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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kre

Guns Don't Kill People, Jungle Trynd Kills People

Kre Last updated on December 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tryndamere is a unique champion in the sense that he can two shot most champions just by right clicking them. The thing you have to remember about him is that while he is a crazy pew pew endgame nuke, hes very fragile and situational. For example, you may run into problems if you are playing Trynd against heavy with CC, or a team with three or more tanks. Recently, I have figured out jungling Tryndamere is the best path to go if you want to carry for your team. The reason for this is that Trynd is very item dependant, and if you jungle correctly you will 1)Out level your enemies 2) Gain a **** ton of gold, giving you an item advantage over your enemies 3) Get fed early, since you are ahead in items and have the advantage of lurking in the jungle. I made this guide as a slight modification over Jeffy40Hands' guide to jungling Trynd.

-Is a highly underrated pusher/bder late game
-Pop Undying Rage and watch people die.
-Spin through walls, making ganking and surviving easier
-Jungle Trynd will provide lots of money.
-By level 18 you should be 2 shotting squishy champions.

-Your build will focus on damage, making you one of the squishiest melee champs in game.
-A non-****** team understands to focus you down.
-Exhausts and stuns will make you cry.
-If you are jungling, you will start abnormaly slow.
-High Learning Curve: IMO, Trynd and Aniva are the two hardest champions to play, since they depend on good timing for their abilities to be successful.


x 9

These runes will result in the fastest jungling. At level 1 you will roughly have around a 20% crit chance, meaning you will be dropping creeps faster, and relying less on potions through your Q.

Summoner Spells

This skill will result in lots of kills for you. Not only will it let you turret dive and gank, its a very nice way to survive and escape with low health, which you will be doing a lot.

Self explanatory. If you are jungling, this will make your life a lot easier. Once again, if you have all crit runes this isn't necessary, but it makes your jungling more efficient. (Note: Taking smite will reveal to the opponent team that you are jungling. If you have this skill, be wary of early ganks).

Chasing and escaping. If you are running away or chasing down a foe, flashing and then spinning will cover LOTS of territory.

Basically, makes you unkillable. The reason I try to stay away from this while im jungling is because I find flash and exhaust more useful, and I always carry smite while I jungle. A useful spell, but since Trynd can ult when he is stunned it won't ruin the game if you pass on this.

Very good for chasing people down early game. You might want to consider it, but keep in mind as soon as you have Youmuu's Ghostblade and Phantom's Dancer, you can chase people down just as fast by using YG's special effect.

Early Game

Grab 5 health pots and a and presume to the wolf camp. Kill the wolves without using your smite. Once you hit below 2 bars of health pop one of your potions and finish of the wolves. Don't use Q to heal yourself, and quickly run over to the ghost camp before your stacks die out. Throw smite on the big ghost. You should be level 2 as soon as the big ghost dies, so grab your E skill and clean up the rest of the camp. Pop another health potion and continue to the double golems. These can be tricky, especially without crit runes, so play it safe, and don't be afraid to pop multiple potions to heal yourself up before you actually engage them. Once golems are dead, continue to the other team's wolves/ghosts and clean those two camps up. By this point you should be at least level 4, and have enough gold for madreds. Blue pill, pick up madreds (and boots if you have any extra) and presume jungling your route, except this time pick up redbuff (and blue bluebuff if you want), continueing the same jungling path. You will notice that with madreds you will be dropping creeps really fast, so just continue jungling until you have enough money to finish off your and .

Mid Game

You can feel free to gank at level 6. Try to let your opponent push, and if possible wait until they are about 3/4 or 1/2 health (the lower the better). When they get near turret, run in , W , exhaust, E, and just autoattack them until they die, using E to keep up. Be mindful of exhaust, snares, stuns, and tanky characters. Ganking characters such as Malphite alone might not be a good idea since his passive is annoying to burn down, and he has a stun, as well as a slow to kite you around when you are in Undying Rage. Make sure that whenever things are quiet, hit up the jungle and pick up blue and red buffs, as well as any other creeps you can to increase leveling and gold. For this phase of the game you will be mainly ganking out of the jungle, and during this phase your damage really begins to shine. By the end of mid game you should have a and you should have at least started on .

Late Game

If you did well early and mid game, late game is when Tryndamere makes people cry and ragequit games. When your team pushes focus on stay near them (most likely near the jungle), but out of sight so the other team doesn't notice you. Keep red buff on yourself as much as possible. Once the team fight is initiated, your role is to E through a wall, and take out the squishies as fast as possible. Usually the soft champoions stay behind the tanks, so you have to be very discrete and work fast. This is when exhaust is vital. While the tanks are focusing on your team, walk around and whirlwind through a wall, toss exhaust on their squshiest character, quickly kill them and presume killing squishies. After a few seconds of shock and awe, the other team will focus you. Pop Undying Rage and keep slicing. If your team isn't full of 400 elo ******s, they should notice this and jump on in. Kill as many as you can with Undying Rage,and get the **** out of there. If you haven't scored a pentakill, your team will clean the rest up. Playing late game, you can't underestimate your damage, but you also can't underestimate the other champions. If you proceed to dive in during a team fight near a turret, a simple exhaust or snare will **** you over. Timing during team fights separates the good Trynds from the Great ones.

Core Build

Other Items to Consider

For maximum LOL's late game, you can pick up Guardian Angels (even though I rarely use this). It will give you a little extra armor and MR, as well as giving you a revive. GA can be used with Trynd in very clever ways, like dying.. reviving, and proceeding to Ult. This usually results in A LOT of kills, if they don't kite or snare you.

Gives you some much needed HP, making you that much harder to drop, but thats not the main thing you are looking for. The slow on this item will make chasing down foes a lot easier, and this item should definitely get some consideration in your core build.

Just like GA and Frozen Mallet, Banshee's veil gives you a little survivability, but the main reason this could come in handy is if you are facing a CC heavy team. Banshee's Veil will effectively counter one of those CC's, which could mean the difference between live and death (if a Karhtus is on the other team, this is a MUST).