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Nocturne Build Guide by onehitkill2256

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author onehitkill2256

highest dps you will ever get with nocturne

onehitkill2256 Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide for this website and it is a little different from what others post. This is how i build my nocturne and i normally go around 20/4 so this is definetly an effective guide. I told one kid about my builds in game and the very next game he played with me he went 12 and 0 so I know that this build works. If u like the sound of it please give it a try. I hope you enjoy my guide on how to build nocturne.

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You want to get runes for all attack speed and armor penetration. The higher your attack speed the more you can take advantage of your amazing over powered passive. With a high attack speed from the start of the game you will do major damage to enemy champions with the help of duskbringer. Also if you increase your armor penetration you will do more damage to those people who try to get away with less than 100 health points.

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For your masteries you want to get as many masteries to do with increasing your attack damage. This also helps in the beginning fights and all through out the game. It also helps to use the mastery that allows you to get more experience so that you can level up faster than the enemy champions.

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For your items you want to start out small. Get dorans blade for a small amount of health and lifesteal. Afterwards buy the 2 recommended items, berserkers greaves, and the brutalizer. After you get those 2 items get 2 phantom dancers. these heavily increase your attack speed and you will almost always get critical strikes. after you have bought the 2 phantom dancers buy an infinity edge. This increases your critical chance to 85% from items alone so you nearly always get critical strikes. The special thing about the infinity edge is it make your critical strikes do 250% damage instead of 200%. With the amount of critical strike chance you have this will be very effective.It also greatly increases your attack damage. If your game hasn't already ended you should replace your dorans blade with a bloodthirster for more effective lifesteal and higher attack damage.

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Pros / Cons

1. extremely high dps
2. all abilities are great for offense and defense
3. abilities allow him to take control in the beginning of the game
4.very easy to kill someone walking by you as you are hiding in the bushes

2.slightly difficult to use shroud of darkness effectively
3.runs out of mana very quickly unless you don't spam your abilties

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Skill Sequence

this is the order that you should use your abilities in. First you should start with duskbringer. If you land the enemy champion with duskbringer, use unspeakable horror. If it is a champion that has a stun, fear, etc... use shroud of darkness. Otherwise you wont need it. If you are far away you should use paranoia first to catch them by surprise. This combo works best if the enemy champion is not too close to their turret because it is hard to chase someone down when you are being shot at by a turret.

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Unique Skills

Nocturne's 4 skills are all unique in their own way but mostly duskbringer, shroud of darkness, and paranoia.

Duskbringer is unique because it increases attack damage, movement speed, and gets rid of unit collision. This is very good at winning early fights and chasing people down because of all the increased stats, no unit collision, and the enemy champion lets out a trail of the gas you can easily chase them down.

Shroud of Darkness is a very useful ability for running away if the enemy champion gets the best of you. It can block any ability so you can run away from someone without being stunned, feared, suppressed, etc... It can also be useful on offense because if you are chasing people down without them finding a way to slow you down or stop you all together it will be easy to chase the enemy down.

Paranoia is a very unique ultimate because of it's huge range. Also unlike Caitlyn's ultimate you can follow through with your other abilities in case Paranoia doesn't finish the enemy champion off itself. Paranoia is also a very easy way to charge the enemy before they get a chance to get back under their turret.