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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heyhowsitgoing

How to become an Asset for Any Competitive Team

Heyhowsitgoing Last updated on April 23, 2014
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Well hey! howsitgoing? Pretty good thanks.

This is stemming out my experience and current leading of a few of us League of Legends players in ranked games. I have written a few professionally published articles on games and gaming in general so I feel qualified to share! Sometimes us weekend warriors want to go a step farther and become better than just the average or maybe even thinking about trying to find or make a team to play more competitive. Regardless of your direction if you want to be on any level of competition there are some sweet and simple things to help you get there. First of all we all know people who rage over bad teammates or blame losses on a single player. No matter how true it may actually be you don't have much if any control over your teammates. You only have control over your individual skill, talent and ability.

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Getting Started

With this in mind lets move forward! Just like any sport it takes time to get a "game sense" to know what decisions are good and bad. This usually involves a lot of trial and error with occasional success. Professionals didn't just appear out of nowhere, they played their game until they mastered some aspect of it and then looked to capitalize it in the best way or master something else. Before you ever look to play on a competitive level you have to be dependable and independent, able to hold your own without the support of others. This will keep you from depending on a teammate to "bait" for you or even "bait" yourself in order to get a kill. Relying on teammates can win games but for League of Legends especially, you don't always have your entire team grouped and it may come down to you to make the right decision and play.

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If you can hold your own in general then with the support of a team you, through communication and strategies, have a much higher chance of success. If you have a KD ratio or win ratio higher than 1.0/50% then you are doing pretty good. Remember to not let your emotions get too into it as they cloud judgement and a lot of other things. We all are here to play video games and have fun and some of us find the most fun in playing more competitively. Most games can be won by teamwork so if it's easy to communicate something do it! Back when I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 I had call spots for every place on every map, and there are a lot of boxes....

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All in all don't take anything too seriously and be the best YOU can be and when you play with others you will be a better TEAM than YOU ever were.

(It is good for someone to teach you the basics of something but you have to take it the rest of the way!)

Thanks for the read and hopefully you alt+tab away feeling a little more confident in what you need to do!


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