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League of Legends Build Guide Author BadProjeckt

How to carry low elo by yourself with Lucian :^]

BadProjeckt Last updated on September 7, 2015
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Try to Q on enemy minions that this Q will reach Opponent in lane. This is Easy lane to haras them.<-- like this.

Besides that just harras them and ask jungler for ganks early kills are good kills :D But please when you lose don't go all in because you will lose and throw game more than a football player

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W them and use you'r ult on start to have Movement Speed (on this patch 5,17 you'r allies give you MS when they attack so u will be there quick) when ult ends just focus tanks and melt them down if YOU CAN'T reach adc or apc (when u can just kill adc/apc ofc)

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General Tips

1.Many players don't know it because they can't read spell description but start your pushing, dmg dealing, whatever with e 1st because you'r every auto-attack from passive = -1sec to e (for example you use e and auto with passive = -2sec q,w same 2 autos from each one =-4 + e = -6 sec from cooldown on e) but PLEASE don't **** this up and make like e,q,w,r .......... auto auto this passive do NOT stack (if u can kill him, her, them with this is ok but with autos u look better and save some mana)
2. When u hit W and ult in target with W mark it will speed u up like from auto.
3. Don't be scared of using ult to wave clear u can do it and it will not harm your dmg later in fight. I often use ult when we are doing Baron because it deal more dmg to jungle creeps so with my build u can pull of something like 1500 - 2100 dmg to baron. Remember that u can move while you are using it don't be a tree move around dash some. In lane it's easy to kill when u have 6 before enemies because it deals tons of damage if u getting gank by ally you will probably make double if you'r supp have CC.

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Good Supports With Lucian

Thresh, Blitz or even Soraka or Tham Kench just aggressive laners you need kills you need blood on bot you want to get fed YOU WANT TO BE AD CARRY


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