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Team Guide by imMapex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imMapex

High Pressure Poke Comp

imMapex Last updated on March 24, 2013
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Jayce Build

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Champion Select

Jarvan IV
Hecarim (unless Xin is banned)

Pick Order:

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Level One

Line of Scrimage Start

NAMI + JAYCE + NIDALEE - Head to Enemy Wraiths. Nami places a ward.

NIDALEE + MF - Kill Golems (Nidalee Takes Gold)

NAMI + XIN - Kill Wolves (Xin Takes Gold)

JAYCE - Kill Wraiths (Jayce Takes Gold)


MF - Mid Lane

NIDALEE - Top (or wherever the 1v1 lane is)

JAYCE - Bottom (or whereever the 1v2 lane is)

XIN + NAMI - Smiteless Red. Nami then heads to Mid lane. Xin heads to our Blue.

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Objective One: Heavy Pressure on Enemy Jungler/ Kill Middle Tower

XIN: After Smiting our Blue, head to enemy Red, taking the path furthest away from mid lane. Upon seeing enemy jungler, engage. The enemy jungler will be forced to retreat to mid lane turrets. Burn Flash if need be to stick on enemy jungler and maximize damage.

MF + NAMI: Push mid tower hard. Nami takes her Q. When enemy jungler retreats to mid tower, MF + Nami Flash to minimize turret damage. Nami lands her Q on enemy jungler. ADC perferably grabs FB. MF + Nami proceed to burn mid lane turret as fast as possible.

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Objective Two: Kill 1v1 Lane Tower

MF: Continue to farm mid lane.

XIN: Clear own jungle on closest side to the 1v1 lane, clearing 2 camps. This means clear either Wolves + Enemy Golmes, or our Golems + Wraiths.

NAMI: Harass enemy jungler and ward his Blue/ Red buff. This means if enemy jungler is doing Wolves or Wraiths, Nami will Q enemy jungler, aggro and pull away enemy camps etc. Be cautious of jungle CC and do not engage.

Killing 1v1 Tower

NAMI + XIN + NIDALEE: Attempt to gank 1v1 lane. Do not die! The enemy Champion should be dead or at least close to. Push the 1v1 lane tower hard.

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Objective Three: Kill 1v2 Lane Tower

NAMI + XIN + NIDALEE: Head to enemy buff that is warded and steal it/ engage enemy jungler. Upon recieving buff, head mid lane.

NAMI + XIN + NIDALEE + MF: Try and force a fight. If unable to do so in lane, head into enemy jungle opposite 1v2 lane and take jungle to put enemy jungler even further behind. Fight the 4v3 in enemy jungle if we can. Nami + Xin ward enemy jungle.



MF + NAMI: Head to 1v2 lane, making this a 3v2 lane.

MF + NAMI + JAYCE: Pressure top tower hard. Do not over commit here. If any ganks are about to come, disengage. Let Jayce go back to base, even if the tower is not destroyed. This lane should now be a normal ADC/ Support vs ADC/ Support, with our ADC/ Support pushing and pressing the tower.

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Objective Four: Kill Dragon/ Finish Killing 1v2 Lane Tower

JAYCE: Upon heading back to base, head to our unoccupied lane to make it a 1v1.

NIDALEE: Push mid lane hard.

XIN: Vision Ward Dragon. Take our Red and give Blue to Nidalee. Clear our camps and head to Dragon.

NIDALEE + XIN + NAMI + JAYCE/ MF (Depending who is at bottom lane): Kill Dragon. At most this should be a 4v4 fight. Their jungler will be very behind and they should have no vision between mid pushed and our Vision Ward on Dragon. If they are able to contest Dragon, get them low hp between Jayce's EQ Combo and Nidalee's Spears. After a couple hits, there will be no way they can engage us without them losing. If they manage to engage and we are unable to fight, Nami and Xin will ult and Jayce will Hypergate us out to safety. If they attempt Dragon after this, our poke on them while they Dragon will be way too much for them to tank our damage and kill Dragon.

NAMI + MF + XIN: Finish killing 1v2 Tower

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Objective Five: Kill an Outside Inner Turret

MF: Go Mid to farm and push inner mid turret.

NIDALEE + XIN + NAMI + JAYCE: Head either to the right or left lane and begin to take an inner turret. Poke them down and disengage when they try to jump on us. If enemy team sends their ADC to stop us from poking, he will fall way behind to our free farming ADC in mid lane. If enemy team sends their ADC mid to compete with farm, the enemy team will only have an AP mid laner to range stop us from killing their tower, which can easily be healed between our Nami and Nidalee. Jayce's W will dwindle down the enemy turrets hp very fast

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Objetive Six: Kill Middle Inner Turret

NIDALEE + XIN + NAMI + JAYCE + MF: Head mid to finish killing middle inner turret. Tower should be low from MF. Again, throw Spears and Hyperspeed Balls at the enemy and smack that turret. Disengage if they try to engage us and we cant win the fight.

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Objective Seven: Mass Pressure on Remaining Turrets

NIDALEE + JAYCE: Head to whichever lane still has an inner turret. Poke with Spears + Jayce EQ, kill turret with AS Buff from Nidalee heal + Jayce W, and disengage with Hypergate + Cougar form.

XIN + NAMI + MF: Push the inhibitor turret on the opposite side of the map. Kill turret with MF W + Xin AS buff, and disengage with Nami Q and R + Xin R.

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Remainder of Game

Adapt while keeping up pressure. The 2 groups of split pushers should be able to scatter their team. We have complete map control, so Dragons, buffs etc will all be ours. We should win the game before Baron becomes a factor.


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