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Kayle Build Guide by amato

Heaven's Hellhound

By amato | Updated on April 28, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello, so i like to use this build or variations of it when i play kayle which is quite often recently i decided to share per friend's request. hope you like it. This may be similar to some other builds but most the items seem to be pretty common save madred's, Malady and Guardian angel. Kayle is one of the first champions i bought as she is one of the cheap ones but don't take that as a sign of weakness!!
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Pros / Cons

-High Dps
-Great damage output
-fairly good 1v1
-good ganking
-Awesome skins (not really relevant but hey look good play good)

-can be a bit squishy if you don't get Guardian angel
-early game can be slow sometimes
-lots of farming
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Summoner Spells

Heal: i like to use heal due to her being squishy, also i am often supporting my team while dishing out my QE combo in team fights so if a team member is low i can use heal to heal up everyone. Kayle does have heal with her W but it isn't exactly reliable to keep everyone fighting i tend to use it more to help others get away or in a chase to close the gap for me or a team member.

Ghost: Another good option here so you can chase down champions through waves of minis with your W.

Flash: I like using flash as a get away if i am ever endangered, as kayle can be kind of squishy sometimes. Also this can be useful to close the gap in a chase, or if you're more daring to turret dive...(i would not recommend that however.)

Really you could use whatever summoner spells you like to or are comfortable with using these are just the ones that i personally use.
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Greater Mark of Insight: i use these runes because of the extra magic penetration. this helps your hits with Q and E to really hit home. especially early game combined with quintessences this can really boost your early game.

Greater Seal of Replenishment: i use flat mana regeneration to really help out early game mana problems. mana regeneration per level is a bit useless on her as she doesnt need it late game as much early game. this will keep you in lane longer until you get nashor's tooth

Greater Glyph of Potency: These are for ability power. combined with your marks and quintessences they really drive home your Q (nuke) and E

Greater Quintessence of Insight: For the extra magic penetration. combined with your marks and glyphs your early gaming will be made much easier. especially against those squishy champions.
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Doran's Ring: Doran's ring is kind of a given right at first to give yourself some mana regain and health i usually keep this most of the game

Berserker's grieves: i like to use these as apposed to boots of swiftness or ionian boots because of the attack speed on her e helps rip apart enemies slowed by q, especially early.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: after purchasing this item you will really notice your attack damage shoot up a bit, this item is also useful for tanks as it boosts your attack speed and ability power. (really useful for e auto attacking)

Nashor's tooth: This item really amps up your damage output with Q and E. This will also bump your attack speed up more (E) along with giving you enough mana regain and cooldown reduction for mid to late game

Malady: This item helps a little bit for attack speed and damage output. This isnt a must for kayle however combined with madred's it can tear down tanks a lot faster.

Madred's Bloodrazor: This item i like for a little bit of antitank combined with malady. it is rare i actually get to this item however the game is usually over when i start on it.

Guardian Angel: I really like this item if the other team is tearing me apart or i get behind. i skip madred's and get this (can skip malady but i recommend this last). along with madred's i dont get this all that often save those games where you are raking in the gold. This one really helps you keep others alive in team battles because you can worry less about keeping yourself from being torn to shreds.
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Skill Sequence

Really quite frankly you can go in any order for her its mostly preference. There also isn't much to be said about each ability they are fairly simple to master.
i like to start with one in e then q then w, maxing q then e then w
E early helps you farm minis faster
Q can really nuke enemy champs and puts a debuff on them that ups YOUR damage to them
W i wouldn't recommend maxing first as it is a heal/speed buff unless you are going full support in which case i would use a different build entirely
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so thank you for checking out my build hope it helps. really feel free to give me suggestions or to vary it, builds aren't intended to be followed to the dot. Kayle is a fairly easy champion to master and is one of my favorites as of recently. and she is cheap to boot :D
Have fun going "Into the fray"

All cheesyness aside that skin/picture is awesome.
League of Legends Build Guide Author amato
amato Kayle Guide

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Heaven's Hellhound