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Miss Fortune Build Guide by LutherVanAwesome

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LutherVanAwesome

Haters be hatin but this build effective

LutherVanAwesome Last updated on November 1, 2011
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This build right here... Is not meant to impress anyone...

I just want to share a build that has been working for me ever since I started using MF since lvl 12, and this build has worked for me until lvl 30...

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Early Game: Harassing like a baws

Once you are summoned in your well, always try to take mid, but if somebody else called it first, be a gentleman and give it to them

(but if they start doing bad, take the damn lane and try to salvage the game from whatever damage they've done)

Soloing (Take top)

If one of you goes farm, MF can work solo as long as you don't play too aggressively as MF is as soft as her breasts. (Yeah, I said it)
But if your opponent is also solo top/is an over confident little *****, that's when you tell them who owns the damn lane and scare them with your 3rd (E) and shoot them while they're trapped in the rain circle.

*Note: The placement in Make It Rain is VERY Important.

You don't want to waste mana on an empty floor, so when you harass your opponent, always make it a note to harass him/her when he's near at least 3 - 4 minions; so your 3rd skill won't go to waste. That's why I LOVE laning with Melee fighters since they hug their minion waves so often, it gives me more reasons to harass them and take control of the lane. Let's call this the The Storm's Eye for this whole guide.

So just play safe and defensively, and be wary of ganks from their junglers.

Another thing, don't give them the lane, meaning play defensively by letting them push, but refrain them from getting ONE SINGLE HIT on your tower... This is where your 3rd comes in very useful....

*Quick Tip: When a charging minion wave comes in, Make It Rain in front of them so they walk directly towards your skill, this makes them get damaged as they walk through the AoE of your 3rd, giving a weak ENEMY minion wave to face your full hp minions... Also an easy farm on your account

Also, if your jungler is nearby, make sure to communicate by using your pings and signals (DON'T SPAM you trollin' little ****) so you can gank easily and pick up a kill...

Playing in Mid

Playing MF in mid is both crucial yet at the same time fun!
Primarily, remember when I said don't play too aggressively, well in this case, PLAY LIKE A TOTAL ***** cause your damage hurts like **** and it is YOUR PRIORITY to not let their mid get stronger. So here are my tactics when I play in mid as my favorite champ.

The Storm's Eye, use this technique on your opponent, and harass him/her as much as possible.

Harass your opponent to the extent that he/she is in the verge of Recall, once your opponent recall's back to safety, take the opportunity to damage his/her turret before he/she gets back. (With this, I can push within 4 - 7 minutes in game)

If you want to pick up a kill, let your opponent push until halfway to your turret (about 1 minion wave apart from the opponent wave to your turret), when you see your opponent starting to play aggressively, shut them up by using The Storm's Eye on the *****, and once you see his health bar in the reds, ensure the kill by using Ghost/Flash and chasing the ****er down and shooting him till you get your +300g. Your Strut is a big help on this.

Save your Flash for any ganks you think are coming for you, and always call MIA's and tell your team to do the same. You are their CARRY after all.

*Note: EVERYTIME you engage with an enemy champ, never forget to activate your second since it gives you bonus damage and increased attack speed.

So the skill sequence is:

Make It Rain
Impure Shots

(But don't turret dive dammit, remember, soft as her breasts... Unless he's one hit away from dying, then I suggest ghosting/flashing in, shoot em in the ***, and ghost/flash away... Whatever is available)

Laning with a team mate

I suggest going off with tanks, for they will serve as your meat shields, and sad to say... Your bait, or set... I prefer SET more

Best Champ to lane with is Leona, since her Zenith blade is a good combo with you 3rd. Let her set the clash and when she stuns enemy on impact, Make it Rain as fast as you can and apply the The Storm's Eye, activate your second and pick up the kill. (With this combo, we harassed the team so bad that they were gapped for about 2 - 3 levels and we pushed their tower at 9 min into the game, to the extent that we owned their team at every single clash causing their surrender as soon as the clock hit 20:00.

Other tanks would do badass too...

I rarely recommend laning with a support/ another AD carry, for most of you would be soft ********s and you would be the ones getting harassed...

AP's are okay from time to time...

In short, if you have a stunner with you/ a meat shield, you're gonna be fine.

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Mid Game: The Clash Janitor

I know the title is sucky, but you are your team's main sweeper.

