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Corki Build Guide by Thargus

Hell from above, Corki initiation/carry build

Hell from above, Corki initiation/carry build

Updated on April 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thargus Build Guide By Thargus 2,048 Views 0 Comments
2,048 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thargus Corki Build Guide By Thargus Updated on April 14, 2012
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Hey guys welcome to my Corki build, this is my first guide and this is the build I play with and has served me very faithfully through every game I've played as my favorite partner in crime, Corki.
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The runes I have chosen will help you out in both late and early game but early game is where they will be the most useful, you can pretty much auto attack people to death early game and force opponents out of lane quite easily
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Skill Sequence

Your main skills here are Valkyrie and Gatling gun, early game you want to beef these two up as well as your ult, NEVER get phosphorus bomb early game, it is utterly useless and you'll find yourself being easy prey without any damage or escape capabilities.

Missile Barrage: Has an incredibly short cooldown, it is best that you wait awhile after first getting the skill so Corki can load more missiles and give you much more firepower, this is critical for harassing as it can dish out tonnes of damage and kick your opponent out of lane for quite some time

Gatling Gun: Has a longer cooldown but is a vicious attack when used at close range, it doesn't do much damage at a longer range as its arc of fire is wider and less accurate. If your in a fight, pop it and get really close to your opponent.

Valkyrie: Good for initiating and escaping, if your desperate in a fight, it is also good to pop right on top of them as the trail of fire you leave does great damage if your enemy is crazy enough to stand in it.
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getting double dorans will give you a good boost early game, selling them late game is advisable. Some people ask me "Why Manamune?" So I will answer that here, Corki although most of his abilities are non-spammable is a spam champion, his ultimate fires missiles at a incredible rate of fire and has a fairly low cooldown, it is key for lane dominance and you need to be able to keep up this harassment throughout the entire game so manamune will ensure that you can keep up your harassment without having to recall for mana and waste valuable time. Black Cleaver and Bloodrazor are optional, the point of them is to break tanks, Corki is an armor breaker so choosing Black cleaver is a great tool to have when fighting a tank whose main stack is armor, bloodrazor is for the exact same purpose but instead is for targeting high health tanks or champions. You are free to choose both or one of those two in game as it varies on the situation, if you are to choose ONE instead of both then I reccomend a Bloodthirster to compensate for the open slot.
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I'll explain here what I'd reccomend doing while in a fight

Early game:
Gatling Gun: Use only when your going into a fight, it has a fairly long cooldown so you may not have it for an upcoming fight if you use it on minions
Valkyrie: Use for initiating and escaping, it is also incredibly useful for ambushing as you can jump over walls and catch many opponents unawares.

Late Game: Is the exact same for early game for both Valkyrie and Gatling gun, when you have phosphorus bomb, use it to reveal bushes if you are worried about ganks, phosphorus bomb is a bad ability but if you are worried about constant ganks then this is a life saver.

How to Fight: When you do want to fight this is the combination of attacks I reccomend

IF you opponent is a ranged champion like Ashe (for example):
Valyrie at them, exhaust, gatling gun and then ignite. If you have missile barrage then spam the hell outta it at them, gatling gun is a short range attack so exhausting is key to keeping up a long devastating barrage of fire.

IF your opponent is a melee champion like Jax (for example):
Simply run at them, they will want to engage you as Corki is fairly squishy, if they engage, pop gatling gun. This can now go two ways

IF your enemy stays to fight while gatling gun is up:
If your health can stand taking the attacks, keep firing at them until gatling gun wears off then valkyie out of range, they will want to pursue you because by then you will be fairly low as will they, turn around exhaust them, fire missiles and when Gatling gun comes off, use it. When they run, use Valkyrie and then ignite them.

IF your enemy decides to run:
Valkyrie, exhaust, gatling gun, missile barrage, ignite. This is not a guaranteed kill but it will definitley force them out of lane if you play your cards right on the engagement

Pick your ground, usually if they fight on their own terms then you will not be successful, fight when you are ready for it. If they want a fight and you are wondering whether you can win, don't hesitate to valkyrie to safer grounds and rethink your strategy.
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Thanks for reading this guide guys, and good luck to your Corki adventures. This is my first guide so leave a comment and tell me what you liked and disliked and also suggest some changes because I am certainly open to more ideas.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thargus
Thargus Corki Guide
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Hell from above, Corki initiation/carry build

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