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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yeldarb

How did we get raped by a Janna?!?

Yeldarb Last updated on September 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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With this build, your main goal is to be a turret pusher. The skill order that I have listed is subject to change. Personally I like to pick up Zephyr around level 4 or 5, but that is because I like to get kills. This build does a surprising amount of damage, to both turrets AND champions.

Howling Gale: This ability is priority #1. The reason this is so good, is because the items you will be getting give you CD, as well as AP. With the ability power you get from these Nashor's Tooth, your HG will be doing a lot of damage, leaving you to just about last hit every single one of the minions. The AS from Nashor's Tooth allow this to be done easier. So you use this ability to wipe out minion waves quickly, and farm up gold. Do not waste your mana using this ability by targetting enemy champions. The problem with that is good players avoid the tornado, and you wasted about 80 mana. Kill the minions, push them back, and gold starve the enemy by allowing the enemy turret to kill your minions instead of the enemy champions. (NOTE: use HG as an effective way to escape a gank from the enemy, as well as ensure a kill, IF they have attempted to kill you)

Zephyr: This ability is last on the priority list. I like to get one rank of it early on for the slow, and also the increased run speed until I get my boots. With rank one, it is like having the movement speed 1 boots, so it is very worth it. It is also helpful to use along side your HG as an escape mechanism. Do not waste this on minions for it is essential to have it up for the movement speed/the necessary slow to either ensure the kill for your laning partner, OR ensure you living if the enemy targets you.

EOTS: This ability is priority number 2. You want to get this skill not only because it is amazing and gives you an amazing shield, 250 at rank 5, that you can put on yourself every 8-9 seconds (5-6 with your items/mana golem), but it also buffs your attack damage, or you laning partners attack damage. This is a GREAT skill and what surrounds Janna as an amazing character. It is OP early on, and once you have Fiendish Codex/rank 2 of EOTS, your shield will be up before the enemies can take it off. Use this spell to kill turrets, as well as protect from ganks, or for that added damage while killing the enemy. This skill is the jack of all trades. Do not waste this skill on minion waves (unless you really want to kill it quickly).

Monsoon: Pretty simple, its everything you want from an ultimate. A knockback (GREAT surviorbility; you pretty much are unkillable once you get ultimate), a slow (easy to get off a good HG and a zephyr while EOTS auto attacking the enemy), and a heal (keeps you in the lane and from having to recall ("B") after getting ganked. Use this ability as an offensive move, to knock the enemy into the turret and get a nice kill with the aid of the turret (you can even give the turret EOTS for the extra damage beforehand), but I would recommend keeping it for protection from gank. But since you have CD reduction, it really doesn't matter, it will be back in a minute or so.

Summoner Skills:
Clarity: THIS IS A MUST. You want to stay in the lane as long as possible, and to be able to spam EOTS on yourself to kill the turrets and HG on the minions. This provides the extra mana you need. Keep it handy and you will be surprised with the low CD on it, how long you can lane with your ultimate handy. You will be able to push turrets all day long.

Teleport: I like teleport for one simple reason, I can push one wave of minions at my turret, than switch lanes and go help team fights. When that minion wave has grown by 20 (you know how they get) and is close to the enemy turret, BOOM, teleport and that turret is toast and you have an extra 100gold. This isn't as essential, for you can really grab any other summoner spell you want.

If not teleport, I recommend Clairvoyance or Fortify. You could get Ghost or Flash to help get away even more if you are worried about getting ganked. You don't really need heal because of your ultimate. You don't want exhaust because of Zephyr. Ignite will work, but you aren't really a ganker. Like I said, ANY other spell is fine, depending on what you want, I just find teleport the best for killing the turrets, or clairvoyance to avoid ganks.

Start with meki pendant for the ever needed mana regen and two health potions. These health potions should last you until level 6 if you are using EOTS correctly. If you have been listening, you should be a farming master and be able to rack up 1400-2000 gold before level 6. When you go back you want to get your Fiendish Codex and as much as the Stinger as you can. You should be able to go back and get both, but if not just buy the daggers of AS and head back to your lane to fight. Return back to base as soon as you can afford Nashor's tooth, and maybe rank 1 boots, and you will be a fighting machine. When you have the gold, go get boots. I personally like Merc's treads, just because Janna is already so fast, but if you want to get something else, like Swiftness or Mobility so you can gank and help out teammates in team fights thats fine too. Any boots work with this build, Even Socerers.

After Nashor's Tooth and Boots, you want to get Rageblade. This is amazing because your EOTS is now at about a 6 second CD, maybe 5, and you are hitting in the upper 100's every second or so. Buy the blasting wand and the pickaxe whenever you can, and then its only 300 extra gold for the rageblade. When you have this, you will be amazed at how high your ability power is, along with your physical damage. You should be running at about 200 AP with about 150 AD, and hitting fast. This is when you are prime turret killing material, as well as a death wish for any enemy.

Once you get Nashor's/boots/rageblade, this is the core of your build. The Hextech Gun is just for surviorbility, because it gives you more AP, and also Life steal/spell vamp, which works wonderfully on Janna with this build. The active doesnt hurt either for killing champs. Once you get the hextech gun (which i doubt you will ever be able to build if you play this build right, because you will have won the game already), go for a zhonya's or whatever you feel is necessary. The choice is your's. More AP makes it for a stronger EOTS, as well as zephyr and HG. More damage makes for faster turret kills, but at this point its probably a late game and I would suggest going for surviorbility like zhonya's or Guardians Angel.

