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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nastorrian

How Corki should be played

Nastorrian Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Corki Build

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I have been playing corki for awhile and i have noticed a few things about him. The first thing i noticed is that he is squishy. The second thing i noticed is that he can be a god if built rite.

Justifying my build tree.
Boots for movement and attack speed.
Malady for attack speed and lifesteal.
Phantomdancer for crit and attackspead.
Now with just those you can sit there and do whatever you want. People argue with me about doing these items first but i'm always the one alive after the fight and im a very aggressive player. With the attack speed and lifesteal you can sit there allday.

The reason i go black cleaver next is to just cut through armor. You tear tanks apart with this item. Plus it gives you the dps from the B.F.S. With the damage knocking down armor with all the attack speed its safe to say you will be an asset in all team fights. With all the attack speed your BC just stacks quick enough to make people drop.

I go Infinity Edge next for the damage and the critical chance. Again with the phantom dancer and this you crit like crazy and you have a mix of 2 B.F.S adding damage. Think of it like this. If you don't do good damage your crits will be ****.

Bloodthurster is more damage and life steal. You are now a sustained fighter. Just keep your distance and you will be fine. If you want you can switch is out for a Frozen mallet to help kite and slow people down. It's really up to you on that one. Im just a damage junkie so i like to stack B.F.S as much as possible.

I usually try and get some sort of health with Corki. This is usually end game so i just get to the belt for warmogs. But i find a lot of my games go long enough i can usually get the build done. Now if you switched out the bloodthurster for the frozen mallet then you already started for some more hp.

I hear people gripe all day about the build and the people it come from are the people who are extremely aggressive but suck at it. You know that guy, everyone has them on their team. Played rite this build and Corki are ruthless.

The way i play Corki is guns blazing. you get to close i will shoot you. you get to far from your turret i will VALKYRIE over and make you my *****. Especially when level 6 hits. There is no reason to turret dive with corki. Your ult stacks so fast and you can spam it so you can sit back and pick them off while they think they are safe with there half health.

Tele and clair for obvious reasons.

Enjoy corki he is a great champ.