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League of Legends Build Guide Author tristanaramaa

How To Carry Elo-Scrubs WIP

tristanaramaa Last updated on August 26, 2015
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I'm a plat ad main, been playing since the end of season 4 previously been playing kalista since she came out. in the last 40 games ive played with her i am 36 and 4.

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Pros/Cons of Kalista

+kiting like a lcs player
+can say your supports life
+can force your support to peel for you
+hard to chase kalista
+easy farming even if you suck at last hitting thanks to rend
+very strong midgame, decent late game.
+large level 2 powerspike with the right supports
-requires a lot of practice and mechanical skill
-weak level 1
-works kinda poorly with melee supports
-can't really 1v1 unless fed.
-requires a decent amount of peeling

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Don't go hurricane first both bloodthirster and blade are much better first buys. if you can buy bf on first back its a huge power spike.

last whisper is required 3rd item because your basic attacks dont do a lot of damage early and you dont have crit to shread high health targets.

boots increase the range of your jump but nothing else. in tiers 0-1-2 buy tier 1 boots as quick as possible because they provide great kiting potential in lane.

swap trinkets around level 9.

Choosing last item:
1)Guardian angel is almost always your choice in teamfight scenrios. trading your GA for 1 or 2 kills is NOT WORTH.
2)Banshee vs either burst or cc like blitzcrank or leblanc/ahri
3)qss/merc heavy cc (ww/skarner) and adds damage still
4)maw if and only if they are all or most magic damage and you dont need any more defensive stats.
5)zephyer/pd are both viable as well
6)dont get IE unless they just completely stacked 6k health or something. your scalings are too bad for it.

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Work in progress.

will continue when i have more time


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