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League of Legends Build Guide Author Troll_of_LoL

How to Build a Trinity Force Properly

Troll_of_LoL Last updated on November 24, 2012
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Ezreal Build

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I was bored and decided to make a guide. No fancy how rainbow magic stuff. Just a raw walk through on building Trinity Forces.


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Generally speaking, I don't like posting guides. However I just wanted to test out building a guide and decided to talk about a specific topic, building a Trinity Force properly.

However, this guide will not mention any champions that can use Trinity Force. I just picked out Ezreal since hes a popular champion with Trinity Force.

I am purposely making this guide focus on how to build Trinity Force with AD champions only.

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Starting: What is your Quest?

Now generally speaking, depending on your opponent, you want to be able to stay in as long as you can to farm and etc. Boots are depend on the situation ALWAYS and I cannot stress that enough.


Generally speaking, there are three different types of start ups in LoL. However with Trinity Force, your start ups will be limited. However everything is situational.

The defensive choices (recommended)

In the beginning of the game, the laning phase focuses on farming, kills and ganks. But the core will always be farming, and to farm efficiently means, to stay in the lane as long as possible while denying your enemys CS.
If your enemy is going to be dealing a huge amount of attack damage to harass you, go for cloth armor and potions.

If your enemy is gonna try to CC, Crowd Control, you with abilities, get Null-Magic Mantel.


If you start with movent, or push for DPS early game, your situation must be either, you are an AD range champion, or you naturally suck at farming at low level.

If you want to focus on harrassing, get boots and the pots.

If you want to focus on farming fast and pulling out, get a dagger and pots.

Doran Start ups

The most underlooked starting items ever.

Dorans are the most situational and effective starting choices you can make. However you must always be careful of what items you chose to create your composition. However, you have to build boots after you purchase your Doran Item.

Shield, your gonna go for a tanky AD carry. You want your champion to sustain damage from minions and recover from their damage. Great early game stats, the most health out of the Doran items.

Sword, you will have life steal health for sustain while having damage.

Ring, now if you decide to go for a ring, it means your gonna be spamming your abilities quite a bit early game for harass. Not a bad item, but very situational.

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Back so soon? Take a break! Here's a drink!

Potions and Elixirs!

Whenever you comeback in from a tough fight and need the extra boost to hold your foot again in competitive farming, pick up potions and elixirs.

Elixirs are a great transitional item that are under looked during the game.
For a total of FOUR minutes, that item is there to support you with multiple benefits.
Its 250 for FOUR minutes
The item grows on you as you level up!
You can piss off a Karthus by popping in the red elixir while hes channeling his ult.
And hes like WTF! that was supposed to kill you!!!

How can you go wrong using that as a transitional item while you farm?

Always grab potions when you come back too, best way to heal yourself after a battle.

Its 35 gold for a potion, a minion kill grants you atleast 25 Gold.

"The gold earned from minion kills is dependent on the game time. As the game progresses, each minion is worth more. On Twisted Treeline melee and caster minions gold rewards increase by 1 gold after the 1st wave and 1 gold per 5 minutes after that. Siege minions gold rewards increase by 1 gold every 2-3 minutes."

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Masteries and Runies

Masteries, Just go with whatever you want, HOWEVER stick with one track because these things aren't too flexible.

Runes, Fill in the gaps that makes your champion inefficient.

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Early-Mid game: The Sheen Attack

Now once you have a decent start up, you want to build these three vital things which is important for your early game.

Long sword
Vampiric Scepter

you can either build Long Sword or Sheen first but Vampiric Scepter must be last.

After experimenting with many games, I noticed Vampiric Scepter isn't a viable source of sustain. With low attack and a low attack speed, your kinda screwed if you want to use it, however it works great after Sheen and Long Sword together.

Now deciding if you want to purchase sheen or Long Sword is very situational. Either you have the money for Sheen or you just go straight for Long Sword. Sheen the item itself is only beneficial towards AD champions, however they really don't need too much mana or AP, Ability Power, at this phase. So you just go Long Sword and pots for a long happy time of farming to get enough money for Sheen.

Once you have both Sheen and Long Sword, this will be your damage:

Attack ((base Attack Damage * 2 )+10)
wait to cast an ability after Sheen goes down into cool down

Once you have the basic damage set up, pretty much you will have double the life steal with a Vampiric Scepter thanks to Sheen making it viable at this phase.

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Mid Game: Bloody Thirsty Critical Striking Gang

Pretty much self explanatory.

Get a Bloodthirster then Zeal to increase your attack speed.

While you have the +10 Strike from the Zeal, push for Infinity Edge.

Infinity Edge will create the medium of attack damage, critical strike, and critical damage. You get 80 damage to feed into your lifesteal. You get to add another 25 critical strike chance, making you at 35 critical strike and an extra bonus extra 50% critical damage.

Turn your Zeal into Phantom Dancer. Your movement speed will be increased, your total critical strike chance will be at the 55% mark.

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Late Game: Trinity Force AKA Legend of Zelda time

Get Zeal to increase your critical strike at 65%
Phase to increase damage and your CURRENT attack speed will increases your chances of rolling a slow in.

Combine those to get your beloved trinity force, get a total of 80%, and your attacks will roll like this.

Attack ((base attack damage * 2.5) + (Attack Damage and a 80% to get a bonus 150% damage increase) and (10 + Bloodthirster stacks lifesteal)

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The Side Items: Defense set ups AKA awkward situations

As you are building your core build, try to maintain survivability because if you identically get outnumbered, you want to escape and live. Make sure you maintain a stable defense while you build your core attack items.

This segment will relate to how boots can be situational.

For Example

If you are getting targeted with CC first, get a Banshees Veil or a Quicksilver Sash ASAP.

With Magic resistance up, if you need more armor, pick up Ninja Tabi.
However if the opposing team is Focused on AP, then just take the Mercury Treads.

Atma's Impaler. A great item, increases your critical strike, totaling up at 98%, and giving 45 Armor. You also get a small bonus attack damage as a passive which is pretty decent too.

Frozen Heart. Gives you 99 armor and 20% cool down.

Guardian Angel. High Armor stats and a decent magic resistance. Lets you live again after a death, how great is that?

Any defense item can be placed situationally and you just need to figure it out. Just remember to focus on boots early game because it can help you with there passives early game.
Tenacity or 10% reduced incoming damages.

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Final Notes

Basically if you don't understand this guide, I screwed up on my grammar or your just an idiot at LoL and should uninstall the game and play DotA on WCIII.

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Version History

The first digit is version number
The second digit is the LoL update
the third number is any new sections added or removed
the fourth number is for the grammar nazis Beginning Grammar Edit thanks to "randombanana" Added the Potions and Elixirs section "Back so soon? Take a break! Here's a drink!"


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