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Taric Build Guide by HaXaZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HaXaZ

HaXaZ's Ranked Full Support Taric

HaXaZ Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I don't have much to say, so i will skip to the point. Never play AP, AD, Mid or even JUNGLE Taric. You must only play him as a support and if your carry is good, you should win.


There is a form of magic unknown to many Runeterrans and discredited by the few who are even aware of its existence. It is the magic of the earth, drawing power from the resonance of crystals and gems. Taric, the Gem Knight, is Runeterra's sole practitioner of this form of magic, having been erratically summoned to Runeterra from a faraway world. Back home, Taric's father was a distinguished healer in their home city. Taric was always interested in his father's pursuits, even from a young age. Despite his burgeoning understanding of herbs, plants, and animal medicines, it was the power of gems that most fascinated the growing boy. It wasn't long before Taric had exhausted his father's coveted library and set out on a path of his own. He wanted to help the people, but not simply salving their wounds and curing their woes. He wasn't to be a healer, but a defender - one who used the power of earth to preserve and protect.

Taric became a wandering knight, renowned across his homeland as a guardian of the just until the day a spell of summoning grabbed him from his home and deposited him on Runeterra. Though disoriented and confused at first, he now feels that the continent of Valoran is in need of someone like him. Despite missing his homeland, Taric is happy to fight in the League, serving as a protector for all who seek one. His neat and stylish appearance combined with his shiny bejeweled armor and weapons have rapidly made him a celebrity champion of the League of Legends. Valoran's media, for some reason, has taken great interested in his personal life. While open about his life as a champion and gracious in all things, Taric is tight-lipped about his life outside the League and prefers his privacy.

"As Taric's father taught him, every stone has its meaning. For Taric's enemies, they all mean trouble."

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Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells, Items and Abilities

For marks, i go full defense. Balance HP, Mrez and Armor marks for overall tankyness. If you want, you can buy full HP marks. For yellow go full Mp5/level. Blue-Cd reduction/level. For quints i take avarice, you will not get gold from farm, because your carry needs a lot of farm, and you have to give it to him. (auto attack minions if you need mana)
Full Utility is best for Taric, as for any other good support. The build displayed above is CURRENTLY the best available. (You can choose from Scout, Sage or Runic Affinity. I prefer Sage, because i don't like being underleveled too much.)
Summoner Spells
With a support, like Taric, you MUST take Flash and Clairvoyance. I will make an In-Depth page for them.
I like to have a lot of auras, and they are very useful at teamfights. Only the last item (Guardians Angel) is situational. Having Guardian Angel makes enemies think, that you are hard to kill, and you will usually will not be focused. But if you get killed, you reborn, having just enough time to shoot that one last stun to their carry, winning a teamfight. Other good situational items are Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart.
First, take 1 point in Dazzle and leave it there. Max Imbue ASAP, because its weak late game. Then max Shatter, and you should level Dazzle the last.


This skill is useful for early game, because you lack mana the most then. Just keep auto attacking the minions and you should not be OOM. Just leave the last hits to your carry, and try not to push the lane.


A good heal with a decent cooldown. You should always try and heal your lane partner, because it also heals yourself in the process. Just remember this thing: The cooldown of Imbue is reduced by 1 second, per hit. That is very good, but try to leave all the last hits to your carry and don't push the lane.


Shatter has a useful aura in both team fights and in the lane, granting you and your teammates armor. This will aid you and your AD carry in the bot lane vs another AD carry & Support, giving you an advantage. Remember to use this spell on the enemy team squishies, because it reduces their armor.


Dazzle is probably one of the best single target stuns in the game. It is easy to land and will help you to harras, they will be afraid of that stun. In teamfights you MUST use the stun on their carries. In lane, it really helps your jungler to gank the enemies.


The ultimate is really good, because you deal AoE damage and provide an aura for the whole team, that increases their AD and AP. The cooldown isn't very long, and the aura lasts long enough for a teamfight to finish.

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As you can see in the image, for start i buy Meki Pendant and a Sight Ward. For skills, i spend 1 point on Dazzle.

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Early Game

Video soon.

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Mid Game

Video soon.

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Late Game

Video soon.

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Video soon.

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Wards and Oracles

In this chapter we will cover ward usage and placement. You should always use sight wards, everywhere, but there are a few "better" spots. Buy and place vision wards, if you know that the enemy has their own wards in the map. (vision wards reveal sight wards) If you don't like buying vision wards, you should buy an oracle, (it detects all invisible players and wards) and always clear any enemy wards before you try to kill the dragon or baron.

The Spots

A very good place for a ward, if the enemy has a jungler.

Place a ward there, if the enemy team has a jungler, or your mid does not call Mia's. (You say Mia when someone is missing in your lane)

This is a good place for a ward mid game, when dragon kill attempts start, or if you like to overextend and the enemy team has a jungler.

You should ward these bushes, when (if) the Outer turret is destroyed.

Put a ward there, if your carry likes to lane defensively, or you're losing the lane.

You can place a ward in these bushes, if your carry likes to lane aggressively.

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Flash and Clairvoyance

Flash can be used as a great escape tool, or to catch a fleeing enemy.
The Flash+Dazzle combo is very good for surprise ganks. (Just make sure, that after you Flash, the stun duration will be 2 seconds.)

Usually you should wait for your jungler to ping where and when to put your Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance almost always has to be used situationally, but there are also some "better" spots where to use your Cv.

Dragon or gank check.

Baron or gank check.

Blue buff check, or Blue buff respawn timer.

Red buff check, or Red buff respawn timer.

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