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League of Legends Build Guide Author MunchingOrangeFa

Helping people to get out for bronze,

MunchingOrangeFa Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Hey guys here are some things you can do to help yourself out of Bronze V. Also PLEASE READ all I have to say guys note as Reginald says : PLAY TO WIN DAMNIT at least I think that's what I think he says.

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Say your having problems with ur champion say you like it but ur not good enough so what you do as a player is think what is going wrong perhaps u should change champions or you should look at games of other people and see what they're doing right that your not doing. Also you could overall just play some normal till you get better or just dump the champion completely.

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Say your stressed TAKE A BREAK calm down if your losing that much don't just rage quit rage quitting will not help you. Don't get mad guys just don't listen to them if you listen to ragers then your just going get mad and play worse if you think you will keep looking at it ignore them if you have to.

If you're going have to leave after 20-35 minutes don't play please to god your just going lose.

If you feel like your not going to win just keep ur mind of it and just play to win im not saying don't have fun but don't be like guys we lost GG WP let's quit now or if they don't quit you troll NO you keep playing even make fun of the opposing team if you have to, saying man they just got a good start they're cocky we can win.

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If you lose your lane and you think your jungle will be willing to camp ask if you say get ur *** down here noob jungle you will not get him/her if you want him to stay down here for a couple of minutes for you to roam say hey buddy can u stay down here for a couple of minutes so I can roam? Now guys don't do this when your adc youll just screw yourself inless they're both dead then u can do it but I recommend u push then recall or if you have time just kill they're turret or get it half hp and stay.


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So guys ill be adding more **** and give me some constructive advise up it ill add it if I think your right and guys please don't go around saying oo a Bronze V made this guide don't read it guys don't be mean like that. CYA guys later be nice add me if you want im in EST and yes I will take tips and I don't play normal much but if you want tips from me ill do normal.

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extra extra

ive taking tips from the following people.

Reginald: spirit

Voyboy : by watching him I learned its ok to play aggressive.

Dyrus : by watching this little man I learned to not go all in all the time.

Alex ich : you don't have to follow the meta u can go ad mid

guys remember I learned them from what they have said and from watching there streams.


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