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Nidalee Build Guide by Jakelz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakelz

how to 2 shot dps nid

Jakelz Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This works great. She is basically unkillable in a 1v1. I'll teach you everything you need to know about dps nidalee. And if i don't cover something you need to know ask me and I'll tell you. I'm making this build because I love my ad nidalee and not many people play ad nid and in my opinion it is much better than ap nidalee.

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Runes. As ad you want attack speed and damage. So you split it. 2 damage quint and then 1 attack speed. Ad is importent for early game. So red, yellow and blue but 2 of your blue ad won't do anything so put attack speed in it.

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Offence is ad so of course that. Put a point in exhaust since you get it. Then go Utility for mana and hp regen then get some xp with mana regen.

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Dorans blade really works hp, damage and lifesteal. Get some boots then get a phantom for farming then go back get a bloodthirster. Infinity edge for damage, crit and crit damage. Don't get a madrids if you don't have to. Only if they have some buff charecters 3 not just for one. Another Phantom for crit, attack speed and movement even though you sell boots for them. Now if you get beat up by AP and/or ads. Get a thornmail instead of madreds and Banshees for 1 phantom dancer. But your 1st item if you need one of those is a banshees.

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Skill Sequence

Heal is the most importent because it gives you attack speed which you should use to kill turrents because you attack faster. After lv 6 you want to lv up your q because it helps your cougar which i prefer for ad nid because of how much damage it can pull off. Just keep in cougar and heal for attack speed. Go in human attack then heal go into cougar form because it gives you attack speed in cougar. In this order go w, q, e, q, e, w.

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Summoner Spells

Exhuast is a must because the slow less damage. Exhaust can be used to chase, kill and run so I love it. Ignite can be switched for flash but early game ignite might get you a kill or 2. Maybe late game to. I get flash because I don't want to turrent dive when they have 100 hp so I just ignite and they will die. But don't ignite when they chasing you it won't do anything.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Melee and ranged
Great ap and ad
Great last hitter
Great escape
can heal
Cons: squishy
Gankable until lv6

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Nidalee can't jungle or at least I haven't tried it yet I'm thinking of trying it but when farming harrass and last hit don't autoattack. Put traps in your bushes so you won't get ganked. When farming at turrents let the turrent hit the minion twice then hit for free minion but for the mage minion the turrent can only hit it once. When you get cougar farming is easy. You claw then pounce then use your q. Keep doing that until you get a phantom dancer then you get minions in 2 hit. Even though you will be backed up to your turrent because you just last hit you should be better farmer than your enemie.

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Team Work

In team fights give a q from long range. Heal yourself for attack speed then go cougar form and target squishys give a claw to target most champion and then q and w the squishies. Go for mages then make your way up to the beef.

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Unique Skills

Unique skills. She can heal but as a dps and probaly the most unique skill of all she can turn herself into a cougar and fight as a melee. She can jump over small walls and can jump to escape then she has 2 aoes.

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Early game

Early game with a doran blade you can lane against just about anyone. When there are no minions to last hit go up and hit with a autoattack against the champ and try to cut off his experiance to get you up a few lvs over the enemy. You will have mana problems early game so don't use your q every time it comes up. And don't set up to many traps because just take the other river because you don't always have to go up to the turrent every time or you will die.

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Mid game

By this time you should have a phantom dancer and bloodthirster and B.F sword or pixaxe depending on how good your doing. You can start hitting minions because you will one hit them and you want 40 damage 10% lifesteal on your bloodthirst You will start team fighting so hit with spear heal you and go in cougar form hitting squishys and making your way up to beefy guys. You can easily chase people in cougar form by pouncing and even if they all come back to you w e and q then just autoattack the rest.

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Late game

This is when your build is done or when you are making changes based on there last items. Stay with your team and let your tank initiate not you. Go get baron but if you don't Stay as a team and pick off there team 1 by 1 if they are spread out. If not in a 5v5 just pick off squishies and chase in cougar form killing runners. Try your best not to let the runners get away because if you get 3 you automatically win unless they have more. If its 3 to 3 you and someone else should win because dps nid very awesome.

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You can kill anyone in a 1v1 and remember don't use this build against everyone because it won't work vs everyone. Switch it up and if you don't know the build against certain champions then comment the champions and I'll help you out. Harrass with your q and put traps in bushes because unlike cait you have unlimited traps although as dps nid you will have a mana problem. Thx for reading my build and plz comment and feel free to vote. Hope this works. Remember most importent thing don't autoattack minions.