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Tryndamere Build Guide by killzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killzz

How to be a true king-Trydamere

killzz Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Rune choice

I chose specific runes for specific reasons like everybody, but here are the reasons why I choose what I did. I choose crit chance marks for your early game that is always a bit floppy. The crit chance during early game increases your survivablity rate against early game champs like Garen or Pantheon. For my seals I choose attack speed for early game because we all know the famous motto "Get fed or get dead". We need the extra help in our starting levels. The crit damage glyphs are there to help throughout the game and once you get your infinity edge they are just extra umph for those 2v1 brawls. The final choice of my quintessence of life steal is a given because it extends your lane time, stability, and combinded with masteries can be quite a bit of life steal.

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Almost all of those masteries make sence but you might be wondering why I went for vetran scars instead of brutality. Well a 1.5% increase on attack doesnt help much but 30 hp and the extra defence does. Again it helps with early game squishy moments. I truly believe that mastieries are way underestemated and should be taken more seriously then they are. Thats all I have to say bout that.

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Summoner spells

I chose exhaust and ignite because I believe that you should agument your abilities and thats why I choose exhuast over cleanse and other common choices. Cleanse is a great choice but if your enemy team you're facing is able to crowd control you that much I say quick silver sash is a far superior choice, I will go into situational items more later. Exhuast along with spinning slash and mocking shout almost always confirms our bush sneak attacks and things of that sort. Ignite ,plus the 5 attack damage that comes with it sence sommoners wrath, is always a smart choice for those pesky characters like Ahri, Fizz, Master Yi, and even Teemo who always seem like they get away.

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Ability usage

First off I wanted to explain why I level the way I did. Spinning slash is your most usefull utility move and it does a fair amount of damage to last hit rows of minions. Then I level bloodlust because of its heal and its bonus passive of ad. Then mocking shout at level 3 for cathing up to people. Next I go strait on to leveling my bloodlust for its heal and extra ad that comes with it. Always level endless rage as soon as possible.

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I really am not going to spend much time on this section beacuse almost all tryn guides have similar items but what I think is the most stellar improvement on this guide is the maw of malmortius. This item is going to be your best investment. I say this because its sheild gives a boost of health when you have low hp which allows you to be able to pop your ult latter then normal. Its passive, in which you gain attack damage the lower your health, puts the icing on the cinnamon roles. The only other situational item I personaly suggest is a quick silver sash instead of maw of malmortius . Comment if you have any questions.

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Playing Tryndamere

I want to get this straight before I start, Tryndamere is not a dumb or easy champ. To truly be a king at him requires practice, concentration, and decision making skills. You cannot expect to go out for your first time as him and think you are going to wreck. You actualy have to use your brain just like any other champ. So as all people who have ever seen a tryndamere before know, he can use spinning slash, but what you might not have known is that he can use it to go through any wall. When running through the jungle use this to your advantage to get away as it is almost always a guaranteed escape from your chaser/s. Try not to use bloodlust unless you have low health and full rage or it does virtualy nothing. When in lane try to keep your rage up as it will help you in all respects. NEVER USE BLOODLUST BEFORE ENDLESS RAGE as the recharge will leave you with no hp and an ignite will pick you off. Also during team battles dont pull out early, watch your endless rage duration and wait till its 3/4 of the way through. It's not a get away device, it helps kill too! It last five seconds which in game is quite a while as you may already know.
Ok, when laning, solo top would be the ideal spot for tryndamere and as always last hit like crazy. Last hitting should be easy with his attack speed, damage, and crits. Tryndamere is especaily vulnerable during levels 1-5 because he does not yet have his ultimate. The enemy team will gank often because they don't want to see the tryn demon late game, so be ready. I prefer to hide in bushes and only coming out to last hit, this prevents dying by missed mias and prevents ranged harrasment. Once you are level 6 and have endless rage I actualy incourage turret diving for kills as there is a high chance at getting a kill now and your ult you will make it away. The only time I do not incourage diving is when laning against some one with stuns, surrpresses, and other HEAVY crowd control. Once level 13 you should have snagged your infinity edge and this will make you a monster. With this I incourage wandering in other lanes and going in for the unexpecting prey. This will further help you along your way of the build. Try to keep an eye on the mini map for ganks because (even if you think your good at this) Tryndamere can casue you to forget about the mini map and get caught in a gank.

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Pros(top 3)
-Crazy late game damage
-Can be used to solo nashor
-Extremly fun to watch your guy auto a guy in 3 hits
Cons(top 3)
-If not fed can be a very long early game
-Really hard to time everything right{despite what people say}
-Can cause tunnel vision

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You will descover that late game with this guide no matter how bad you are the items, masteries, and runes you will carry your team to the W. Your insane auto and skill you can win the game without your team. This lets you know how to be that tryndamere you were playing with only better. I believe that there is no better build for him and if you think so comment and tell me what that build is and then I will prove you wrong by playing against you.