got bonuses in blocking damage from minions which will help me fight against them and hp per level that will surely increase my stats in late game .

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4. Runes

Running with ARP runes gives me that my normal attacks deal minions almost true damage and that is helping my last hits quite good and it also gives enemy champions in the beggining like almost 10 armor so i get quite good harras with spells . Im running Mana Regen cuz i can spam all day with my skills and that means i can play really agressive the whole time in the game , not just in the beggining even in the late game . Armor runes are quite obvius at AD carries cuz enemy carries got physical damage . So my quints are FLAT DAMAGE and give me +7 dmg at start .

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5. Picking DRAVEN

Draven is one of not popular AD carries , cuz he has got almost no escape abilities and that means you need to learn how to position to play good . If you learn how to play DRAVEN you can play other AD CARRIES easy . Draven is strong against almost all ad carries and supports , his laning phase is hard only against

    - Caitlyn , cuz her range is quite too big for Draven to harass him so she can easyly outplay him the at beggining of the game , but if you are good Draven you will kill her atleast at level 6 .

    - Blitzcrank , cuz his combo with pull - knock up - silence is hard to survive cuz if you get pulled you cant escape like some other AD champions

When you can ask for support , ask the one that has got buffs. Cuz u really dont need heal with him cuz with double dorans and vampiric scepter gets him like 70 Heal per hit .

When playing with :

- Janna

This lane is easy , her shield and slows + knock up gets targets so easyly to kill that you almost cannot lose lane . Try to harras as much as possible when she gives you her shield that increases your damage and then you got some **********ing DAMAGE even at level 1 .

- Lulu

Her slows and burst damage is just crazy . She can easy turn fights 2 v 2 or even 2 v 3 in your advantage cuz her shield gives your survivatible and you get the MS you need and her ultimate gets you bonus Health that is quite good with DRAVEN .

- Nunu

If you have Nunu as support you need to play extreamly agressive cuz if you get good start Nunu will zone them out at level 6 or when he will get HoG . Stacking ulties with him is just like 1000 dmg in 3 seconds so u just cant survive that at level 6 .

- Soraka

Its not very good lane but her heals and silences can get you really buffed so you can rush bigger items at beggining . Try not to take Draven with her , they are just not a good combo .

- Leona

Very good with draven , if she knows how to properly engage . Try to play passive till level 6 with no deaths and you will have almost guaranteed lane win at level 6 . Cuz her stuns and bonus damage on hits are just too good .

- Taric

He brings you quite good resists and heals with that he helps you survive enemy engages . If he stuns just go full balls deep mode and try to kill someone.

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6. Collecting Axes

This is one of the hardest things with Draven , you want to have atleast 1 spining axe always in your hand , but if you are to afraid to go for the axe dont go it will sometimes kill you . The axes fly to location you are turned to when they hit someone , so try to throw one and turn around so they cant catch you and you can collect axes with no worries , but sometimes you dont have to collect it .

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7. Possitioning with Draven

When Teamfights start you need to be one of the last members of the team , so enemy TANKs can't get to you easyly and you can deal them damage . You dont need to be afraid of them cuz you got too much power and boosts and they can't kill you easyly .

What to do in TeamFights :

1st ~ Engage with ulty so you poke them down to lower hp then your team has got more hp then enemy team .

2nd ~ Have 2 axes ready so it will give your next 2 attacks bonus dmg . So you dont need to worry to catch one .

3rd ~ If some tanks get to you just "E" them and "W" and run away like a birdie or kite them and you will kill them easyly .

4th ~ Dont focus , attack the closest target

Shejvi - GOING OUT