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Wukong Build Guide by MetalViper420

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetalViper420

Hard hitting monkey

MetalViper420 Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Ok so Wukong the monkey king haven't bothered to check many builds on him but unless you want to focus on killing the other team dont bother with this build. Basically this build will allow you to walk up to any champ on the other team smash their face in and walk away to smash another champs face in. Give it a try before you rate.

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Pros / Cons

Rape face damage mid/late game
Easy to farm lanes with attack speed
2v1 no problem
Slow start unless you are really good at last hits.
KS'es like no tomorrow your team will hate you!

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Basic WuKong runes marks for armor pen. seals for armor. glyphs for magic resist and quints for attack speed. I'll be honest i am a noob when it comes to runes i cant even use a full build of them so if you got something you think is better please suggest.

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This should be obvious its a attack build attack masteries but i venture you can probably switch them over to defense to add more survivability. again i am only lvl 12 so i only got 12 points but i still smash face with this build i can only imagine how much better it will be with full points.

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attack power, attack speed and critical strike with some end game life steal. When your crits go for 600 plus and you hit 2 times every 1.5 seconds and you use and abuse crushing blow not even the enemy tank can withstand you. The life steal from The Blood Thristers makes it even easier to kick butt late game because you can take 2-3 champs at once as long as you take out the carry first. with your attack speed and damage the life steal heals better then a trip to base.

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Skill Sequence

honestly i think this can go however you feel and its entirely based on how the game goes but i believe its a good idea to get all three early on then max out in whatever order is needed. using all 3 powers you can kill a enemy champ very early.

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Summoner Spells

Must have at least one: Ghost, Teleport
having both make life easier. Exhaust should also be high on the list of spell choices. your fast but believe me when chasing this will be extremely helpful and always makes for a easier escape if things go bad.
Optionally try ignite if you feel like early game kills. Usefulness of ignite drops as the game moves on and you start wishing you had something else, but i can say a few times near the end of a match i used ignite to get a last second kill that would have got away.
Flash would be a good spell as well but dont bother with the healing or mana spells pointless. first if your health is that low your dead or you just got a kill and can go back to base. 2nd if your mana is that low you must be hacking and using spells Wukong shouldn't have lol i never run low on mana with Wukong it just dont happen. other spells honestly goes with game play use what you use.

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Team Work

For team battles dont get into the middle of the fight but dont stay completely out let you tank do what he does best and just nibus strike in pop off a crushing blow and either pull your ultimate or get back out. Just remember if you bust your Ultimate move try to start heading away before it finishes unless it looks like all the enemies are about to die because one slow in that crowd and your staring at black and white for a minute. If you got you the blood thristers you can last longer so find the enemy carry nibus in and send them back to base for a 1 minute countdown.

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Stick it out in your lane try to get last hits and when possible nimbus strike enemy champs and dash back behind your creeps goal is to make them port to base to heal giving time to famr more exp while they are healing or giving you time to port and buy stuff. mid game your damage and attack speed is so high you can farm a wave of creeps and last hit all of them 90% of the time. Also if you find your self in need of gold you can take the golems by lvl 6 and just grab a few more jungle creatures should get you what you need. also by lvl 12 or so you should be able to take the dragon solo depending on what you got into your build. dont bother if you dont got Youmuu's yet thought.

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Basically we got a AD carry here heavy on the AD side. Yeah Wukong is not made for that but the build works and if your looking to surprise the enemy team with something crazy go with this. A normal Wukong build still does decent dps but this one will do more and it will surprise the other team. Once you get those blood thirsters you become less squishy as long as you continue to attack start running and well you will get back to base faster then your feet can carry you. Also remember if you just finished smashing someones face in and your health is low as logn as you got blood thirsters dont need to go back to base to heal up just find some creeps and bust them a new one.