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League of Legends Build Guide Author koreapro753159

High Elo Korean Xin Zhao jungle guide

koreapro753159 Last updated on July 15, 2013
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hi i am noob753159 from korea server and i am platinum 2 , soon diamond by just playing this xin zhao build.

Also sorry for my bad english in korea we dont learn english that well, but i try to explain you what to do with my bad english :)

korea is best server so when it works there it works on eu or na easy.

proof i am high elo korea

my xin zhao games:

als xin zhao you need to deal dmg. xin zhao works very well with ap and attackspeed because of his w (70% scaling from ap ) and e (60scaling from ap). attackspeed is good because you can heal more often and get your knockup from q faster. ad is bad because his q only scales 20% with ad.

so with this build you focus on attackspeed ap and tankyness and little ad for atoattacks.

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for runes you take :

red: 9x hybrid pen (or attackspeed if you dont have hybrid pen) for more dmg from autoattacks and your e

yellow: 9x armour because you need it in jungle to be tanky

blue: 9x ap/lvl for more heal lategame

quints: 3x flat ap for more heal early game

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us this masterys

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start with machete and pots

first base buy boots

get early cutless knife and rush hextechgunblade for slow and lifesteal/spellvamp

then get moblity boots

then get spirit visage vs ap or thornmail vs ad

then get blade of the ruind king

the get the deff item you didnt got before

then buy nashers tooth

if you are relay fed only get guardian angel for deff item and get a rabadons for your 2n deff item instead

with your items you deal dmg heal alot and youa re tanky.

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Team Work

always go on their ad carry.

first use blade of the ruind kingto slow and make you faster then use hextech for slow then youa re at their adc.


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