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Akali Build Guide by FIN_Troll

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FIN_Troll

Hey look, it's akali! Hmh? Why is my screen gray again?

FIN_Troll Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Hi fellows!
This is my first guide, so be gentle when you read it. But, i'm VERY happy if i get construcktive feedback. It (surprise) helps me to write better guides for you and improve this one, too.

So this guide is for Akali, and you can expect mor assassin type guides from me.

Sorry for pad Engirsh.

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Pros / Cons


Awsome damage output at mid and late game
Multiple choices of item paths
Can jungle especially well
Good killstealer (lol)
Has good stealth
Great ulti
It's pretty easy to get triple, quardra or pentakills in teamfights
You will be called "noob", "haxxor","feeded" etc. when you go and kill a lots of people in a short time


Squishy in a way
Often picked by DPS, Ranged and Caster
You may have energy problems before you master her
You will be called "noob", "haxxor","feeded" etc. when you go and kill a lots of people in a short time

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I'll start with runes. My choice is to take as much as possible CDR. Somebody likes to take flat AP runes to activate her passive. Personally, i don't see there so big advantage to get a little spell vamp or a little bonus to attack damage. If you like, take some to activate her passive in attack damage or AP, you can always take Longsword/Amplifying tone to activate the other half.

So, the thing WHY I take CDR over those passives is the bonus in the late game. That little spell vamp may keep you well alive in the early game but i prefer to buy as much health potions as i need. they give you a lots of health in the early game and the cost is 35. That's why i prefer CDR.

Marks and Quintessences give you in my build magic pen and movement speed. Those both are really important for akali. Magic pen 'cause she inflicts mostly magical damage in my build, and movement speed to move swiftly in the map for easier ganking.

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Masteries, masteries, masteries... Again, I go for utility page and CDR. It just helps you SO MUCH in the late game. You can just spam your Q,E and R (though your ulti has originally a nice 2 sec cooldown) while hiding in your twilight shroud what is too the place to hide when things get rough.

I also take the utility trees exp bonuses. Yeah, 5% is not that much, but can give you a nice advantage if you get your 6th level before your opponent or choice to jungle a bit.

Also notice the 15% magic pen in offense tree. It is a HUGEHUGEHUGE help. Along with runes, you have no need to get more magice pen (NOTICE: I don't say that it's not a good choice to add some).

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Firstly, your Q, Mark of the Assassin, deals huge damage in all early, mid and late game. That's why you max it first. She throws her kama to an enemy which deal damage over 6 seconds and if you hit him/her during that time, you deal as much bonus damage as the ability would deal over the time, and restores energy. Your main source of damage when you attack. It's short cooldown allows you to sapm it often use that chance.
Your W, Twilight Shroud, creates a fairly big circle. When you are in it, you become stealhted! Also, you gain armor and magic resistance. But, when you attack or use abilities your stealh will fade for a short time. This ability is a great for fleeing and isn't bad for attacking rangeds 'cause you can easily close them without getting damage when approaching.
Oh, this also slows all enemies in the shroud. With this, you can stop your enemies chasing your allies.
Your E, Crescent Slash, is your only AoE. It's great for getting last hits when laning.
It does fair damage. In my build, because your AP is so big and your DMG so small, I HIGHLY suggest to use this in the comboes in 1 vs 1 fights.
Your Ulti, Shadow Dance, is so great. It's only cost is an Essence of Shadow which you can gain by waiting about 21-23 depending of the ability's level, or by getting an assist or a kill. Max stack amount is three. It sounds small, but after you use her a moment it feels like that you would be okay with only 2. By activating Akali leaps to a nearby enemy and deals damage. This is so great to chase, flee(use to a nearby enemy minion or neutral monster), to kill some1 chasing you when you both are low on HP, and much much more...
I just love it.

You can see the Sequence from the beginning of this guide.

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Summoner Spells

This one is easy to choose.
You are an assassin, so your choiches are mainly something between

Flash - Great to use in a combo with your Ulti, or to flee from your Twilight Shroud
Exhaust - Slow your enemy, get a kill, or prevent a murder of your ally
Ignite - Good to kill enemies with low HP, or to prevent healing
Ghost - TIME TO CHASE (or flee (lol))

Some spells I accept too are
Teleport - If you like to gank
Cleanse - A way to fight an opponent with stuns or bad debuffs
Clairvoyance - It may help to use your ulti to a neurtal and flee or move through a wall

Just no...

Clarity - Akali hasn't mana, lol
Rally - For supports
Heal - You won't need it
Revive - You shall not die
Smite - You don't need it. You are a great jungler without it, too.

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Items Explained

Coming soon!

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Playstyle Tips

Coming soon!

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30 of July, 2011 - Guide Created