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Build Guide by Haelstrom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haelstrom

Horrible Evelynn Build: Completely Overpowered.

Haelstrom Last updated on September 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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"No.. NO. What- NO." Yes..!! YES..!!!

"What the hell are you doing? Malady and Tiamat?" Pay attention, scrub. You might learn something.

" that a clock necklace around her neck?" Yup.

"I.. I can't even.. why would.." It's okay. Often, nubs have to be taught the ways of pros before one is able to join the other's ranks.


There I was. Making Ability Power Pantheon henceforth known as Kratos and Tank Twitch henceforth known as Tankch when, suddenly, my newer level 6 friend bought a new champion she wanted to test out with me. "Sure," I said. "I don't see why not!"

It was Evelynn. Now of course, low low level, she smashed face with Evelynn-- but as I looked at the harlot of a champion, my eyes widened, and ideas began running into my mind. Ideas.. which could lead to another high-tier build that would change the competitive nature of this game forever, again.

Master Evelynn was born. As much as I tried to contain it, due to the overpowered nature of the build -- you,, get to see its greatness.





Alright. So like, clearly Evelynn is the best DPS ever. You WANT Quints of Move-Speed. Why? Because, you wanna go really fast. The rest of your runes'll be attack speed. Why? +27.9% attack speed - that's better than Berserker's Greaves!! Man this is a good idea.

Now on summoner spells, we want Ghost and Revive. Why? Simple. Purposely die to wolves at level 1, pop Ghost-Revive, and you become Sonic-- with a hearty shield of 400 HP action. No one will escape your wrath, and you'll push turrets like a boss. Corporate Mundo will promote you.

For talents, I picked key talents in the offense tree to make sure our attack speed was really up there, also giving us a whole 3.6 AP for our ratios, and some much loved critical chance so our DPS is really insane. Preservation, our Defense talent, gives us a huge buff when we use Revive, and lowers its otherwise monstrous CD. 400 HP? Dude, combined with our Warmog's Armor, we may as well be a tank! A DPS Tank.

The bulk of our points however, will be in Utility Tree. Good Hands is for those rare times you die without Revive up, because being dead is lame and for QQ babies who play laning Udyr. Perseverance combined with our Malady helps us stay alive longer. Awareness makes us level super fast, while Expanded Mind helps us spam Hate Spike to increase even further our insanely rapid DPS. Greed gives us free money which lets us buy stuff. Quickness is the biggest attraction however, making us even faster than we already were. Oh my god. Intelligence makes our cooldowns go lower so we can spam more, and Presence of the Master lets us use Revive even more often.




Alright, here we go. First off, buy an Elixir of Agility (attack speed super-hacks) and 5 Health Potions. Now go find the Wolves, mean 4-legged creatures. Look at your mini-map, see the orange skulls? They'll be the upper-left or lower-right regions, look around until you find them. Then, die to them. That's right. Stand there, hit your S key, and just die.

Now here's where we get OP. Mash off Revive, then left click your Elixir of Agility down at the lower-left part of your screen. Bam. You just became OP Evelynn the Master. Pop Ghost and really go fast - you'll make Rammus your woman. Or.. pet or something I dunno.

Watch here as this arrogant Soraka who has the level advantage on me thinks she can take me, until it is far, far too late for her to escape.

Good job Soraka. Enjoy your team raging at you in your spawn for your arrogance feeding me

Now once you've gotten a few kills, it's time to nab your Berserker's Greaves, but first: go back to the region you found the Wolves at earlier, and this time, you wanna find a biiiiiiig glowing red Lizard with two little Koopas by him. You wanna kill him. Use your health potions to keep you going, you'll easily kill Lizard, and gain a powerful new tool..

Lizard Buff, it is like having a Frozen Mallet and using the summoner spell Ignite on an opponent at the -same time-. Every time you hit them, you'll slow them down hardcore, and deal insane amounts of damage to them. Try running away now Sivir, "DIEEEEEEE" - HHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHHHAHAAHAHAAHAH!

Ah- alright, now you wanna buy Berserker's Greaves. They're really awesome. They give you even more attack speed (score!) and? More movement speed (oh my god..)

From here, you need to go kill minions, and slaughter more of the enemy team. Go nuts until you got enough gold to buy Malady.

What is Malady? Only the best item ever! It gives you an insane attack speed buff (I know, crazy), gives you LIFE-STEAL (healing on every hit!) AND? Every hit you land on the opponent deals -more damage.- Ridiculous.

Next, you wanna build Tiamat, which looks like a little axe someone took a leak on a bunch. This axe not only buffs many of your stats in powerful ways, it gives your auto-attacks an AoE property, letting you farm minions with great ease.

Dag-onnit! Stupid Sivir cheaply blew up my turret instead of fighting me like a woman. I'll show HER, with my next high-level strategy. Look for the area on your mini-map to the lower right where it has a red skull. You wanna go there, and attack the biiiig purple phallic snake.

Now quickly, hit S, and just let "BARON NASHOR" as he is called, kill you. We both know why at this point: we got a little surprise for dear Sivir..

A SURPRISE CALLED REVIVE GHOST ULTIMATE SUPER DASH OF DOOM. Bye Sivir! Blow up turrets in hell, you cheap OP..

... t... f..

.. clam monger!

Okay, now that she's dead, farm and kill everything in the jungles and all the bad peoples until you have A LOT of gold. You need A LOT of gold for your next item. It's called Warmog's Armor, a powerful item that will give you LOTS of HP and stuff, making it even harder for the bad people to kill you. Furthermore, killing stuff makes it better, so thanks to your Tiamat, this'll be a breeze!

Now, one huge advantage this build brings to a team, is that it makes the enemies weaker -- letting your teammates shine as well (although never as good as you!)

Look! The same guy who died to minions earlier (nub champ with no minion damage reduction), just made all the bad people die. Way to go Master Yi, I'll carry you.. together!

Now ladies and gentlemen, you should get enough gold to buy your next super crazy item. Sword of the Divine.

Not only does it give even MORE attack speed. Not only does it make every 4th attack you land deal MAGICAL POWER DAMAGE. But it has a secret power: if you drag the Sword into your first item slot (look at my picture above), then hit the 1 key on your keyboard? For a couple seconds, you gain God Mod powers, giving you a ****-load of ARMOR PENETRATION to make stuff die harder, and making it so you CANNOT BE DODGED! Now -nothing- can stop us.

Finally, you want.. Phantom Dancer.

Now besides having a totally sick name and being two red swords, what does this do? First: even MORE attack speed (holy ****), even MORE move speed (man..!!), CRITICAL CHANCE -and- DODGE CHANCE! You get this baby, game's over. You've won.

But is that all? Is that all we can buy? Is this our peak?!! - NO. Time to teach you guys a League of Legends bug.

You have no more space to buy stuff, right? Save up 1300 gold. Gonna show you something super duper cool. Go to the shop, go to the Consumables section, then buy: Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Balance, Elixir of Agility, Oracle's Elixir.

Eve just gulped down those thick fluids straight on down her throat without a care in the world, and you just gained a SUPER POWERFUL WHITE AURA OF DOOM AND DRUNK DEBAUCHERY. Congrats! You've obtained the ultimate. Now there's just one last step.

Go in there, make all their turrets and stuff die, and make the bad people ragequit.

GG. Now go do it again in ranked, and join the top 100 as an elite.