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Heimerdinger Build Guide by petter179

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author petter179

Heimer - Turent Dive

petter179 Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Heimerdinger Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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~ ~ Welcome ~ ~

Welcome to my guide to Heimerdinger, The Revered Inventor

Please keep in mind to never rate a guide before trying it out first, unless you've already tried it.
Please don't rate at all if you don't understand the role of a Support champion. They're not the ones who should be getting the most kills.

Remember to comment and be open with your thoughts! I am always receptive to insightful criticism.


* July 21, 2011 - Swain added to DANGERous enemies.
* July 21, 2011 - Adjusted skill sequence from Q,W,Q,W,Q to Q,W,W,Q,Q. Better Rocket power early game, with the same results at level6.
* July 21, 2011 - Adjusted skill Sequence, taking Grenade at level7 instead of 8. Quality of Life change.
* July 7, 2011 - Separated the alternative items to "Aura items" into their own section; added tank items into the chapter as smart choices for heated games.
* July 7, 2011 - Added a "Items(and stuff) Under watch" section. See it for further details.
* July 7, 2011 - Added "Exhaust" to alternative Summoner Spells and updated the section.
* July 4, 2011 - Updated the farming section under "Turrets" in the Skills and Skill Sequence.

For those interested, head to the bottom chapter for "Old Updates." I only keep the most recent relevant updates here, to prevent a long list of spam.


Update, June 2011:

It has been a long time since Heimerdinger lost his 3rd turret back in 2010.

I am both proud and amused to acknowledge that this guide is accurate to the current status-quo of Heimerdinger.
Even after ten monthes of being with only two turrets, there are still players who are stuck in the past, clutching to the old ways of ranking up turrets first, Grenade second, and ignore Micro-Rockets altogether.

While Heimerdinger still leaves something to be desired in order to achieve true greatness in the League of Legends, it makes me happy to know that there is a way to have enjoy Heimerdinger for all he is worth.

And, that way, can be found here. ^__^

Welcome, to all who are going through this guide for the first time.
Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my guide through.
And, thank you to all who have returned satisfied, and upvoted my guide to where it is today.

Notable Fact:
This guide will focus on maximizing Heimerdinger as a support champion.

Heimerdinger is considered a support champion by Riot staff.
Proof, Riot's Champion Rotation Table: Heimerdinger is listed as a Support type.

I think this sums up his capabilities perfectly.

He's a support burst/DPS. Bringing self-produced pets for creep control and substantial cc with his passive, grenade, and ultimate.

Always try to lane with someone who is tough, who can protect your turrets. A Tank or DPS is great.
Mid-lane is better suited for someone who can actually carry the team, and needs a exp-boost. (Now that Heimerdinger can't carry-push towers.)

However, Heimerdinger can be effective in mid, as the lack of brush and his Rocket range give him superior control in farming and harass against specific champions.

Summoner Spells

Your standard escape mech.. Avoid the thought of using this offensively, or you'll be dead the next chance an enemy stuns you and flash won't be around to help.
(Although, I will admit, there was once that I flashed forward in order to last-hit a fleeing Teemo with my Rocket ^^)

This lets you return to your lane quickly, or defend another lane immediately. It's becoming much more prominent since Ghost's nerf.

Alternatives to Teleport:
Clarity - Totally viable if you're not very good at conserving mana.
Note: That this spell increases in supportive power with the number of mana-using allies. So do not write-off this spell as a noob's crutch. Always make note of how many allies need mana and take that into careful consideration before deciding whether or not you need this spell.

Ghost - This is good for team fights because it will grant you the speed to run in and out of the fray and avoid being focused and give you ample moments to plan your next move.
Being extremely squishy, this can be just as valuable as Flash for Heimerdinger in many situations.

- Excellent support skill for checking brushes and tracking enemy movements; when used with a well-coordinated team, you can dominate with the valueable information this spell can grant every minute.

Remember to adjust your Masteries accordingly.

- A strong spell that cripples an enemy of your choice, both offensively and defensively when you have the mastery point for it. This can be used to ensure enemies don't get away, or used to prevent them from chasing you or allies.

It is not my first pick, but sometimes, it could just feel useful in the game as it possesses superior team fight utility. A viable choice that I wouldn't look down upon.

Special Alert: Zileas, a Riot designer, has stated that Flash will be removed.
It is likely to be a long-process, so it is in our best interests to not depend on it as a staple spell. Ghost would be the most forth-coming replacement in my opinion, as Heimerdinger requires an escape mech.

