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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diagonosis

Guide to Winning Games

Diagonosis Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Keep Morale High

Before reading this I want you to understand, this isn't focused on you. This is focused on ALL OF US. This was made mostly for me to figure out why I wasn't doing good. I just figured we could all learn from my mistakes too.

Honestly, this might be the best way to win. If you are happy, you will rage less and do better. I'm not sure I know someone that is constantly angry and always doing good.

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Whatever you do, DON'T RAGE AT THE TEAM. Now before you say "What if they're feeding? I can't stop bot lane feeding while I'm being camped top by the jungler." If it is an actual feeder(aka not someone who is doing bad, but actually feeding), type in all chat "Please report X, they are feeding." and be done like that. Stuff like that happens. IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Instead, if they are doing wrong things, like not positioning well, dieing a lot, etc., simply just tell them in a nice way they are doing something wrong and they need to fix it to win the game.

Let's say ol' Yorick up top is dieing repeatedly by ganks. Don't scream your head off because the Jax is 3-0, but instead say "Hey, Yorick, could you buy some wards? I noticed the jungler is ganking a lot". Fun fact: People usually don't listen to someone who is screaming their head off about you being "a gay noob feeder".

Now, let's get down to actual gameplay.

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I think we're doing kinda bad on wards. You all know the saying, "Wards win games." Hey, you're getting ganked? Buy wards. I am tired of hearing "X KEEPS GANKING ME OMG THIS NOOB TOP DOESN'T CALL MIAS." Please, ward your bushes. Almost everytime you go back buy wards (unless adc before 20 minutes.) After 20 minutes, it should be a rule we have ATLEAST one ward in our inventory, unless of course you are dirt poor or just bought something. This will be punishable by death, (or being called noob baguette by everyone in the skype call, whichever you prefer.) Also, go back to Rule #1 and tell them to call mias, even when they think they backed.

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Not terrible, needs improvement though. Sure, in teamfights we can do alright. But man, out of them? Awful. Don't roam the enemy jungle when the lanes closest are MIA. Don't walk into a bush when you just saw 5 mid head in it a couple seconds ago. What's that? You are pushing top when you see their mid is MIA? Get out of there. It's just simple common sense that needs practice.

In teamfights, we do better, but still not good enough as we can be. NEVER let the squishies in the front, they WILL get slaughtered. ALWAYS let the initiator (J4, Hecarim, Maokai, etc.) go in, and focus whoever does the most, whether it be the APC, ADC, or even Soraka, FOCUS THE DAMAGE DEALERS, not Mundo.

Let's say everyone is grouped up mid and a huge teamfight is about to break out. I'm talking about THE TEAMFIGHT, the level 18 teamfight which could decide who gets baron and who ultimately wins the game. Let's just say everyone is equally itemed and leveled. So, you are walking past dragon, and suddenly you see the enemy ADC and the leona support MIA. Think to yourself, "I just walked by a highly warded area and the enemy ADC and leona with amazing CC is MIA, hmm should I check that bush?" The obvious answer is no, you run, ward every bush that is suspicous until you make it to mid. If you would have been caught and CC'd while the enemy ADC fired away? Dead. Your team as well, as they are going in 4v5. These may seem like small things, but they affect the game HUGELY, please, don't be that guy who gets caught and loses the game.

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Helping out other lanes (Roaming)

Helping out other lanes (Roaming) - Have you ever solo q'd, and you completely dominated? Your ahead 3 levels and an item and they can do literally NOTHING? AND YOU STILL LOST? WHY? OH WAIT, TOP AND BOT FED 10+ KILLS IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES! UGH, STUPID FEEDERS ALWAYS RUINING MY GAMES.

"Win Lane, Lose Game."

This statement is COMPLETELY FALSE. While you're pushing Tower 2, you're also being pushed by top lane to Inhib Tower? You can EASILY walk over there, pick up ANOTHER kill/assist and give the other laners free time to cs, to catch up, and get back in the fight. Now, I'm not talking about those games where you are also being pushed in like the rest of the team, those games are pretty much not in your control. What we really should do though, is let our enemy mid catch up a bit, and allow YOUR lanes to stay EQUAL or AHEAD of their enemies. Let's just do some simple math.

1 super fed carry level 18 with full items + 4 level 14's with two/three items
5 equally matched level 16s with four/five items.

Unless you're Mordekaiser who can 1v5 and escape with full health, obviously team 2 will win almost everytime. You will be focused down and killed before you can say "report team pls".

From Chase -

Roaming: Roaming can make or break a game. Roaming isn't simply leaving your lane to go to another. When you should roam:
1: You saw the enemy jungler going bot? Push up the creep wave and follow him down there to counter gank.

2: You just killed your lane opponent, half health, and the enemy jungler is nowhere to be found or in bot lane? Head top and give the laner an advantage.

(Nick - This depends whether or not you think you can kill the enemy jungler, let's say Hecarim and he is MIA. Look at his build. Is he building a tanky item?(Warmogs, Sunfire, Randuin's.) Or is he getting a damage item? Use this to decide whether or not, if you found him in the jungle, whether you could escape or kill him.)

3: Have you killed your tower? Follow your jungler for a two man gank.

When not to roam:

1: You see the enemy mid laner heading bot? Push your wave and punish him by taking that tower. Just beacause your opponent leaves lane doesnt mean you have to.

2: Are you losing your lane? Leaving will only make it worse.

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This might be the thing that needs most work. I noticed a couple games ago, we were doing dragon when our mid tower is being destroyed. I barely looked the other way, because 190 gold for everyone is equal to a tower, right? I mean, we have nine of those already, right? Why do we need another. You do realize, they also get global gold? I'm pretty sure around 150. Not only did we lose one of our nine towers, but they might even be doing baron or pushing top while we have to defend mid.

Here is the order in which to defend.

Inhibitor>Towers>Baron>Enemy Towers>Dragon>Buffs

"Hmm, we could defend our tower or get baron". DEFEND THE TOWER!

Also, as Chase has recommended, we need a shot caller. "Should we defend mid, top, or split up and defend each? OH SHOT CALLER, SHOULD WE DEFEND MID, TOP, OR SPLIT UP?" Simple as that.

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Creep Score

Creep Score. - This is fine, I just think we could all do better though. Most times if I go top if I farm and have a pretty easy lane most of the first 20 minutes I'll have around 100-150 CS. I look over at our mid and see that they have 70-100, and unless you have roamed, this is generally unacceptable. Farming wins games.

Math: ( 20 gold per cs)

Top: 150 cs x 20 gold per cs =3000 gold / 20 minutes = 150 gold per minute

Mid: 100 cs x 20 gold per cs = 2000 gold / 20 minutes = 100 gold per minute

It doesn't sound like much, but think about it. If I spend another 5 minutes up there I can have 4 thousand gold to buy literally whatever I want. If you want to buy, say Infinity Edge, you would need to spend around 20 minutes extra to get it. (excuse me if my math is wrong, it's currently 11:23 PM and I'm tired. that's how much I care for us to get better.)

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