Meaning, that you are the one who will clean up the champs that they already set. I know it all sounds like you're being a KS ***, but you will need this to win the game, so here's what I do...

    Always let your tank go in first and initiate the clash. Let him lure some ****ers

    Stick close to your team but NEVER (and I mean NEVER) go in first; because remember, you're as soft as MF's breasts and you cannot afford to DIE! (Trust me)

    Well suggested tip: Once you see everyone busy with one another (most preferably opponents are close to each other, in a fist fight with your allies) , this is the time to use your Ultimate.

    This is the reason you stay behind the clash, because this gives you proper placement, and enough time to target all nearby enemies into your cone that will wipe them off the face of the Fields of Justice. Also, if one of them tries to get to you, you'll have enough time and space to run away and lure the ****er in while your opponents beat the **** out of him. Also, while he's chasing you, slow him with your third and activate your 2nd. Shoot him while he's slowed, but if you see him normally mobile again, wait for your third and slow him again, and if you see that he has taken enough damage from you (or your team mates) that you think you can take him on, then TAKE HIM ON DAMN IT! You are a carry after all...

    In most cases, if you have most of the items recommended, your Ultimate would hurt like ****, so after you initiate your ultimate, you can see that your opponent's health bars go from this


    ... to this


    ... or if they're tanks, like this


    So in short, you just gave you and your team 5 little snacks to feed on for the rest of the clash... Happy Eating


    Your ultimate can determine if a clash for your team would go well or not. Also, a good set with a fellow AoE Ultimate badass could do wonders for you and your team.

    For Example...
Amummu - His Ultimate Snares opponents, perfect targets for your Bullet Time

Galio - His ulitmate doesn't only taunt your enemies, but deals a WTF burst damage. A perfect match with your Ultimate

Gangplank - Yar de har! His larger version of your 3rd + your ultimate = WTF

Nunu - His Ultimate slows anyone within AoE, perfect for your Ultimate. (But the burst in the end might give him most of the kills, but who gives a ****, you're here as a team to win. Learn to share *******)

Malzahar - Extra damage... not so much, but helpful

Morgana - Stun ulti... Nuff said

Sona - Yeah, that's right, Dance while I shoot yo sorry ***es

Leona - Stun slow ulti + your ulti = GG

(so if you have all of these guys on your team, or even just a portion... How lucky)

... but if they have a strong carry/damage dealer, I suggest pairing up with these guys...

Lux/Ryze/Morgana - Their snares don't only trap your enemies, but make them PERFECT TARGETS FOR YOUR ULTIMATE!!! YEAH *****ES!!!

Jarvan - Traps your special friend in a rape cave, where Jarvan spears him while you shoot your load at the *****

Swain - Yeah, not much, but ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SHOOT THEM WHILE THEY STAND ON HIS purple thingy... Yeah

In short... Visualize this on a clash on your team...

Nocturne uses his Ulitimate dashes on you, and the rest of his team follows, you got feared, and basically getting raped by that ghost *****, but out of nowhere, your ammumu saves your life (you have 3 bars left) as soon as the enemy team piles up on you, then he casts his Ulti snaring everyone in sight, then out of nowhere, the GP at your base casts his ultimate, then your Nunu flashes in the Circle uses, his ultimate as soon as Ammumu's Ultimate finishes.

This makes escape nearly impossible for the enemy team. While his Ultimate is at bay, that's when you decide to cast BULLET TIME


You get a Quadra Kill, and your late Pantheon dives in and takes the Tristana that was suppose to be your Penta...

*Note: This actually happened... I still curse that Pantheon until now...

KingPwnYo***, if you're reading this... YOU SUCK

Guide Top

End Game: Good Game

After the clashes start to get boring, and after Acing them for almost 50 times, and getting Baron Nashor for the 88th time, you decide it's time to get this game over with and tell the enemy team to go back and do some homework.

With the 2x Phantom Dancer you have and your 2nd skill activated, MF is a badass pusher with the high damage you get from IE,BT, and a little bit from FM, and the unbelievable attack speed you get from PD. Not only is she **** fast, but she also hurts (like ****)

So in late game, you'll see that towers, inhibitors, and that sad lonely nexus would be nothing but +50g in your pocket... Good Game! ^_^

(photos of Prev games coming soon :D)