Update: Patch v1_0_0_107 Flash has been nerfed, rather then removed.

* Flash no longer pops projectiles
* Flash cooldown increased to 255 seconds, from 240

Riot is concerned with it's usage as a defensive spell, so these seem justified. Although not being removed means using it as a main spell isn't a concern, the nerf to the cool-down means even less chance you'll have it when you need it.
I'm still going to use it, because all the slows and stuns make Ghost more difficult as an escape tool. You need an "Oh ****, get me out of here" button.

Runes (and Masteries)

Standard Caster build
Magic Penetration Marks, standard.

Mana Regen per Level Seals, in conjunction with Tear of the Goddess, they eliminate the need for Clarity.

Flat Cooldown Reduction Glyphs, these offers base cooldown for Heimerdinger's early game harassment and farming.

Flat HP Quintessences, any Magic user's early-game crutch for staying alive longer.

As for Masteries, the utmost importance goes to:
"Presence of the Master"
The top tier Utility mastery will ensure Flash and Teleport are readily available when needed.

Sorcery, Awareness, Intelligence
Nothing better then more EXP and free CDR.

Quickness, Archaic Knowledge
Basic stat-boosts. 15% Magic Pen will ensure your Rockets really dig into their HP.
I am unsure of whether or not Turrets receive the same bonus.

Good Hands and Perseverance
Good Hands 6% death timer reduction can be very useful for mid-game, as a few seconds off the death clock can mean saving a tower, or catching an overextended foe.
I take 1 point in Perseverance because the single point has improved value of 2%, while latter points only provide 1% increases.

Skills and Skill Sequence

Techmaturgical Repair Bots:

A very unsung hero of a skill.

This skill gives you improved health regeneration to all turrets and champions nearby.
This is the only skill in the game that can repair damaged towers!

It's an amazing asset to the team during team pushes as well, teams that gather near Heimerdinger as he plants turrets in front of enemy turrets, start healing without notice.
In an even set up, Heimer's team will reign victorious as they can idle long and keep bringing down the towers.

Reapir Bots is an aura. It is part of why Heimerdinger is a support, and why I choose to gather Aura items on him. :)

H-28G Evolution Turret:

Establish 2 turrets first, purely for farming. Since level4+ no longer gives 3, there's no real reason to rush level 5.

Turret Basics:
You should treat these no different from your minions. With a stationary minion, you have two options as to how to use them. Both impact the flow of your game and playstyle; while you can often borrow from both for occasional instances of every game, it is important to understand which style you prefer to eliminate any hesitation.

Note: These playstyles ignore any instances of pre-spawn combat. Use your intuition for that, you have creep control with that turret vs no minions.

1. Farming.
Wait until the minions meet.
Place the turret so it can only barely strike the melee minions. This is to keep damage to your turrets at a minimum.

Your turret should only be attacking melee minions for the first few waves, reducing the rate you push the lane. Re-position it if the lane does get pushed. It will become a defensive obstacle for enemy ganks and creep-control-dominance for isolated lane fights.
Stay safe in a brush or near behind your caster minions, and only approach for last-hits to encourage enemies to overextend.

2. Zoning.
To strategically place your turrets in places outside of usual minion waves, and as an obstacle against enemies (including ganks). Practice against real opponents is necessary to learn when and where to place them; misplacement will lead to a waste of turrets.
The brush at the river side is an ideal position for enemy junglers, but sometimes you want to use it on the side lane brushes to prevent enemies from hiding themselves.

This form of Evolution Turrets is one I've found to only be functional now that Heimerdinger has charges, and reaches it's full effectiveness at rank 3 with a lane partner as there is less chance the enemy minion waves pushes you back.

The key to zoning is having your turret charges in reserve. Unlike in farming, your turrets are out of sight are less frequent to being destroyed, letting you save on charges. In the event that an enemy attempts to gank, they must destroy your turret first and you'll already have two charges ready to counter the attack.

Discussion (for those who may disagree with my skilling order):
A few people may think its silly to hold back on Turrets for a while.
To this I respond: *points out a finger* YOU'RE PART OF THE HEIMERDINGER BANDWAGON, EWWW.

Okay, jokes aside. The turrets aren't Heimerdinger's ultimate power anymore, even though his Ultimate is based around it.
The 100HP boost at Lv4 does not do anything for your turrets.
The Lv3 MR Reduction doesn't do much. Early or late game, any player with a brain will walk away before the MR-reduction will amount to anything.

