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Corki Build Guide by Anchor Navy

Guide to The Red Ace

Guide to The Red Ace

Updated on July 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anchor Navy Build Guide By Anchor Navy 2,865 Views 0 Comments
2,865 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Anchor Navy Corki Build Guide By Anchor Navy Updated on July 14, 2011
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Hey guys its Jay again with another guide, with today one of the greatest competitive carries, as well as my most played carry in the game.

Corki, the Daring Bomberdier!

If you like this guide be sure to check out my Nidalee guide for all who are interested :]!

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Runes are pretty straight forward for corki:

Marks: Armor Pen- Best in Class

Seals: Dodge Seals- Personal preference. Mp5 is a option

Glyphs: Cdr/lvl- Again a personal preference, but they help getting your missles asap!

Quintessences: Flat health- For those who want more early game dominance flat dmg is a possiblity
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Your wanting to get every damage helper in the offensive tree, as well as defenses in the defence tree. Instead of dodge I prefer to get health regen per 5.

Corki's best tatic is outlaning his opponet, the health regen is just perfect.

Around 40 health regen with max'd manamune!
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Corki is very item dependent late game, but in early stages, his passive gives him tons of damage.

Always start with Cloth armor 5x health pots if your solo laning.

Duo laning you can skip those and go right to the mana crystal and health potions

Rush a manamune you really need it. Allows corki to dominate any lane.

The rest of the items should be pretty straight forward.
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Skill Sequence

Corki's damage early game is extremely high so you want to max your Q first. Your gives you tons of utility as well as punshing damage.

Putting one more point in your W allows your W to deal exceptional damage when being chased. The cool down is also reduced.

Maxing you ultimate whenever possible is a must.

Remember that maxing your e also includes the armor shreading so it is always adviced to take it over your Q if your facing a armor stacker in lane. (Malphite, Rammus)
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Summoner Spells

Corki lacks a nice escape spell. Remember that Valkyire as a long cool down. And who doesn't love double flashes. (Your enemies)

Exhast can be changed out with anything, I take it because combined with your dodge runes, you can out play any dps physical carry. ^^
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Team Work/ Attacking

As far as team work goes, wait for you team to iniate, valkyire in. Immediatly drop your Q on the melee champions, use your e. Focus any squishy targets. Corki's dmg is very powerful so be aware of that. I've gotten tripple kills without even realizing it.

Before a team fight, use your missles. Poke like a Nidalee. But remember, always keep at least 4 Missles in your bank for a big one. Or a team fight.

Do not be afraid to take on someone who attacks you. With enough missles up your dps will surpass theirs by a mile. And always remember. Valkyire to escape not initate unless you know your dps will crush them.
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Corki's passive makes him so easy to last hit with. Just wait for the minion to get low and his animation will go instantly.

Durning the laning phase use your Q to harass champions who want to creep. Espcially melee champions. Use your auto attacks as well as the true damage is very deadly in the early stages.

Remember that your Q also gives you sight! Use it to facecheck brushes.
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Unique Skills

* Missle Barrage can allow you to poke very effectively

* Level 3 Q and one missle will take out the caster creeps making farming a breeze

* Your Q ability gives you sight, perfect you scouting

* Every 4th missle is a Big One dealing extra damage.

* Big One has a larger aoe effect

* Valkyire's damage when chasing is very high. So in some cases turning around to shoot a missle can net you a kill

* Your e shreads armor as well as deal around 60 physical damage per .5 second. Remember to use that effect damage.

* Your e stacks with the black cleaver though does not apply the black cleaver
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anchor Navy
Anchor Navy Corki Guide
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Guide to The Red Ace

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