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League of Legends Build Guide Author RunXsellize

Hide & Seek Rules

RunXsellize Last updated on July 15, 2012
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Hi, recently I took an interest in a custom game played in the Crystal Scar named Hide and Seek (sorry for my bad english im french).

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What is Hide & Seek?

The hiders hide and the seekers try to find them and kill them. There are two seekers and five hiders, and the seekers must kill the hiders 5 times in 45 minutes (or 3 times in 30 minutes)

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How to win?

SEEKERS :If the Seekers kill all of the Hiders 5 times in 45 minutes or 3 times in 30 minutes. - Hiders must then surrender, or seekers cap all points and win
HIDERS : At least one hider has at least one life when the time limit is met. - Seekers must then surrender, or hiders must cap all points and wait to win.

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1.Seekers must B at low health (Especially if the hiders are using lots of traps)

2.You are not allowed to hurt or cc the seeker in any way while they are recalling.

3.With the recalling rule in mind, Seekers can be killed by cc without gaining a kill on the person that cc-ed.

4.Although hiders CAN use non-cc abilities on seekers, if they kill them with these, this DOES however give a free kill to the seeker, since it was an intentional kill.

5.Unless using draft or the host chooses to do so, 0 characters are banned for either side. (This means that you can use anyone. Some are more recommended than others, though, which i will discuss later)

6.Storm Shield is allowed, however hiders grab it at their own risk (considering they are in an open space sitting there until they finish getting it)

7.You CAN cc for team mates or provide a distraction

8.Both sides may buy Oracles (though Oracles is only recommended for hiders if the seekers have a stealth character or teemo)

9.Seekers may recall at any time, Hiders may not. As a hider, you must die to buy. To make this easier on you, you can suicide on turret, BUT it still counts as a death on your part so it might not always be worth it.

10.All items are allowed on both sides, except for Guardian Angel on the hiders. (Zilean can ult, however, since it is a part of his kit.)

11.Seekers can not set traps at the Hiders exits, please space them so they are AWAY from the exit.

12.Seekers cannot camp at hiders spawn. YOU MUST WAIT FOR THE HIDER TO HIDE. If you spawn camp, the hider is permitted to not leave spawn until you do so, so camping wastes you valuable time and gets no results. (I'd say that seekers should give hider 30 second head start in which they are not followed.)

13.Hiders can hide anywhere that is not their spawn. Hiding in your Spawn results in a free kill for the seekers.

14.Hiders must go out of spawn by 2:00, and can never stay at spawn for more than a minute unless afk or disconnected.

15.People who are outed are permitted to run around the map, but not the jungle. They are not allowed to set traps, distract enemies, kill enemies, take health packs, etc, etc, though. If an out saves an in, this results in a freeeeeee killllllll for the seeker.

16.If you disconnect, you are not permitted to buy (if you are a hider.). Any kills made by the seeker while disconnected are also invalid. Hiders disconnected or afk for most of the game are banned from being able to play at 30:00 (45 minute game) or 15:00 (30 minute game).

17.Do not cap any points until your team has won! (Even at 49:59 minutes you cant)

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Recommended Champion

Shaco (Awesome juke, jake in the boxe).
Kassadin ( Riftwalk for the win).
Teemo ( Shroom, Fast).
Evelynn (Fast)
Shen ( Shield for more resistance, ULT to escape, E to escape)
Twitch ( Have Slow, Stealth)
Akali ( Fast, Nice juke with W)
Even More

-Twisted Fate (R to find you)
-Ashe (annoying long range stun and slow)
-Nocturne (Need Twisted Fate ULT to ULT)
-Master Yi (Q,R GG)
-Teemo (Map awareness
-Evelynn (Slow, Can catch up, Stealth oracle can waste for hider)
-Twitch (SLow, Stealth oracle can waste for hider)
-Rammus (Fastest champion,taunt,ULTI OMG)
Even More

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Recommended Summoner Spells

(One should have Ghost and Flash and the other Clairvoyance)

(Ghost & Flash are the best ;))


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