So, if you think any of the evolved turrets are worth getting over the mighty Mirco-Rockets, you're probably stuck in the turret-bandwagon Heimerdinger and need a serious "UPGRADE!!!" yourself.

Update: v1_0_0_109

Evolution Turrets now must wait until rank3 for two turrets to be established. This can mean a very difficult time for Heimerdinger until he reaches level5. But otherwise, this build was not majorly affected.

I'd also like to note Riot's emphasis on not wanting Heimerdinger's turrets to be his main weapon. That's why the turret-ammo is such a big cooldown. They don't want a gradual leap frog of turrets to push the enemy back like the old Bandwagon Heimerdinger would.
Just another plus movement towards my guide's concept!

The improved AI is also a big plus. Less flee'ing back to your tower while your Turrets ignore your potential death. But, that won't change the current play style too much, that just make it easier. ^^

Hextech Micro-Rockets:

Max first. Rockets + Turrets is your bread and butter combo.
Perfect for last-hitting and harassment. After level3, your rockets will really make the enemies flinch.

Avoid using this until it hits level3, as it's quite weak early on.
The moment the minions are below 3, you can fire it at enemies for some very startling harass damage.

Rocket Sniping: With a range of 900, you can snipe people with no consequences about 80% of the time.
Exceptions being Champions with Dash/Jump/Blink skills.
Whenever the nearby creeps are down to 1~2, push W and watch your Rockets fly into their face with perfect precision. All while you're safe behind your turrets.

Discussion (for those who may disagree):
Yes, Mirco-Rockets are hard to use, because sometimes they fly off into minions. This annoys me too. (Hopefully, they'll make them prioritize Champions again soon.)
However, it is Heimerdinger's most effective way to harass and kill.

Your Turrets are unreliable in combat, but if placed properly, your turrets' assaults will mean their minions will break down faster then yours.
Ample opportunity for you to send your rockets straight to their faces, a simple pattern that's difficult to counter.

With a range over 900, a level3 Rocket at level8 really cuts into enemy HP when you've got a sturdy Blasting Wand.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade:

A slow skill-shot that takes practice. Use it to scout brushes, and harass only when mana is high. It is best to throw this between caster and melee minions for maximum damage output.

I get this at level7.
You want to focus on Rockets and Turrets for lane control during the early part of the game. Around level7, you'll start wanting to have that blind/stun up for clutch cc.


The passive CDR is pure sweetness.

As for the active: Use it to revamp your Turrets and wipe out minions quickly. Especially handy to save for when you can't teleport, and your ally's struggling to keep minions pushed back.

Originally, only affecting living turrets. Today, Upgrade allows newly placed turrets to be firing frost-shots, makes micro-rockets fire 5 per cast, and accelerated the speed (and thus accuracy) of concussion grenade.

Because of these effects, it's a highly offensive ultimate that demands timing.
Use it when you are sure of committing to a fight or defending an area. Make sure to use it before you cast W or E .

Core Items

Approx: 10,500+ Gold (Potions not included)

Start: Meki Pendant + 2 Health Potions

Tear of the Goddess: For expanding that mana pool.

Boots: The default being Sorcerer's Shoes.
They will amp up your Rocket and Grenade damage. Although, I'm uncertain if they have any effect on your turret fire.

Swap with these boots Mercury's Treads if the the enemy is cc heavy.

Heimerdinger is often a roamer. You want to keep lanes pushed and can accomplish that solo thanks to the turret-charger, giving 2 charges letting you drop down and annihilate 12+ minion waves in seconds.
These boots are definitely worth looking into.

Rylai's Scepter: The HP, MP, and Slow effect make Heimerdinger rule the battle of early-game harassment.
Rush either AP or HP components based on whether the game is in the yours or the enemies' favour, respectively.

I get this because of the needed survivability. The 3% AP boost from Arch. shouldn't be very significant yet.
The slow will be especially helpful to your team, as it allows your Rockets to slow enemies that are in your range, but no your allies. >:)

Zhonya's Hourglass: Toss Grenade, drop a turret, fire rockets, and click the active while your turret and allies clean up team fights.
The Invulnerability active is a classic part of Heimerdinger's gameplay that should never be ignored.

Banksy's Deathcap.
Many may ask why I would not get it for its outstanding AP.

Hourglass also offers armor, which will be a welcome addition to helping Heimerdinger survive against fearsome chasers like Olaf and Yi that don't give a dam about your Turrets... T_T

If you feel you can handle such foes without the need for the active, Deathcap is a very very viable choice. The AP is just that good.
It is not uncommon to be able to stay out of most enemy's 600-range ability zone while still dealing damage with your turrets, rockets, and grenade.

