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League of Legends Build Guide Author NimRast

Heavy, Metal and Deadly

NimRast Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Chapter 1

This build mainly explains how I use Mordekaiser and the playing style that I use with this build. First of all I must say that Mordekaiser has always been my favourite champ and that I usualy play with him. I've also tried lots of different builds with him and I think the CDR + tanky style is a pretty good mixture for Mordekaiser.

My Mordekaiser has a pretty good tanking potential as well as a very good killing potential mid and late game. If you are clever enough you could also kill a overly confident enemy champ before he reaches level 10.


This build will let you tank and still be deadly enough to take down 1vs1 nearly every enemy champ (with some exceptions such as warwick). If you follow this build you'll have to be extremely careful early game. Don't push constantly and try to only last hit minions as much as you can. If the enemy is beeing overly aggresive, try to keep youself safe and get close to the enemy minions only to last hit them with your Siphon. But be careful, don't abuse yourr skills until you've bought some HP regen or you'll slowly kill yourself, allowing your enemys to kill you under your tower once you have low enough health.

If you've been careful enough and you've reached level 8 or so without beeing slained, that's when you time to Rock comes. At that point you'll already be able to kill an enemy minion wave with your Siphon + Mace of Spades + Creeping Death in a few seconds. If enemy champions aproach and you have too low health to engage them but you don't want to let them take down your tower use your ultimate on an enemy champion. Try to use it on a champion with a lot of HP. That will let you heal 1/3 of enemy champion's health while you'll lower their HP.

Once you've reached late game stay close to an ally all the time, Mordekaiser is nothing on his own. Try to protect your allies as much as you can while you farm lot's of minions with E+Q+W. In teamfights use your Children of the Grave + ignite on the enemy team's carry and try to take him down as soon as you can. Once you've got the enemy team carry's spirit on your side you can easily multi kill.

So let's start with the runes :)


I chose the magic penetration marks because they increase every single Mordekaiser skill's damage. I prefer Magic pen rather than just armor because with this build + Morde's shield you are going to have enough armor pretty soon so if you are careful early game and use your shield wisely you won't have any further problems.

The dodge seals increase your tanking potential and are "primary runes" so I chose them because of that.

For me the most important runes in this build (not counting the quintessences), are the glyphs. As Mordekaiser has already those small CD (compared to other champs), having a high cooldown reduction will let you do a lot more damage/second, wich also means replenishing your shield more often. Those runes + Randuin's Omen + some ocasional Blue Buff are great for Mordekaiser. That's whhy I choose the great glyphs of Focus.

The health quints are extremely important early game. Mordekaiser may have a lot of trouble early game (specially against ranged champions) because his speells cost health, and early game you wont have enough HP regen so as not to slowly lose health if you spam too much. That's why I find those quints to be extremely useful early game.


I've chosen the 9/21/0 because I wanted to increase Morde's tanking potential to a maximum while geting that +15% penetration from the Archaich Knowledge.


Yellow items are optional and/or recomended.
Green items are very important to the build and should be always bought (except in very special and extremely rare ocasions such as the entire enemy team being Phisical DPS or something like that).

I always start with the Doran Shield because of the extra health and HP regen. Those are extremely useful early game. Try to use your health potion wisely, trust me you'll need it sooner or later.

If you are the only tank in you team buy the Mercury Threads, otherwise you could try the Ionian boots of Lucidity if you want to be more agresive (only recomended if there's more off-tanks or tanky characters in your team).

If you are laning against Physical dmg champs then you should buy the Heart of Gold and finish the Randuin's Omen as soon as you can.

If you are laning agains Magical dmg champs then buy the Negatron Cape first and finish your force of nature as soon as you can.

If you are laning with a combination of the stated above then buy first the heart of gold (for the extra gold buff), then the Negatron cape and then I recomend finishing the Randuin's first because of the CDR and the Active ability (I've killed lots of people thanks to that extra slowing skill).

Once you've bought the Mercury Threads, the Randuin's, and the Force of Nature you'll have to choose between a Warmog or the Guardian Angel. If you've been focused I recomend you the Guardian Angel, if you're not beeing focused that often then buy Warmog.
If you're confident enough you could even skip this step and go for the AP boost for the extra damage as soon as you can but I don't recomend that unless you're super pro and have 0 Deaths (wich usualy doesn't happen).
You could also buy a Banshee's veil instead if you prefer (depending on the situation it might be terribly useful or a complete waste).

If you want to become more offensive (or if you've bought the Guardian Angel or the Banshee's veil instead of the Warmog and don't need that much Magic Resist) you could sell your Mercury Thread's and buy the Ionian boots of Lucidity before buying the AP items, with the extra 15% CDR your damage will be significantly increased.

And here's where the tanky part of the build ends. At this point (if you still haven't won the game) the enemy champs probably have bigger amounts of health than before and killing them might be slightly more difficult than before. Here's where the Rabadon's hat comes. With this Item you'll deal an extra 135 dmg with your Siphon (it scales 0.6) and 50 more damage or so with your Mace of Spades (sadly it only scales 0.2). It will also improve your ultimate and your Creeping Death.

And last but not least one of my favourite items: Lich bane. With this item you'll get even more ability power and each time you use a skill you'll deal extra damage with your next atack equal to your AP (with a two second cooldown), wich means that each time you use your combo on an enemy (E+Q+W) you will deal more or less 280 more damage (it's more or less like an extra siphon on him). It will grant you and extra 7% movement speed wich means that with your force of nature, your boots and this item you'll reach 438 speed. Nobody would run faster than you, and if anybody does then use ghost and catch them.


I choose ghost because Mordekaiser has no escape skill, It also let's you chase enemy champions. if they get too close to your tower use ghost + ignite + your ult + your other skills and chase him with your creeping death on yourself until he dies.

Ignite + your ultimate is a very good combo and always gets me kills in every game.


This Mordekaiser is a bit different than the average Mordekaiser but I find it entertaining and a very good mid and late game champion. It is tanky enough to be the main tank in your team and it is deadly enough so as not to be the large armored meatball that anyone ignores.

I always use this build (or any of it's variants) and I must say that I get pretty good results nearly always. I never die more than 4 times and I never get less than 7 or 8 kills most of the time. If you manage to survive until level 10 without dying and you keep last hitting minions with your siphon you wont die more than twice. And more importantly, this build will let you be useful for your team as you will tank and you will do a great amount of damage.

The only problem I find about this Mordekaiser build is that early/mid game your allies will constantly steal your kills because they usually have higher ranges and higher skill damages, but late game it turns the other way round as you'l become nearly inmortal and you'll be dancing in the middle of the enemy team hitting those squishy champions that normally stay out of range of your team's carry.

Thanks for reading. And please comment and tell me your oppinion about this build. I'm trying to gather lots of Points of view about my playing style.