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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


How to carry yourself out of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platin

How to carry yourself out of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platin

Updated on May 3, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DayLoading Build Guide By DayLoading 43 7 372,114 Views 49 Comments
43 7 372,114 Views 49 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DayLoading Build Guide By DayLoading Updated on May 3, 2017
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Big Update, and Twitch Streaming!

New section added, proof-read again and cleared spelling mistakes.

Hello guys, I've started to stream now: everyday at 6pm UTC+0, so join me as I'm going to be taking a long-time smurf of mine to diamond! Check it out:
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Hello everybody and welcome to my guide! My nickname is Ferret and I'm currently in Diamond again on my main, but just like most of you I used to be at the depths of elo hell-Bronze 4. That was until I learnt the tips and tricks on how to carry games and I managed to climb myself out of Bronze, silver, gold, platinum and finally into Diamond - possibly master next season?.

In this guide I want to help players (new and veterans) who are stuck carry themselves out and become great players. This is my first ever guide and I've worked hard on this so enjoy.



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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 01: An Introduction to Ranked (Skip unless yo

Well done for hitting Level 30, you've completed the long grind to level 30 and you are finally ready for Solo Queue!

What is Solo Queue?
Solo Queue is a place where people queue up as either solo or with friends to compete for a position in a league.

Your first solo queue experience and process of becoming ranked:
You will first play a series of 10 games and depending on how many games you win/lose and how well you do in those 10 games, you will be placed in one of the following tiers.


There are seven tiers, from left to right: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger and each tier has five divisions.

When you join a tier you start off at 'V', every game you win LP (League points) gather 100lp and you'll be moved into a placement match which is a best of three, you must win two of these three games in order to move up a division.

However at 100LP on the Division 1, you will play a best of five in which you must win three in order to move up to another tier.
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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 02: How to win!

League of Legends is an objective game, not a death match. To help you understand this, let's say that your team is 15 kills to 0, but your team has no towers leaving your nexus exposed whilst the enemy team has all their towers, baron and elder drake buffs.

I ask you, who will win? Well of course the team with 0 kills and all towers because they took objectives and eventually pressured the enemy team into a defeat by taking the nexus.

Kills are cute, but objectives win the game! If you have a chance to get a free kill or an objective, you take the objective.

To further enforce this, let's say you just took the mid turret and you push the minion wave to the final outer turret, that allows your team to take other objectives such as a free dragon or even rotate to another turret and take it, this will pressure the enemy and hopefully you will be able to capitalize on their slip-ups.

High objective control awareness is what makes a great player, so in order for you become one, you must become aware of the seriousness and importance of objectives.

Here is a list of Objectives and their priority ranking:

Destroy the enemy Nexus and you win the game, simple.

High Risk-High Reward Objective that can throw or close out a game.
[When should I take Inhibitors?:
When your team has a stronger team composition (see below for Team comps), when your team or you are stronger than the enemy team, when the enemy team is absent, when the enemy team are scattered and when the enemy team has poor waveclear are the most appropriate times to take an inhibitor)

Very High Risk-Very High Reward, Baron is often the objective that when done incorrectly can throw a game. If you are attempting to do baron, I recommend that you ward well and make sure that the enemy jungler in not a position to steal, nor can the enemy team collapse and win a teamfight.
[When should I take baron?:
When the enemy's jungle is well-warded and your team is able to burst down baron with no threat of the enemy team collapsing.]

High Reward-High~Low Risk. Towers protect the inhibitors and nexus, if you have an understanding of when to force turrets, then turrets become relatively low risk and reward highly.
[First time to take towers are if you win lane and wish to snowball another]

Very underestimated in Bronze, warding is essential to securing objectives, without warding you are placing yourself at an incredible disadvantage. (Read 0.5 for depth guide on warding)

Medium Reward-Low~Medium Risk, with correct warding, dragon becomes low risk and with consistent dragon control you are easily placing your team at an incredible advantage of winning. Dragons are valuable resource as each dragon provides a certain buff which adds your team, and the buffs stack making it increasingly valuable.