ArchAngel's Staff: Complete your Tear for a delicious amount of Ability power.
I acquire this later, because Zhonya adds to Heimerdinger's power and survivability simultaneously. Raising Archangel purely for the Ability Power isn't as important.

End Game Items: Auras

If your game lasts long enough for you to complete your Archangel's it must be an intense game. (Hope you're on the winning side and having fun! ^^)
From here, team fights will decide the victory.

What better way to tip the scales then with auras?

As a support, you already have Techmaturgical Repair Bots. It's time to add to your collection, and make yourself a true support-savvy.

Abyssal Scepter.
Boots your AP, a lovely Aura that lowers enemy Magic Resist, and gives a Magic Resist boost against nasty Madreds, DoTs, and Burst damage for Heimerdinger.

Will of the Ancients.
Being a mage as well, more AP is always welcome. The spell-vamp and ability power aura will significantly strengthen your team's damage output, sustain, and overall survivability and success!

Abyssal Scepter with Will of the Ancients is a surprisingly effective combo. You reduce enemy magic resist while boosting your own magical damage output for a double-round of significance!

Soul Shroud.
Originally my first choice as your last end game item. I've found a lot more builds incorporate their own cooldown reduction, and thus do not need a CDR aura as much. A mana-regen aura has also become useful with the increase in mana-less champions and lighter mana-costs in new champions.

When you are picking Soul Shroud, it is definitely for the Cooldown Reduction.
For you math-whizzes out there, yes, you will already have 34.85% CDR without this item. But never forget that this item is an aura item. Your team gains an extra 10% CDR for every allied champion near your Heimerdinger, so you only end up in the 4% deficit if you're wandering about on your own.

Note: Please remember that aura items are merely my ideal guidelines.

See the next chapter for a little variation in the situation.

End Game Items: Alternatives

In my opinion, aura items are the best choice for Heimerdinger's late game. You want to contribute as much as possible passively as Heimerdinger lacks serious active power even when built as high AP.
But, sometimes, you'll get lucky and not need to contribute as much.

In GOOD scenarios, such as allies already (pro-ly) already having the powerful aura items, feel free to stray from the path and optimize yourself for the situation.

Items I recommend for your Heimerdinger Happy Hour include:

The AP bomb that will make your enemies fear you. If you already bought one, well, BUY ANOTHER. The horrors it will bring your enemy, it makes me chuckle.

Tanking yourself up. Rylai's redundant, but this item will offer MP to synergize with your Archangel's staff too.

Excellent anti-tank active, as well as moderate Mana-Regen and AP for Heimerdinger. However, this is a pretty flimsy item while on cooldown.

Again, these are only secondary choices, when your team is a great group that knows the advantages of auras. OR, when you are being fed by scrubs and you have room to recklessing throw your afro around. :3

Now, items I recommend for your heated evenly-matched Heimerdinger games include:

In a game where you are doing well, but victory and your problems are still not certain this is the best default choice.
The top of the survivability items is this beautiful item, possessing armor, magic resist, and a free ressurection that offers bonus effect by making enemies less likely to attack you in the heat of battle.

I've found that an experienced AP Nuke can shut you down in the blink of an eye given the right opportunity.
This offers top quality magic resist, improved health regeneration, and movement speed. All excellent for combat against painful magic damage.

Sometimes Zhonya's active and armor aren't enough to escape.
Champions like Tryndamere and Master Yi will stick to you better then Singed's adhesive. Make them pay for it with this auto-attack backlashing armor. :)

Items (and Stuff) Under Watch

This section, I have decided to make, to show that certain items may be put into use in this build. I am watching the LoL patches and participate in the forums enough to catch Riot's comments on the changes to come.

Catalyst and Rod of ages.
The recent change in v1_0_0_118 makes this a more viable item, as it retains catalyst's level up resource return.

Tear of the Goddess and Archangel's Staff are most easily replaced item in my build.
However, after a little testing, I find Tear's extra mana regen and the cheaper gold cost early game are still more effective in the present situation.
While Archangels is not considered a pick on the pro-circuit, I'd also like to note that Heimerdinger is also not a pro-circuit choice champion, and I believe part of the reason is a need for mana-utility that only Tear of the Goddess and Archangels can offer.

Heimerdinger is however being looked at by a Riot champion designer, FeralPony, so Catalyst and Rod of Ages is very likely to be more useful as Heimerdinger becomes more viable.