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Draven Humor Guide by Mr. Gold

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. Gold

How to be decent at league and get gold rating

Mr. Gold Last updated on October 29, 2012
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So you want that sexy Janna skin, well maybe i can help you out.

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Well guys I am a super experienced LoL player. I have been playing league for a whole year now and I have finally reached gold. I am here to inform you fine people of mobafire how to achieve victory as i have.

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All armor runes, because everyone can auto attack.

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More utility please!

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Stack dem bts for tons of damage; + you cant die with a bunch of lifesteal.

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Skill Sequence

Q<W<E<R You must order them up as they appear on the keyboard; it only makes sense that way.

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Summoner Spells

Promote revive; They thought you were dead...think again. Now push really hard.

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When the minions are almost dead, kill the other champions. Who the hell need money from creeps when you have tons of kills.

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Team Work

Split push as often as possible Your team sucks). If you dont carry no one will. If they ask to group or do dragon...go as far way from them a possible; recalling is an excellent choice.

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Ranked Play

Play lots of heimerdinger and draven. Cause heimer can take objectives quickly and it is the league of draven after all.

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Play op champs, L2 cs, and rage as hard as possible at your team mates. Any ?'s, dont ask me. It is all in the guide. Oh btw, play lots of draven.


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