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Pantheon Build Guide by ElTronko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElTronko

H2P Post-Nerf Panth 7/11

ElTronko Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Yo this is my intro to my panth guide. Ive been playing panth since he came out and throughout all of his riding on the waves of OP. Now that panths been nerfed a lot of people think that he is utterly worthless and dodge worthy, Im trying to prove them wrong. With this tanky panth build you are able to deal lethal damage to squishy targets quickly while simultaneously being tanky.

This build focuses on trying to capitalize on panths dominant early game while transitioning into a tankier mid and endgame. This is NOT a pure tank pantheon build but a bruiser build where panth is tanky and can support allies with stuns/slows, yet still able to do damage with Q and auto attacks. Your role in teamfights is to instantly jump on their carry/high priority squishy targets then help your own teams squishies survive

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The attack damage reds and quints are the only runes that I deem "necessary" the yellows and blues are choice but i prefer to run with a full ad page to get the most out of pantheons earlygame (starting with 90~ ad makes for a fun laning phase)

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The 21 in offense is for panths early game. The revive mastery is key if you're taking revive for the additional health. I like to put the other 8 points in utility for the EXP and reduced death timer, but this is a tanky panth build, the other 8 can be put somewhere in defense instead.

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Since panth has been nerfed his stun is only 1.5 seconds at max level and it is pitifully low before then. This causes a lot of missed kills as pantheon where a target simply walks away because the stun is like 1/2 a second with tenacity. To rectify this lack of cc I get frozen mallet as my main item and it is phenomenal. With the added slow most targets will never get away with proper use of auto attacks+stun

The stats that i think benefit pantheon the most are attack damage, CD reduction, health/mana, armor/mres, attack speed(for bding). Because of this i try to get the most of these stats in the items i am getting.

Grabbing Lucidity's and glacial shroud put you at 30%~ cd, with just a blue elixir or buff you can hit max cd very early. Glacial Shroud also helps abolish panths mana problems so sometimes i grab Phage>then get Glacial Shroud>Frozen Mallet.

When you go godlike 20 minutes into the game people are gonna start focusing you with stuns, thats why I like to grab Banshees for the passive as well as more mana for more spear spammage.

With guardians angel pantheon is able to go into the fight and die>be revived by GA to fight more, die again, revive and ult back into the fray with an additional 400 health. Sounds fun doesnt it? However this items pretty situational as you will have to make that choice of more damage or resists for your 6th slot. I prefer GA

Endgame if it looks like youre struggling grab a Recurve Bow(turns into Starks) ult on a tower and start bding, you can easily tank the tower between your passive and your tankiness.

If additional magic resist is needed you can grab a hexdrinker/wits end. I prefer wits end because of the superior Mres as well as the atk speed for BDing.

Because of the playstyle you will have to use because of this build you will do a lot more auto attacking than in a normal panth build. This means that you will actually build stacks on Black Cleaver making it an effective damage item if you need to shred more armor.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1 Q for level 1 fighting. Level 2 W, maxing it as quick as possible for that precious extra time on the stun. Level 3 E, HSS is useless now R.I.P. Get ult whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

You can take flash instead of ghost if you like to flash over walls for quick getaways/surprise initiation. However i prefer ghost as W is already a gap closer and I often find myself running to places/targets whose range is farther than flash allows.

You must take revive on pantheon. You must take revive on pantheon. You must take revive on pantheon. You MUST take revive on pantheon.

The ability to die in a fight, revive, then ult back in and with 500 extra health to boot is too helpful (after getting the frozen mallet using revive will put you at 3000~ health). You can single-handedly win a teamfight this way, would you really rather trade that option for ignite/exhaust? No you wouldn't.

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With these masteries+runes and a dorans blade you will start with 90~ ad. It is TOO easy to last hit with this amount of ad, you should have no problems last hitting. Early game you should be dominating the other team so farming should be easy. Midgame you can safely farm any lane with the knowledge that if any one enemy champion tries to gank you you can most likely 1v1 them.

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Pros / Cons

+Additional CC
+Due to the slow I find myself able to output a lot more damage through auto attacks and additional Q's
+Destroys Glass Cannons 1v1, Good luck trying to run from panth
+Can easily BD with the purchase of some atk speed (starks is a fav)
+Tankier Mid/lategame
+Longer stun earlygame(pure damage panth must choose between 3 abilities to level, only 2 are worth it with this build)
-HSS is beyond useless so the only aoe damage is from Ult
-Overall less bonus damage

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Exceptionally good at 1v1. Can easily whittle down hp with spears, panths shield makes him deceptively tankier than he already is with this build, and between stun+mallet panth can easily stick to his target. In this style of playing HSS is basically useless and the brunt of your damage comes from Q and auto attacks, most of the time i dont even bother using HSS at all except for farming endgame.

Overall I find myself having more success with a tankier pantheon than pure ad if only because of his lategame. Lategame AD panth is extremely squishy and teamfights are either: you hit everyone with HSS and you win(only happens when extremely fed), or you die instantly and you lose. This this build I find teamfights to be more fun because of the utility the frozen mallet brings. The additional slow on my auto attack allows my teamates to catch up to the squishies that i am attacking and it allows me to keep other bruisers off my squishies. The addition of the slow also allows panth to 1v1 other champions that he might have had trouble with before(Singed comes to mind)

The reason i came up with this build was because I felt that panth couldn't properly carry with an ad build anyway. The damage drop between mid-end game is insane, i found it utterly absurd that even if you went 20/0 in the first 20 minutes if you havent ended it by 45 minutes you become nothing more than a CC rag that can take about 2 stuns before death.

I thought that i could capitalize on my supreme early game and turn it into a stun/harassbot lategame. However using this build I don't feel like ive lost any power, I feel like the auto attacks and spears that you can get in now because of the mallet more than makes up for the 2 ticks you can get off of HSS before the target walks away.

Endgame you also have an option that squishy panth never had, BD. I find it pretty ludicrous that pantheon can bd an inhibitor turret by himself. Between your items and your passive you should be able to tank beyond what is necessary to take down a tower.