Early Game:

Go bottom lane or top lane for best effect. If you go mid, use the same strategy, but prepare for some ganks, so be on your best lookout. I suggest clairvoyance if you are mid. Also, since the turret will be down around level 6, prepare for a short laning phase and a quick team fight phase. FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM. Cast HG, push the enemy back to their turret, and when the oppurtunity arises, EOTS yourself and hit their turret. Use the poke tactic, just poke away at it, farming all the minions in your lane, and gold starving the enemy champions. NOTE: they WILL get frustrated as hell, and attempted to kill you and your lane partner. This is when you EOTS whoever they target early, zephyr, and either run if you can't get the kill, or kill them (you will probably be able to kill them). Use Clarity when you get low on mana to keep both you and your partner in the lane (if they use mana obviously). You should be able to just HG and last hit the minions to death until you have enough gold for your fiendish/nashors tooth. And if you get some kills/assists while you are doing it, then good job. You should not, i repeat, SHOULD not die during laning phase.

Mid Game:
You should have gotten their first turret down, and by this point the other team is noticing that your lane has not died, has not recalled, and the champions have not done damage to your turret yet. Good work. You have effectively caused the entire enemy team to be furious at your laning enemies, for you should have the first turret kill of the game. Once the first turret is down, I recommend continuing the push down to the second turret. Keep the same tactic. HG minions, kill enemies, Ultimate for heals/knock back, and poke the turrets to death. Eventually you will get all five of their team to come down to your lane and attempt to gank you and your laning partner. BUT YOU ARE PREPARED. You have your ultimate to knock them all back, you EOTS whoever is hurt the most (do yourself), and then you run the heck out of there. I suggest boots before you push the second turret, but it isn't necessary. Zephyr will keep those annoying "ghosting" champions at bay with its slow, and just shoot the occasional HG at them, and boom, you (and hopefully your partner) have survived a 5 man gank attempt, and now you can laugh at the enemy team for them failing to get you guys, while they let your team push the turrets. Also, Go get the mana golem anytime you want, with EOTS, you will take no damage.

Once the enemy team has come to gank your lane (which they will) It is now officially time to abandon lane, and just push ALL lanes. Mainly you want to try to push the ones they are ignoring. I like to kill two minion waves, than back off to mid and fight the enemies. Then after that minion wave i have helped out is near turret, TELEPORT, and than boom turret is dead. But you want to harass at all lanes. You are quick, so you can do this effectively. Just go little by little, pushing until the enemies are MIA and coming for you. If you don't have ultimate up to escape the gank, well.... be very careful. It will be hard and they will 5v1 you.

End Game:
Lots of turrets should be dead by now. Team fights should be occuring. You should be a powerful force, for both supporting your teammates as well as killing turrets. You can backdoor pretty well, if you have a little minion help. If you get some surviorbility as last item, you can solo a turret, but you will be hurt. You are the queen of team fights. Your ultimate destroys a team, knocking them every which way. Do not be afraid to walk into the middle of the group with EOTS up and ultimate, pushing them in 5 different directions, hopefully 2 or 3 of them into your team, causing it quickly to be 2v5 or 3v5. You will also be doing a lot of damage with your abilities and your attacks, so don't be afraid to kick some monkey butts. Tanks will be the hardest for you, but you should be ignoring them anyway. Just use HG to control their damage as well as EOTS on yourself (for damage) or on your teammates (a strong mellee champ or someone who is dying). In team fights, SPAM EOTS, it will be on a super low CD, and you will easily be able to have 2 or 3 people shielded at all times. The other team will be furious. Just make sure you too are shielded, for they will target you. If all else fails, and the other team seems to be winning the fights, guess what you have. ULTIMATE. Heal everyone, knock their team back, and now the tide has turned. Janna is a force to be realized, and you should use her as such.

NOTE: This build is a great mix of both damage, support, and Janna being Janna, surviorbility. You WILL be a carry with this build, if you play smart and avoid the ganks. Apparently Janna is the "easiest character to keep alive, a monkey can roll its face on the keyboard and survive", so I expect all of you who use this guide, NO MATTER how many KILLS or ASSISTS, you should have no more than 2 deaths. You will be able to get both kills and assists with this build, but obviously (unless fed, which is a strong possiblity, but more possible your laning partner is fed because its tougher to get kills at lower levels) you should have more assists than kills. You are not using this build to gank kids, you are not using this build to go 40/0/0. You are using this build to go 20/0/20, with 8 buildings destroyed. You are technically a "support character", which is what your EOTS and ultimate are for, but who says that you can't "SUPPORT" your team to a victory by killing turrets? No one, thats who! Now go out there, and use some Janna butt kicking. I am sure you will enjoy this build, as I have been playing Janna as all AP for a while but this one by far blows that out of the water. Don't be scared to mellee away! You will be shocked.

PS: Don't bother with Oracles, EOTS will protect you from those ratty stealthers like Eve and Twitch, and you will be able to kill them so long as they aren't fed. If they are fed, just do what Janna does all too well. RUN! Your team will help you. Who wouldn't want ot help a half naked fairy that controls the weather? I don't think you want her badside! :).

EDIT 9/11/10:
BUY THE MANAMUME. IT ROCKS HER SOCKS. ( doesn't have this available in the build screen yet, BUT BUY IT)

Goodluck out there, let me know how it works for you guys,