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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flyhumpy

Harbinger of Death

Flyhumpy Last updated on September 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Morgana The Harbinger of Death

The title could not be more true, this build will grant you a Morgana that can potentially reach 700+ AP if done correctly, and will have lots of magic penetration! So basically they are getting pounded by magic! This is how we make this build come to fruition:

***One note before I start, it is basically a must that you start solo in mid lane...Morgana owns the mid vs. anyone! And this build is built around the parameters of soloing in mid.***

Meki Pendant- Mana regen and base for Archangels
health/mana pots- obvi, when clarity is down and you aren't sucking enough life from minions or champs.
Archangels- The passive on this will help out so much in the 45-60 minute games, this helps reach the 700+ mark. All round must have
Rod of Ages Just like Archangels, this helps so much late game, and the extra mana helps with Archangels passive too
Sorcerers Shoes Movement and magic pen!
Zhonya's Ring Why the hell not?!? massive AP with the 25% bonus...getting closer to 700!! I always forget about the passive when I play but I have been burned by it before lol
Void Staff AP Magic pen...just what we need
Elixir of Brilliance I use these when i am doing well and have some cash to spend, to reach the 700 mark use one of these right before buying the very last item
Abyssal Scepter AP magic pen and some magic res...this should push you over the 700 mark!!

AP and Magic Pen...I seem to be repeating myself a little bit lol

Basic 9-0-21


Dark Binding- This stops your opponent in their tracks and will do some decent damage with your item set up later on in the game. Casting this to intercept enemies on the run is a very good skill, but it only comes with lots and lots of practice! Max this after Tormented Soil

Tormented Soil Best farming skill out there, this will keep your opponent under their turret as you wipe their minions off the map. The reduce magic res is key when fighting an enemy, this will be discussed in strategy. Max this first, mainly for farming in mid.

Black Shield I can't count the amount of times Sion/Panth/Ryze...anyone with a stun or a slow skill has been blocked by Black Shield, and I have run away unscathed. I love this skill! but it must be maxed last

Soul Shackles Devastating ult, it hits twice and on the second time it stuns, so you can stun an enemy twice, ensuring that they drop dead! I have gotten it to hit 1k dmg on each hit...that is 2k from one ult for those who are bad at math ;)

Soul Siphon Perfect for mid can easily heal your self while the enemy must port to town or use up potions...its plain awesome!

Summoner Spells

Clarity- You need the mana, and it doesn't have a high cooldown so you can stay in the lane for a very long time

Teleport- Early on it gets you from the shop to your lane so you are never losing the lane!


Lane Period
Okay first of buy Meki Pendant and a health potion and mana potion, and put your skill point to Tormented Soil(TS). Go mid...if you don't go mid..this build may not work as well. The easiest way to kill the minions is to place TS right in the middle of the 6 of them...they all take damage, you farm all the money and your opponent is forced to run back to his turret. That is basically how each wave of minions will play out, follow the skill sequence, a high lvl TS means for quicker minion kills and annoys the hell out of enemy champs. When you have Dark Binding(DB) you can take chances at the enemy champ, if you hit him, throw TS down on him so he takes more dmg...if you have already been annoying him with TS you should be able to kill him early on, if not he ports away and you slowly take down the turret lol.

Okay, you should be at least lvl 10 before you need to go shop really I usually have around 2.3k by this point, so you can almost get Archangles..and that must be your first item! if you can get it do it of course! lol now Tele back to your lane and keep control!

Post Lane Period
Okay so some turrets should be gone by now and you should have Archangels and Rod of Ages, now your team might be wondering why you don't have boots yet, and the reason is the passive on your first two items that are all time/attack-ability use based, they will pump your AP up so much you will already have close to 250+ AP. After the boots you want Zhonya's Ring to keep the AP going up and up. Do a lot of neutral monster killing to get some money, because this build does cost a lot, but only if your team isn't in trouble. Morgana can destroy in team fights and if you happen to face someone solo, don't be afraid, time your shield right and stun them soil them ult them RAPE THEM!!! Get your final items and you are so powerful! You are not a tank safe!

Skill Use

When using your Ult you want to Ult then BD, this stops them so you can get the full potential of TS and your Ults second hit/stun. You can even drop an enemy before your Ults second hit with this build because you do so much pure AP damage with basically no Magic res stopping you!

This is my first attempt at a Morgana build, but with stats like 20/5/12, and 14/5/15, I think this build rocks the socks off the opponents!

Everything you touch will wither and die!