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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azraelor


Azraelor Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

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Utility: 8

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This is a build I've never seen anybody but myself try - and I've been very very pleased with the results it yields! I've had a lot of success, hitting 'legendary' on pubs has been a piece of cake almost every game!

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I choose to go with the Armor Pen marks, and Armor Pen Quints.
Starting out with 30 Armor Pen (24.93 + 6 from masteries) gives you a HUGE early game advantage against the opposition.

I prefer the armor seals since MF is one of the squishiest characters (especially early game)
While 13 armor may not seem like much, I find it's helped me secure a FB in early game 1v1 skirmishes.

Now the Glyphs are always up for debate... I go with the CDR, a lot of players feel that ranged carries like MF can benefit better from MR per level Glyphs and the like.

It's all a matter of preference and what works with your play style.

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I go with a 22/0/8 build.

I like my masteries to have what I consider 'necessity' talents. 3 attack damage seems like a waste of points to me.

I like the 8 points in utility for the extra movement, regen, and exp gain. But some like to put the extra points in DEF for survivability. But since MF is one of the fastest moving characters in the game it doesn't make sense to me to put points into the defense tree.

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I like to start withx2 andx1

The extra movement along with MF's passive makes engaging, and disengaging significantly easier. (Not to mention doesn't waste your starting gold on items that you won't use late game if the match drags out)

I then go foror in some casesif I feel like I need more move speed to catch up with certain enemies (especially if they have a very aggressive jungler that likes to gank a lot)

My next item isI always rush FM. The passive is invaluable and the extra health is a plus. Being that its an on hit effect, when you chain MF's Make it Rain and Bullet Time it makes enemies in a group fight have an extremely difficult time getting away before the duration of the spells ends! Which serves a great purpose in dealing damage and supporting your team as well, kind of a two for one deal in my opinion.

Thenis usually a good choice. MF usually relies on AD, but this build is a little different, with the +20 magic pen from boots and the 15% pen from masteries, it rounds out your spells and regular attacks to do a good deal of damage each hit.

NextI like the AD & AP this item adds, in addition to the Life Steal & Spell Vamp. You've already got a good setup for doing damage with normal attacks, this makes your abilities that much more lethal when you can chain abilities. Not to mention gives you an edge over any type of enemy - whether its a tank, ad carry or an ap carry.

Depending on how the match fares - I will get 1-3 Hextech Blades...

If I have trouble surviving then I will sacrifice a Hextech and go for Guardian Angel instead.

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HEXTECH MF can be a force to be reckoned with late game if she gets a chance to farm up, with all the lifesteal, spell vamp, AD, AP, armor/magic pen, the madreds and the bloodrazor passives - she can really mess the enemy team up!

This mf isn't meant to charge in and ult to start the team fight. Hextech MF excels at charging in after the tanks engage and chaining her abilities from a nearby bush then picking off the stragglers with the on-hit effects of frozen mallet!

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Summoner Spells

I choose Ghost and Flash. They make the most sense on MF. If you play defensive, you generally don't need to employ the use of the other summoner spells ( I feel they are a waste on her )
Mf is a hit-and-run type of character. At times she can be a fighter and go toe to toe with some heroes, but that's not what this build revolves around.