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League of Legends Build Guide Author Isthatok

How Guide Ratings Work: The Formula and Calculator

Isthatok Last updated on September 18, 2013
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You may have come here wondering why your newly published guide has a 56% rating with only 1 vote, and how that is even possible.

Look no further - this guide has the answer!

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The Bayesian Average

Mobafire uses a system called the Bayesian Average to calculate ratings for all of its guides. You can feel free to wiki it up if you'd like but I will summarize it in one sentence here:

Mobafire adds seven hidden votes at 50% each to every guide that has at least one vote.

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The Formula

Here's the formula for how you calculate a guide's rating. I've tested it enough to say for certain that it is 100% accurate. Just plug in any number that you want and you'll get a rating for it.

So say for example you have 10 upvotes and 2 downvotes. According to the formula, you would get 71%.
Mobafire also rounds to the nearest whole number percentage, so if for instance you had a 84.5% it would be bumped to 85%.

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The Calculator

You can find it here:

Just type in the values you want and it will calculate your rating. Simple!

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Why Bayesian Averages?

By doing this, new guides can't receive excessively high ratings. In turn this creates a more accurate representation of the rating distribution within Mobafire. This way, highly rated guides that have been around for a long time won't get outrated by a newly published guide that "got lucky" for awhile. As a guide receives more and more votes, the seven hidden votes bear less weight and the guide approaches its true rating.


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