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Rengar Build Guide by Bloodrisen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloodrisen

How to be the Ultimate Predator!!!! Solo top Rengar!!!

Bloodrisen Last updated on August 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys, in light of the recent release of Rengar, this guide is here to provide you with the best tips and tricks to playing this new hunter, hopefully he gets a much needed QoL buff soon, but until then, it requires great skill and practice to even be able to rival most popular top picks.

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Pros / Cons

Why play Rengar? He's so weak cry the masses! Although he may be a tad wimpy compared to most solo top champs, that's the role he shines in and that's where you can do some good for your team.

Insane early game burst
Able to control deny his opponent farm
Ult is a great chase/escape tool.
No mana!
Very, very mobile.
High sustain.

Squishy at low levels
No pre-6 escape tool
His bursts depends on ferocity
Not a great duelist
Ult seems lackluster at times.
Not a great duelist. (important)

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Runes and Masteries

Runes can play a big part in your build, but to make things a simple matter with Rengar, I went with Atk Speed Reds, Armor Yellows, AD blues, and AD quints, so you should be sitting around 17% atk speed, 11 armor, and ~8 AD. Build him how you see fit, I do a simple melee build.

Typical 21/9 Masteries, I use a 23/7 Build sometimes, it works, but you need that armor buff from defense.

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When it comes to Rengar, item Builds are very very very very very important! I have 10 items in the build because these are probably the best for Rengar to have, in order of importance. The first 6 should usually be your typical build, the other 4 are items you can have IF you are getting fed/winning or want to change things up a bit. But your build order for every game should be as follows:
Boots + 3 to start
Brutalizer (the armor pen, ad and CDR are very important, get this instead of doran's if you are winning lane, which you should be)
Phage and Tier 2 boots,
Finish Frozen Mallet and here is where you can be creative,
From this point, you can make your choices per game situation, you have your tanky AD item that let's you chase, you have your MR boots and you have some damage from Brutalizer, you can either finish out yoomus, which is good for all of the passives and actives and works well with your Mallet, or you can start building last whisper for some much needed armor pen, or start working on bonetooth necklace + tri force if you start getting fed and snowball. The choice is yours from that point, be smart, shop S-mart.

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Skill Sequence

Now THIS IS WHERE 99% OF RENGARS FAIL MISERABLY. Most people who have bought Rengar did so because they either heard about, or watched a guy literally 2 shot a Xin Zhao in PBE. Well, here's some news gents, YOU CAN'T DO THAT ANYMORE, there was a 20% dmg nerf on his empowered Q, taking that insta first blood away, but it's still a great bully tool for early game, and here is what you should do.

Get your ferocity up to 4 either using golems or minions, use the bush to bushwhack minions for last hit, and when you get a chance, and only at lvl 1, do the Q + empowered Q combo (after the enemy has used their lvl 1 ability that they chose) and if you jump them, one of two things will happen, they'll either stand and fight (and die) or they will flash or waste a summoner spell and run away, do not use ignite unless you are guaranteed the kill with it. This either causes them to B to base or use up all their pots, if they went Doran's they'll most likely start using their money on pots (good on you, bad on them) But from then, level up your Bola, then your Roar, and then continue to MAx your Bola First, THEN your Q, and finish off with your rawr. Bola is your main harass that I will explain how to use in the next section, Q, although a good nuke, is dependent on the empowered buff to do real damage, and the scaling is a lot less than your E, and E is just a much more useful harassment tool.

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Farming/Laning/How to play the sucker.

Bushes are your friend, reason being, they hide you, you jump from them, you're like Garen but meaner, more feral, and cooler looking. Bushes can hide you from being targeted by non skill shot attacks, make it hard for your opponent to land skillshots on you, and also being your main mode of offense. Despite what you want to do, DO NOT POUNCE ON THEM UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO KILL THEM!!! You are a God-#$!@ hunter, you do not try to duel people, you wear them down, tire them out, use guerrilla tactics, then strike at their weakest to finish them off. Do not listen to Rengar's voice when he talks, he gives you bad advice about hunting at their strongest blah blah blah, he's an idjiot, play like like a guerrilla warfare crazy monkey.

Easy process with how to fight as Rengar:
Stay in bush after you do your initial burst, play pretty passive, jump out to last hit minions, if the enemy is dumb enough to try to fight at low health take him out if it's safe, beware, their jungler may have just aggroed you and will be coming to support top and gank your face. Especially if you are on purple side, you're right next to Blue team blue buff, and a perfect target if you pushed too hard with your initial burst, or flash chased (which you should never do at level 1, just let him go and waste all his pots)

Okay, so after that level 1 fun level 2 should be your first rank into bola flinging. But why bola flinging? It's such a short range, why max E when you can max your leaping damage potential? Because, it's good ole, straight up damage harass you don't have to get into melee range for. And you know what's the best way to abuse it? With your leap! That's right you heard me, with your leap! Here is what's really successful for me for those who try to stay away from your bushwhacking, they stay behind their minions, pacing, waiting to get that last hit in, but oh no! You jump in on their mage minion line, and whacked them with a bola for a decent amount of damage, and you backed away back into the bush, by this time the minion they were trying to kill is probably dead and not by them, denied CS! This effect can even be used when they are trying to freeze lane, because your leap range is just enough to hit their front line, and you bola and back off before they can counter harass. Doing this is dangerous though pre-6, you are in gank territory, so wards and map awareness are good to have, if you see the jungler down at bot, go ahead and harass here a little, if not, let the other guy push to a safer point to keep harassing and you keep getting those last hits.

Remember that jump bola tactic, it will help you keep up damage on their champion and keep you getting hassle free farm, I denied a Renekton so hard this way he had only 1/3 of my CS by the time mid game started, and he only had tier 2 boots to show for it since he kept having to go buy pots, I kept minions being either killed by minions or his tower, he couldn't last hit for fear of being harassed, and I had enough awareness to either escape ganks or harass hard without fearing ganks. This is another reason why brutalizer should be first purchase, most champs will go armor on you first go, so you need that armor pen to keep damage up, and you want your bolas to be on a 6 second CD instead of 7 or 8. Rengar is a fast champion inherintly, T1 boots is 370 movement, which can make your T2 boots wait as a third purchase. When it comes to escaping potential ganks pre lvl 6, your minions can be a juking tool. That's 600 range of movement you get with one jump, that is pretty much a flash for you. Do not be afraid to use your Ult as an escape tool too, that can casue a lot of enemy tower dives to fall apart, netting you 1-3 kills very easily, (my max was a triple kill from a jungler, top, mid dive to try to kill me, bola harrassed one, stealthed, tower started shooting kills one, first kill for me, rooted other, second kill for me, last tried to run, used bushes + flash to secure that kill and I walk away feeling golden.

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All in all, remember, Rengar is not like Darius, Riven, Nasus, Jax, or Olaf, who can just run up and start dueling people for funsies. You may be as buff as Arnold, but you need to stay tricky, it's literally like a Lion versus a Bear, you don't just challenge the bear cause that sucker will break your back in one paw swipe, you wear him down, tire it out, then go for the throat when he's weak. Rengar takes skill, he's a viable champ, just needs incredible skill to play him effectively.

BTW let's get Riot to give him some kind of QoL buff to his Ult or something, he needs it bad.