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Twisted Fate Build Guide by iamnottoon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iamnottoon

how 2 win with hybrid tf (even if you have a ******ed team)

iamnottoon Last updated on November 6, 2012
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Twisted Fate Build

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my team is always ******ed and my own friends don't want to play with me, it's k though cause I am hybrid tf

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my skills

my skills are far superior than yours, stop judging me by my ranked stats(just random numbers)
just play with me ty.

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First of all, don't do this. This is freaking stupid, like really, really stupid.

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k always stay in your lane nothing bad will happen

your enemies will be suprised because of your cdr items.

after you'll probaly get killed the third time (it's a strategy) you're now ready to 5vs1 all enemys with your ult and ultimate cdr

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man I am so unique so I rush a bf sword and a archangles staff.
(buy some cdr items early game though)

No boots man, you don't need boots when you have your ulti ;)

Buy thousand of cdr so you can literally beam everywherre, and since you're ****ing hybrid tf you create a nuking motion.

also, never buy items everyone buy they're bad and mainstream

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how 2 kill enemies

like I said, you'll stack cdr and then just move by ultying

here's the combo

1. ulti to enemy

2. spam your nuking motion


4. kill dem all

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summoner spells

revive and teleport


You'll use teleport till lvl 6 so you get used to it and you use revive to ulti after your death your enemy team will be like "omg wtf"

nuking motin

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riot staff

they suck man, they're like the toribash staff

link here.

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Nuking motion