There are four dragons and drake:
Cloud, increases movement speed outside of combat
Inferno, increases damage
Mountain, increased damage to large minions and towers
Ocean, increases regeneration outside of combat to mana and health
Elder drake, provides a powerful buff which increases damage and burns the enemy when hit.

Kills are an easy way to secure wins for a low risk if warding is consistent and well done. Feeding a champion is an easy way to secure high priority objectives and win the game.

-8.Buff Control
Low risk-Low reward. Buff control allows your team to gain a slight edge in a fight with Red Buffs giving you more power and a slow debuff, and blue buff giving you health and mana regen and reduced CDR.

-9.Jungle Camp
Low Risk-Low Reward. Jungle camps if taken regularly are an easy way to earn quick gold for a very low risk depending on how effective the warding is.

Read further below for information on how to snowball and eventually close games.
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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 03: Last Hitting

Last hitting is a priority for all players with the execution of support and junglers. It is the most important mechanic and the most reliable source of gold income. Last hitting is the process of dealing the killing blow upon a minion and receiving the gold value of the minion.

Gold = Items / items = kills/objectives control which wins the game.

If you took the CS (Look at 0.10 for league of legends slang and terms) from a platinum player and compare that to a bronze player the difference is immense. Take a look at the chart in the link here. (Chart is old but still relevant)

A big reason why so many players Bronze/Silver and gold players find it hard to carry themselves is because their last hitting mechanic is poor as depicting the chart in the link above, leading to them being unfed and lack items.

Take a look at this chart.

Let's say we're at the 10 minute mark in-game and player A has 50 CS (Creep Score+Passive Gold)=2146 Gold in Total. Now lets say the enemy has an incredibly poor CS of 31 at 10 minutes that equals to 1759. The total gold difference between the two players is 387. That means when both players go back to buy, Player A will have enough to buy another item and punish Player B when they return to lane and thus expanding the gold gap between them until player A is at a position to carry the team whilst player b is flaming at the jungler for not helping him.

Last Hitting is vital to carrying yourself because it's the most reliable and easiest way to earn gold.

I recommend players create a custom game with a single bot and practice their Last Hitting.
I recommend watching this video for an in-depth guide to Last Hitting:
Very useful Last Hitting Guide
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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 04: Winning your lane and Snowballing

Snowballing is the only way to rank up tiers, whilst some players are lucky and are carried for a few games, most of the time if you're unable to take advantage of your lead - YOU WILL NEVER RANK UP.

To effectively win and gain Lp, you must WIN your lane and snowball your advantage into a victory.

This is done by playing God Tier champions which means, meta champions that have the highest win rates amongst their roles. They typically do this because they're strong early champions which means they'll win lane and able to snowball into a victory.

So the old age question on how to win games? Master god tier champions of your best roles, win lane and pressure and WIN early! Do not adopt the mindset of playing of playing late champions, because if you're looking to win late, then chances are you're a low elo player who's afraid of winning.
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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 05: Be a God amongst men.

If you want to rank up, you must become a God within your games. That means whereever you go, your team follows, and the enemy Q.Qs. If order to do this however, you must achieve a greater skill than you currently possess. There are many ways of doing this: first is through farming, as farm=items, therefore more farm=more items, the second way to do this is to research champion stats. If you learn champion stats that means you'll understand when champions spike or dip in power, allowing you to exert pressure apporitatly. For example, Vayne is quite weak during lane, but like most champions, once she hits level 6 - it's all fun from there, and she can easily defeat most champions in lane, if played well. So knowing champions is beyond useful, as information is key to winning in this game.
Another way is to have good judgement, that means knowning when to fight an enemy, disenage, and/or push objectives.

You have to be the catalyst for success, rather than waiting for the enemy team to gain pressure and strength. Be the person leading your team, because if you're a follower - you'll never climb the ladder.
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The Bronze/Silver/Gold League 06: Positive Mindset

Always go into a game with a clear mind, and a positive attitude. It seems trivial to adopt a positive mindset at the beginning of a game, but it really affects your playing. So, at the start of a game you should greet your team and say some nice words to your enemies. After that: you can think clearly, without stress or anger. You'll make less mistakes, remain focused, and better yet, have better judgement.
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