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League of Legends Build Guide Author MikeSzat

Heimer's a Pusher

MikeSzat Last updated on December 16, 2009
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Heimer - grenade does tower damage, his turrets can down turrets quickly, and he has a global heal over time to nearby allies.

Rammus - his ult hurts turrets and he can pull a target away with taunt pick target with it

Alister - heals, massive turret damage, and with headbutt makes an easy kill back toward group on a squishy

nasus - he has a good aoe to help keep pushing, can turn avatar for team fights, and slow down a single target for the kill

morgana - another aoe to push at tower and team survivability with her spell shield

Heimer solo mid till everyone gets 6 and basically push a lane from there. Promotes to help push, heal to add to the teams already great surviability, and fortify to help offset a team pushing a different lane or a team wipe.


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