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Yorick Build Guide by dtetkt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dtetkt

Hi my name is Yorck and I like trains!

dtetkt Last updated on April 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Herro, this guide is how to build Yorick, the Grave-digger, as an AD carry. I use this ALMOST exact setup in ranked with a few alterations sometimes. I am open to ideas and changes, so if you think something should be change, please tell! ************************I DID NOT COPY ANY BUILD SO DO NOT ACCUSE ME!!! most guides are very similar for Yorick and i happened to get this build from one of my friends IRL so... STFU I DIDNT COPY!!!**********************

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AD is mathematically PROVEN to be better than Armor Penetration, and i will prove it if necessary.

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I chose these masteries because i play Yorick EXTREEMLEY aggressively. If you play him non-aggressively, this is not a build for you.

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Meki Pendant early game=WIN! It gives you mana regen when Yorick's default is 14.4 per 5. With this item/mastery combo you can get your Omen of Famine in 6 (rounded) SECONDS!!! and heath pots, forever and ever amen! if you die by SOME chance early game (cause you could b 2v1-ing top cause THEY DON'T HAVE A JUNGLE!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) then get some boots and a long sword. The reason i chose long sword and not a mana crystal is because you have sufficient regen and Yorick's abilities scale off of AD (most of them so shut up!) on the next death/back get manamune THEN if you have the gold get Bezerks. i build boots into Bezerks because of the AS and move speed (of course!) On your next death (because you should almost NEVER back as Yorick!) you should get a vampiric scepter and/or if you have the gold a BF sword or a pickaxe, then on your other back just buy IE as a whole or BF, back IE. Phage= health and AD, whats better? the items it builds into! which are TRI force and FROMO. i personally get FROMO but TRI is also acceptable but we aren't to that item choice yet. Next chain mail, kinda self explanatory... next get that FROMO/TRI!!! now for the biggest item in my opinion, Atma's... if you got FROMO this will be even MORE beneficial to you! HEALTH IS POWER MORE HEALTH=MORE AD!!! hahaha, no, not really... now finally build that VS (life steal item that i cant spell so i just abbreviated) into a Bloodthirster!!! YAY!!!! :) YOUR DONE!!!! :)

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Skill Sequence

I get Omen of Pestilence first because you can get ALL the farm! this helps when laning against ranged people and melee people with ranged abilities ex. Caitlin and Gangplank. Then when you get low on health you can use your Omen of Famine and get your health back! =) and its kinda self explanatory from there on out...

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Flash as my summoner spells. Ignite, when you ult cant do that LITTLE bit of damage or for early diving! Flash.... yeah

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I have not tried Jungle Yorick except once, i personally didnt like it because it was a last second change so it threw me off what i normally play a jungler... i will try to test this out and possibly post another build!

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Team Work

Your ultimate is AMAZING for initiates,ESPECIALLY if you have a Shaco! You have a few options with your ult, use it on you tank, you get 2 tanks!, use it on an AD carry (TYPICALLY more durable than AP carries) and kill them ALOT faster, or an AP carry, where you have two, semi durable, champs, i don't recommend this because AP carries kinda need their abilities.......

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Yorick's Unique Skills

Yorick is an AMAZING solo top champ for many reasons. 1 Look at his abilities! they practically make up for your non-existent partner! 1 move speed and a big damage hit, 2 AOE on arivaval and slows, 3 lifesteallifesteallifesteal 4 your non-existent partner! (techinally there are 2 cause there is you, clone, and if you die...)

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All in all i think this is the best way to play Yorick, but like i said, im open for suggestions, sooooooo if you have anything you wanna tell me... go ahead! please keep all conversation CLEAN and RELEVANT!!! any comments that break these rules will be removed!!!

Happy Ganking,