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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArikaStack

High Defense/CDR Build

ArikaStack Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Morgana Build

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 9

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Utility: 21

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My Personal Build 101 (Disclaimer)/Intro

There are multiple topics on the LoL forums talking about a cooldown reduction Morgana build, and the in game tips speculate about how impossible a lifesteal/defense build Morgana is to kill. With that knowledge in mind, and the fact that most CDR items come with either magic resist, health or armor, I created this build. It's still a work in progress, and yes, technically after you get the Clacial Shroud, the CDR is capped, but it adds attack defense. If you're going against only casters, spring for a MR item instead.

This is my personal Morgana build, meaning it only works for certain playstyles. If you're looking to gank enemies quickly and rack up kills, this build isn't for you. However, I have found that Morgana is almost impossible to kill with few exceptions (4v1, she can't run, etc.), and is still just a support character in larger fights. One thing she's exceptional at is hitting enemies from behind late game and using her ultimate to give allies the upper hand. Additionally, this build is a great middle build against bots.

This build should be used cautiously in PvP, because if you're not careful, you will die. In PvP, it would be better to grab the boots of swiftness early game, although it's iffy. You will hearth more, but at least running's an option when you're not hugging a turret.

With that being said, her build relies on CDR instead of AP because it lets her focus on the effects of her spells more, and it relies on minions for gold and lifesteal abilities. It relies on short, and sometimes risky attacks, to whittle down the enemy's HP, forcing them to hearth, or if you're lucky and they're stupid, land some killing blows. Early game, she can still shred through tank characters, but late game, she won't need to in most situations.

As a final note, if you get the chance, always pair Morgana with Kat. The two will drive anything in their lane to hearthtown or death.

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Why Cooldown Reduction(/Tanky stuff/Lifesteal)

My first time playing Morgana, I did an AP build much like the ones on the site. That's fine, if you're going to 1v1 alot, but having played Karma for so long beforehand, I wanted a support build that allowed her to cast her ultimate to ultimately kill everything late game-- or rather, give allies the chance to. She will focus more on screwing enemies over than actually killing them. When they flee, she will stop them. When they chase, same thing.

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Walkthrough (PvE) [Updated]

Before the guide starts, I'm going to talk about more advanced stuff dealing with item choice. It's important to get the Chalice of Harmony with Morgana right off the bat in a PvE game, and later, the Tear of the Goddess (untested) might be beneficial, but optional. There is really no better way to list your options for this character than in a list itself.

1) The Chalice of Harmony - Very necessary. You COULD sell this late game and rely on creep buffs, but even with this item, you still have some mana issues. Another option is the Tear of the Goddess.
2) Philosopher's Stone + Kindlegem - You absolutely have to buy these early game. Between your purchase of these, you could get the Boots of Swiftness too, though I usually wait until allies in nearby lanes start dying.
3) Spirit Visage - Is a great early game item against casters. I buy it for its cost from the two items mentioned before, but if you're confident in your farming (or you're mid), get the Reverie instead.
4) Hextech Revolver - If you haven't grabbed the boots by now, you should, but it may be better to grab one or two of these early game, as your biggest strength as Morgana is your spell vamp, which you don't have alot of early game. As a note, it has been confirmed on outdated topics on the forums that the effects they give DO stack. It's not recommended to just buy 6 of them though, but it could be a cool gimmick.
5) Boots of Swiftness - are nessecary for scary situations. I usually wait until later to buy them, as normally, you want the edge in a fight because you don't need to run against 2 of anything.
6) Reverie - I buy this when I figure a 30% sprint ability is more beneficial than gold (I'm already getting alot as is). This IS a necessary item for endgame, but until then, your GP5 might be better, especially if sharing a lane with another farmer.
7) Frozen Heart - I don't buy this anymore, but if you're facing alot of melee characters, you could either replace a revolver, or the Spirit Visage with this.
8) Hextech Gunblade - if you're really running into so much money that you will spend an additional 2.7k on 5% spell vamp plus some attack power and the ability to lifesteal, then do it. Otherwise, this is last because the other items are more important, but this lets you keep your set and gives you a smite ability to use on champions to boot.


I usually grab Tormented Soil off the bat as Morgana, and unless I'm playing with friends, go mid for the huge benefits it brings.

-You get alot more gold if you aren't competing with a farmer
-The other characters that go mid, even Warwick, will be pushed back to Hearthtown against Morgana, even though it can seem frustrating.
-Morgana > Ryze, Annie, or any mage as far as harassment goes.

Grab Dark Binding and Black Shield as soon as possible, otherwise dump all you points into your Ulti and Tormented Soil when you can. They will help with farming, and your DoT is your main way of harassing other champions.

As a note, try to set up your attacks so your DoT hits first, and your missile hits second. Understandably, most of the time, this isn't possible, so it's often safer, albiet slower, to missile and DoT a champion.

Remember to hang back. Don't hug the turret, but keep a line of minions in front of you whenever possible until late game. Morgana uses DoTs, so she doesn't need to be face to face with who she's harassing, and can keep her distance pretty effectively.

If mid, grab the boots earlier, because, unless your game is full of very experienced players, people will die, and the bots seem to like mid more than any other lane.

Relatively late game, you can start to become more confrontational. By level 14, when you're stacking at least 1 revolver and some defense, you can take on 2 champions granted they're not classes that are otherwise meant to kill you (Warwick, Nocturne, Shen, Yi, etc.). Running from zergs isn't an issue, so yes, you now have permission to get overzealous and chase someone down to get the kill after you knocked them down to 10% life.

Late game, you can survive 5 on you, but you won't be able to kill them. Drop down some AoEs if you're the only one left to refill your health, Black Shield yourself out of slows, Dark Binding whoever's closest to you, and use the Reverie to run like hell. Even while attacking, against 5 champions, Morgana's health will still drop, but slow enough for you to get away.

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PvP (My Thoughts)

My PvP experience as Morgana is lacking. I usually am teamed up with Ashe and Ryze, but I would recommend coaxing a friend to play Kat, and another to play an early game tank class if you want to do any good.

As for my strategy, I hang back as Morgana. You still can farm with Tormented Soil, and harass perfectly fine if you can Dark Binding a champion in it. Be smart about when you use Black Shield and watch for ambushes. The only times I die are when other champions attempt to help the one I'm harassing and they successfully CC me.

The gaping hole in this strategy is that your turret is more in danger; if you somehow die, they can be all over it quickly. If they die, you will be able to damage theirs a bit, but not nearly as much as they can damage yours.

Lastly, remember: don't get overzealous early game. If there's one way to kill Morgana early game, it's to get her to chase you. If someone's running, don't chase them too far. The second that turret gets you and you fall below 60% health is the second you just opened up an invitation for anyone to kill you.

Late game, however, this rule is alittle more lenient. There's nothing more confusing than thinking you had someone pushed back to the turret, only to see them covered in epics at level 18 while you're still level 16, reigning down fire on you and tanking your ally and still gaining health. We still lost that game since one player was dc/ed half the game, but it was still gratifying.